Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Sisters Week!!!... & ...Oh Well....Here & There....This & That.

Happy Sisters Week!!!!

Well, today I woke up and looked in the mirror at my it's been growing out for about three years and had some considerable length to it. It also had some major split ends and damage besides the split ends. In short, it looked like a horses tail. It looked BAD. I had sworn I was never getting it cut again, but it really really needed a shape-up and that damage gotten rid of. So I got dressed, went to the hairdressers, and got it trimmed up and deep conditioned. It's about only about two and a half inches shorter than it was- but it looks much shorter to me- just because I worked so hard growing it out for so long. But, the main difference is it looks SOOOOO much healthier now. And for THAT I'm glad. It'll grow back out to full length again soon enough- and maybe this time I can keep it healthy while I'm doing it. Before, I wasn't eating healthily, I wasn't exercising like I should and I wasn't using a decent hair product, either. But now I have it looking healthy again, and I have good habits and a deep leave in conditioner to keep it looking that way!!

I have my endurance test finally coming up on the 31st of this month. I've about given up on my dedicated walking at work to try and crack that 90 second time limit we have to climb 7 & 1/2 flights of stairs. I've been building up for a month a and a half now- and whittled the time down from an 8 minute climb-(boy was I out of shape!!)- to last nights 2 minute and 5 second climb. Now if I can just completely eliminate that 30 second rest halfway up, I'll have it licked!! Then when I came home- Paul and I had planned to go for another 2 mile walk here- but he was expecting a pkg from Fed Ex to arrive and didn't want to leave the phone because Fed Ex, UPS and lots of times even the mail carrier can't find us to deliver packages because we're so off the main road they have to call us for directions.
And so when I came in, he told me that I didn't have to do our walk this morning if I didn't want to because he wanted to stay near the phone in case FE called needing the directions to deliver.

Now before y'all go getting all huffy about him "telling" me what I can and can't do- I should tell you that he's become my personal trainer for my weight loss. He's my perfect version of a combination of Biggest Loser's Bob and Jillian. He knows better than anyone when I need the compassion and gentle encouragement that Bob gives out, and when I need the hard-charging, in-your-face, I-don't-care-if-you-don't-feel-like-it-get-OFF-your-ASS-and-MOVE, kinda encouragement that Jillian doles out when it's needed.

So back to my point....I got dressed in my workout clothes and went and walked over a mile ANYWAY!!! Well, I say walked, but I walked out to the end of our driveway and then jogged back each time .....and each time out there and back is .25 of a mile!!!
So today I did a 1.7 dedicated walking the stair climbing at work last night, plus my regular walking just doing my job. And all this work is paying off!!!
I finally gave in and went out and bought me two new pairs of workout pants last week for around 5 dollars a pair. I didn't WANT to- but I only own one pair of shorts and they were literally falling off me when I walked. They were a size 22. (*hangs head in shame that she let herself get that out of shape*)
My new Capri pants I bought (I'm not brave enough to wear actual regular short-shorts quite yet) are a size 18!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I bought a new pair of longer workout pants in a size 16 and put them in my suitcase for later use. I KNOW I'm tooting my own horn- but I just can't believe that I'm actually doing this- and beginning to enjoy it enough to do it on my own when I have the choice to opt out and take a rest!!!! That is SOOO not me. I'm competitive and will bust my butt to win something if theres more than me involved- but doing it on my own....Thanks but I'd rather not........until recently, that is. What's up with that???
Work.....I have to say that my job has NOT been the happy place it once was for me. Since a "situation" a few weeks ago, I'm constantly second guessing myself and my decisions at work. I'm going back over things repeatedly just to make sure I've done it properly and in doing so- am creating more work for myself and messing up what was a perfectly good, sound routine. I used to talk with just everyone, and be as easygoing as could be- but now with the exception of a handful of people, I rarely speak more than a general pleasantry before moving along on my tours of the site. I find myself censuring everything I say and do to make sure nothing could be taken out of context, or misconstrued as negative in any way, shape or form. I'm finding it sad to think that one small act and misunderstanding could have led up to this sad state of affairs somewhere I was so happy, content and satisfied before. I hate being this paranoid. Hopefully things will return to normal after a while. I hope so.
For me the only good thing about summer is the fact that I can eat lots of fresh veggies and fruits. Yesterday I went to the supermarket and bought a Turkey Breast for us to smoke in the grill this weekend, and a LOAD of fruits and veggies. I bought cantaloupe, watermelon, bananas, corn, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage and onions.
The only thing I forgot was potatoes, so I suppose it's gonna be a trip there to pick those up sometimes while we're out taking care of business this weekend. Doesn't matter, it'll be another adventure....or MIS-adventure.
Paul and I went out and shot our weapons this week. I'm gonna do a LOT more of that later this weekend too. He put a glorified version of part of HIS vid up on his blog, but I asked him to delete my shooting video because 1) the Glock kept jamming- the casing for the bullets kept ejecting improperly and getting caught in the slide action and I said quite a few bad words..... and 2) I still looked fat despite 44 pounds of weight loss....and 3) I had on old raggedy looking clothes that I work around the house in that just accented how badly out of shape I was.
Mainly because of #2......and 3. Y'all already know what a potty mouth I have when I get mad so that wouldn't be a huge surprise to any of you at this point, I don't think.
I wish it wasn't so dang HOT & Humid outside.......and inside for that matter. I can't sleep in this weather. It gives me a headache to try and do so. Which is why I'm up now writing this blog-post instead of sleeping before I have to go in to work at 5. And why I'm gonna REGRET it tomorrow morning when I have to stay awake to go to a training class @ 8AM after working a 12 hour shift tonight from 6P-6A tomorrow morning after being awake since noon today and only getting 4 hours sleep this morning as well.
I am such an idiot, sometimes!!!!

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