Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Christmas Prezzie!!

I finally have lost enough weight that I'm not ashamed to wear nice clothes again-(altho I still have more I want to lose)- and then I found a pair of boots I LOVE and we found them for 70% OFF and my DARLING husband bought them for me for Christmas!!!!I guess HE has a quite different opinion of what "List" I should be on than Santa does!!!

Aren't they AWESOME???????????
Best Husband EVER!!!!! :-D

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas, Y'all!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

You Gotta Have Faith.

I think that we need to have Faith and Believe...

In A Higher Power...
In Santa...
In The Person we're married to...
In Our Children...
In Fate...
In Our Parents Love for us...
In Miracles...
In Love...
In Ourselves.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

28 Today.

28 years ago today, I was holding my newborn baby boy in my arms in the newly constructed Greenville Memorial Hospital.
My Papa Coyle came to see my new little one and nick-named him Lucky.
I think we were the Lucky ones to have had such a wonderful, fun, loving, generous, thoughtful person in our lives for 23 years.

I love you Clay and think about you every single solitary day.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Trying to Muster upsome enthusiasm.

Went to Liverpool yesterday- had a lovely time.
Rode the bus- the train. Had a lovely lunch. Looked at the shops and all the decorations. people watched. Had a REALLY lovely time. Today- woke up feeling good...but as the day wore on- I've felt more and more out of sorts.
Not feeling bad-per se- just not quite....good.

Hopefully this will pass soon and I'll be able to write in detail how wonderful my outing really was!!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Off to Liverpool for the Day!!

Well, today is my first no-family member related outing since coming here in March.
Going with a friend to do a bit of Christmas/window shopping in the big City of Liverpool.
And I am unbelievably nervous!!!!

I'll let yall know how it goes!!!!

Can you believe it's only 18 days til CHRISTMAS???

Where has this year went????

Getting it off my Chest.......

Okay- something is REALLY bothering me and I need to get it off my chest.
Well meaning friends and family are looking for hubby and I affordable housing and looking for us/me jobs.
This is all well and good and we appreciate it very much.
But these are the problems.
1) I'm not ready to get a job yet. I've slacked off on the job hunt for a few weeks because I have two medical proceedures coming up and I don't want to be getting a job to just have to immediately ask for a few weeks off for recovery time. That does NOT look good on my work record.
2)We can't move until we BOTH get secure jobs.

Also I'd like to ask that if you have a job or housing prospect that you think we might be interested in- please pick up the phone and call the house and ask for Paul or Sunny- whichever it pertains to- or e-mail or text us and give US the information. Right now- vital people(ie ME- the WIFE) are/is more than usually being left out of the loop and am hearing about these things via conversations with other people and it's REALLY getting annoying.

Like I said- I know it's not meant to be put out that way- but that's what's happening and altho we might not be perfect for the job- or the place to live- it would be nice to be able to decide for ourselves, instead of someone else deciding whether it IS or ISN't right for us.

That being said- thank y'all for thinking about us on your daily travels.