Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Handy Ma'am

Okay- so maybe I've been going about this all wrong.

Maybe I need to set up my own shop, so to speak. I know how to do plenty of stuff. I have a lot of experience in loads of things other than office work. Matter of fact- office work is the least thing I have experience in. Mostly what I have done my entire life has been in the home raising kids or in the field as law enforcement in one way or another.
Maybe what I need to do is set myself up as a Handy Ma'am.  You know- go and do all the little things only women seem to know how to do.

*Clean an oven? Can do.
*Bake a cake? Can do.
*Deep clean a room? Can do.
*Organize a pantry or a room? Can do.
*Bake a cracking Mac and cheese pie? Can do. (My sister makes the best one, but mine aint bad.)
*Bake a Mile High Apple Pie? I'm your girl.
*Banana Pudding? - or any other Southern Treat- I'm on it!
*Clean your kitchen or bath? Give me a call.
*Rearrange your furniture to give you a fresh new look without having to buy new things? Here I am.
*Want someone to just come and spend an afternoon with your parent(s) so you can have a break? That would be me- I would love to meet some new people and most people over here are fascinated by my Southern accent when it's on full draw. I have 3 different Southern I use for the office, one I use for most people out of the office- and the real one I grew up with that generally only my family understands.
*Need a mediator for a squabble? I'm completely unbiased and will give you my honest opinion and help you settle it.(Lots of practice with children in that area.) 
There are so many things I can do to make a person's life easier and bring in me an income at the same time.
If it's not illegal or immoral, I'm good to go.

I'm not even joking y'all. Would it work or not?

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Fed Up and Frustrated

Sorry for the rant, but I'm at my wit's end.

Well, here I sit- Exactly 6 months and 7 days after being let go from my position.
I'm fed up- frustrated- and ready to give up.

I've applied for admin jobs similar to what I had at my last place of employment- I've applied for  reception jobs like I was doing at Lockheed-Martin when I was working with American Security.  I've applied for gate reception- at the Waste Treatment plant. I've applied for cleaning jobs. I've applied for House sitting, sitting with the elderly, hospital sitting jobs, jobs entering and logging lab samples at a clinic, fast food joint jobs and even Dog walking/pet sitting jobs.

I'm getting not a heck of a lot in reply-just the occasional phone interview or a recruitment company calling with offers of jobs in London(way too far away and I cant relocate) or offers of jobs I am completely unqualified for. I know that some jobs dont even look at the CVs for 3 or 4 months after advertising it- but surely something would have come thru by now.

I'm frustrated to the point of tears and anxiety attacks. I just dont have a clue as to what to do or what to try next.
I've prayed about it. I spend at least 3 or 4 hours a day on weekdays  scouring the job websites, I've cried, I've thrown temper tantrums raging at why I'm not getting a response to anything. I've tried giving it a rest for a couple days until I'm in a more positive frame of mind.
Nothing is working.

I'm not used to this- I have never been let go from a job before. I've always had another job lined up before I left a job and always been welcomed back to companies I've left because I was a good, hardworking, and loyal employee who didn't leave them in the lurch. And I just dont get why I'm having such a time of it finding a job this time. Unless it has something to do with my age- and I certainly hope it's not that- I have a LOT of good years left and I fully intend on working as long as I can. It would be nice to retire at 67 or whatever the retirement age is now- but I dont see that happening unless I win the lottery- and even then I would work out my notice to my employer if I was employed.

I'm seriously thinking of trying to sell some of my paintings. I mean what's the worst that can happen? I will be in the same position I am at this exact moment- still waiting on a job- and if I did sell one or two- it's a bit of extra money. Better than what I'm making at the moment and worth a try, I suppose. As my sister said earlier today-

Even in her dark hour, she is giving those who need it Hope for a brighter future. Thank you Sissy.

If anyone has any ideas then please - give your advice- I'm open to suggestions!!!!!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Getting Better @ Life...

I sit here reflecting on my life so far, and I have to ask myself- Am I Getting Better at Life?

I think in some areas I am.... I'm a bit more cautious about taking on challenges, but if it's something I am determined to do, I certainly will take it on.

I have improved my housekeeping skills most certainly. I'm not sure why I thought that my partner and i would share all the responsibilities in our lives- call me naive or whatever, but when I was young I always thought that if a couple married or lived together- Life would be a big party of getting up together, going to our jobs, coming home and sharing cooking duties and taking care of the kids- swapping off chores- and during the weekends, sharing yard work, doing projects around the house and having a blissful time. The American Dream, right? And when things didn't go the way I thought all my life that they would, I balked and went on strike. Why was I doing all the housework and keeping the cars up and the yard-work when I had a partner that was just as capable as me?
Yeah- since then I've learned that's not the way it works. The way it actally works is- You get up, go to work, come home and then the woman works her ass off while partner gets a much deserved rest with his feet propped up for the rest of the evening.
At the moment I'm not working at a paying job- and doing most of the housework only seems fair- for now. But before this husband- my partners would do absolutely DICK ALL around the house. No matter I was working too- The house was MY responsibility- as were the kids(fair enough- they were MY kids after all and ultimately my total responsibility), but the cars and the the home repairs and remembering where everything is and always being responsible for knowing where everything is at all times- all the shopping- ME.
I dont know- but I'm pretty darned sure I didnt get married to have another child to look after- I got married because I loved and trusted that my partner would stand BY me- not sit down and let me carry the entire loads while he supervised and I highly suspect that's why those relationships didnt work out longer than a few years.
Present hubby and I have been married for 15 years come May and known each other for 20 come October. I'm not sure it's because it's that perfect or if it's because I finally decided to just live my life as tho I was alone on a deserted island and it is all up to me- but some things are taken care of by a magic helper. Either way, I'm happier with the status quo...He goes off to a job every day(until I get working- then we both will again), he pays the bills, I ask him once in a while to take out the bin bags and he does at least one load of laundry every weekend and hoovers occasionally without me even having to ask for help. He takes care of his G-pig (That was the deal tho- I didn't want a rodent as a pet but told him if he wanted one he was going to be SOLELY responsible for it all- cleaning the cage, bathing it, feeding and watering it. I dont like it- I dont go near it- except if he's laying in the cage and I think he might have died- That's happened twice to me- and yes I cried and once even had to call hubby home from work to take care of it cause I was so upset. I may not like them, but I do get sad when anything dies- even throwing out a dead plant upsets me.) If anything NEEDS doing and I need help- I know I can count on hubby to do it if I ask for help. I do try to be as self sufficient as possible tho. And while I'm not working I look for jobs and I keep the house tidy and I have his dinner waiting(or close to being done) when he comes in from work. We are good together. That part of my life is on point.
Some Other Areas, not so much.
I'm not living the healthiest lifestyle I could be. I do try to cook healthily, I know for a fact, tho, I don't get nearly the activity I need to during the day. I do a workout for at least 30 minutes a day- but I should do double that at least. I imagine I would be able to shift this weight if I did- and I will try to do as soon as the weather gets better over here where I live. Right now we have gale force winds and lashing rain and temps still near freezing so I'm not chancing going out and breaking my foot in 3 places again like I did a few years back. I visit the doctor way too often as it is without adding to it. I'm overweight, I have high blood pressure, I'm in the Type 2 Diabetic range and am hypoglycemic, I have arthritis in my hips and leg joints and I have gawd awful migraine headaches that put me in bed for a couple of days at a time. But I'm working on getting all that under control.

I have good relationships with all my family members- ACED that one!!

I have lots of interests. I bake, crochet, draw, paint, love to decorate, re-arrange furniture, craft, sew, do flower arrangements, I do a bit of photography now and then, and am learning to speak Italian and to play the banjo.
I love to write- I have three blogs and presently am working on writing four books- all in progress at the moment. I also have accounts with Facebook in which I admin several groups and pages, along with an account with Insta, Twitter and Snapchat -altho I rarely use the Insta or Snapchat.

I try to keep as busy as possible because I also have serious depression. Brought on by several things. I lost my dad and my son within less than two years of each other. I've lost a home- one that was custom built to my specifications- and that incident contributed to some pretty serious trust issues in my life for sure....I've lost a job recently- from the first and only company I could see myself retiring from(but that wasn't meant to be, apparently). And I'm having a much more difficult time of finding another job than I thought I would. I'm 3500 miles away from my family-I really only have one friend over here and I dont drive anymore. I also lost two of my "adopted sons"-they were actually my best friend's sons who were as much as part of my family as a blood family member. I've known them since they were born and all our kids grew up together side by side like siblings.

I'm becoming a hermit.There are days I dont want to get out of bed- and sometimes I just dont. There are times I dont feel like talking with anyone- and some days I dont. There are some days I cry all day- And there are some days I just want to give up..... just go to sleep and never wake up- but on those days- I force myself to get up and do something- anything, because otherwise I know I'm lost.
I tell myself I am Strong- that this is NOT the worst day I have ever had- And I can make it thru this one- just like I did yesterday and the day before. And I will tomorrow. I am Goddess. I am Valkyrie. I am the daughter of strong people. I have a strong support system, people who love and care and will "talk me off the ledge", so to speak.
And so I go on. One foot in front of the other...

So....... in the grande scheme of things- I'd have to say yes- I am getting better at life... or at least working my way round it's obstacles.

And that's good enough- for now.

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Basic Necessities.

There are  certain things I think every woman should own. Just because at some point in her life- she will come across a situation she will need them....

First let's go with the classics.

*A set of  pearls. Necklace and earrings in whatever style she likes. I personally own a baseline Just around the base of the neck) necklace and a set of pearl stud earrings. I also have a cage of 4  my sister gave me along with aforementioned earrings and I LOVE them. They are simple, elegant, and classic. Most girls in the South gets their first string of pearls when they turn Sweet 16 for that exact reason.
*At least one statement piece of Turquoise and silver jewelry of her choice. It pairs well with casual wear such as jeans and a casual top as well as wearing well with a business suit. I personally am still looking for my piece.
* A solitaire gemstone in the setting of her choice-either a ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Perhaps a set of any combination or all of the set. Some women prefer Diamonds, some prefer other precious stones such as Sapphires, or Rubies, or Emeralds. Some ladies prefer semi-precious stones such as Amethyst or Topaz, or maybe they prefer Opals or Pearls or Onyx. Whatever their preference- that's what they should choose to have.

*An LBD. Also LBPS. For those of us who are a bit behind in the times, an LBD=Little Black Dress & LBPS=Little Black Pant Suit. I have both. I also have them in Navy Blue. I pair the LBPS with a white or cream top(I have both) or in the winter I will sometimes pair them with a Black turtleneck.
*Blue Jeans and a white tee shirt. Dont hand me any line about after a certain age women shouldn't wear jeans-I call BS.
*A pair of LOUNGING pajamas. Whatever  style and texture you like. I personally like a fuzzy fluffy fleece set for winter and a silky set for warmer months. Some ladies like pure cotton. To each their own. The idea is to have a set you are UBER comfortable in to lounge around and relax.
*An outfit that flatters your figure and makes you feel like a MILLION BUCKS. It could be for dinner out- for a party- for going to the club or for a job interview. Just just have to have it.
* A Valkyrie Outfit. It's the outfit you wear when you want to feel invincible and bulletproof. This outfit could be anything from an LBD to a RED Body-con dress or a black leather outfit. or a hot bikini. I wouldn't advise wearing that one to an office meeting tho. Or maybe you would- who knows. You be YOU.
*A long flowing dress.  Every woman needs one for those scorching summer days.

Okay this may be debatable. But please keep in mind I am putting a BASICS list together.
*A white or cram pair of heels.
*A black or grey pair of heels.
*A Navy pair of court pumps
*A Pair of RED heels
*A pair of white or black sneakers/trainers
*A pair of Western boots
*A pair of Sandals- some women like Gladiators, some like Birkenstock, some like Flip-flops(altho I wouldn't consider them sandals, per se.)
*A pair of house slippers.

* A pressed powder compact, mascara and lippy colour of your choice. Also a QUALITY set of nail clippers and a pair of Revlon Tweezers.

I know there is a LOT of stuff out there to choose from, but the most important things for a kitchen are...
*A Cast Iron Skillet.
*A good set of knives
*A good set of Saucepans
*A coffeepot
*A toaster
Everything else is negotiable.
Small Appliances I would  suggest as basic additions besides the toaster and coffeemaker would be a slow cooker and microwave. Possibly an Air fryer too. Time savers, stress savers, (and waist savers, too).

*A Bed & TWO bedside tables
*A small sofa
*A dresser or chest of drawers
*Either a Small dining table or a coffee table suitably big for casual dining
*A Vanity/Dressing table
*A Bookshelf or Display Unit.

*A Passport
*A Bank account in her own name
*A Driving License
*A way to make money and be independent
*A small tool kit. Hammer- Flat head and Phillips head screwdrivers, a small hacksaw and an adjustable wrench to start off with.
*An Emergency Cash envelope with a hundred pounds/Dollars in it that is IMMEDIATELY accessible at any time of day or night without having to stop at a cash-point.

Most Importantly
*At least ONE friend who is more like a sister than a friend.

Monday, February 18, 2019

It's a OCD Thang...

Get up, use bathroom, wash hands, wipe down sink after washing hands, then washing hands again to get any germs off that you might have picked up washing sink after washing hands.  Walk out of bathroom closing door behind yourself. Go to the bedroom and make bed. Gather clothes around the bed return to the bathroom and put on a load of laundry. Leave the bathroom, closing door behind you because the washer and dryer are loud and annoying.
Enter Kitchen, wipe down kitchen counters, fill kettle, wash up dishes and wipe out sink while waiting for kettle to boil(or on rare occasions-coffee to drip).... wash hands again and rinse out sink- again.
Grab favorite coffee mug, add one teaspoon instant coffee, one scoop of Coffee-Mate(No- other brands are NOT the same thing), and sometimes add one scoop of sugar. Add hot water to exactly 2/3 full and stir. Open fridge and add milk to fill mug to full. Put milk back in fridge , close fridge door, wipe counters down again, pick up full coffee mug and head to the living room.

Straighten up tabletops, gather empty chip bags and vape juice bottles and wrappings from hubby dropping them before heading out the door for work. Put everything in it's proper place in living room, gather cups and glasses and any snack plates and bring to kitchen and put in sink.
 Return to living room and dust.

Sit down, apply for jobs on the internet while drinking coffee.

Get up, transfer clothes to dryer and turn on.  Go out and close door.

Make another cup of coffee. EXACTLY the same way.

Hoover. Everything. Center of the room, edges of the room, under everything, in things.

Doing all the things.... all the day. Over and over and over.

Then going around behind anyone who comes into the house reminding them to pick up after themselves, wipe things up if they make messes and put things away- and dont forget to close the door behind you.

We know we're annoying- we annoy ourselves, but imagine what a messed up world we would live in if we wasn't so annoying - and vigilant.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Day 1- 2019

Well, 2019 has finally arrived.

I'm so glad that 2018 is over and done with- I was so done with it. 2018 is one of the most miserable in several years past and I really dont care to have a repeat of it.
None of that "New Year-New Me" stuff, tho. For me it's just going to be a year where I try to do better than last year in all areas of my life.
I'm going to try to eat healthier- but not diet per se- just make better choices in my way of cooking and eating.
I'm defo going to get out and exercise more- -I know this for sure because I'm out and about a couple times a week job hunting. Plus, housekeeping has been in my routine every afternoon and that is about 50x more active than my old job of sitting at a desk all day, coming home and ordering a delivery dinner and watching telly until time for bed, and only catching up on housekeeping on the weekends.
I rang in the new year at home with my hubby and we kissed at midnight and yes- I raised my left foot a second before midnight so I would start 2019 on the right foot.

There's a slight possibility I might be a little bit superstitious.

But that's it. I got nothing else for now.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Too Much Too Soon

Well that lasted all of almost 3 days.