Friday, April 29, 2016

Good News!!!

Well, I can tell you I am soooo excited !!!!
I finally got my new Fit Bit Band- and I have a BELIEVE in yourself Bracelet to go with it.

Im actually looking forward to weighing myself on the Morning to see how much I have lost..... Notice I didnt say IF I had lost- I said How MUCH I had lost!

At any rate...
There they are.

Now.... I'm also undertaking a new language too.. I'm learning to speak Italian!!! I think Italian is the most beautiful language in the world!!! Of course, I only know one person who actually speaks Italian over Bezzie, Betty, but at least WE can have conversations in that lovely language!! Plus I can order in a real authentic Italian restaurant too. Spaghetti or Lasagna, anyone?? Hahaha

I just started last night on the course, but I already have the most important statement down pat.

"Non hai preparato il cafe per me. Si dovrebbe farlo immediatamente prima che qualcuno muore."

Which pretty much means "You have not prepared the coffee for me. You should do it immediately before someone dies."

See? VERY important statement.

I also know how to say I have visited Rome and I have visited Milan.....which are total lies but I can substitute Amerkca instead.  Bahahahaha

Anyway, It's a Long Bank holiday weekend here so a nice relaxing weekend. Well, I do have an MRI to attend tomorrow afternoon, but other than that. zilch. I think I'll work on my books a bit. And learn some more much needed Italian phrases.......


Saturday, April 09, 2016

Hot Diggity!!

Well, I've had no luck recovering my fitbit band that somehow got misplaced while I was recharging the  innards and doing my spring cleaning the other week. So- as I was planning on getting a new one anyway(it was a dull slate blue and looked terrible with everything I own) I just went ahead and ordered a new band in black. Tough decision between the black and the Hot Pink one- but I can get the pink for my anniversary prezzie next month. The black will go better with my outfits for work.

I weighed myself this morning and I somehow managed to lose another 1.6 lb despite eating a huge Philly cheesesteak sammich and a slice each of pumpkin and pecan pie I made for the sammich swap we have in our department every three or four months.
That just gos to show if you eat smart the rest of the week you most certainly CAN have a lovely  free meal and treat yourself to a couple of (insert your fav treat food here) every week.

My headache has eased up a bit- but is still there. My GP sent me to a Nose Throat and Ear specialist who ran some tests which came back negative for any problems with my sinuses being the culprit. Next is a visit to the  Neurologist and an MRI to see if I have a brain. Hahaha....

The doctor told me to stop taking any kind of OTC medications for my headaches until the MRI was done so any problems wouldn't be masked. It's been just over three weeks now.  Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just stopped taking ALL my medications. Then I think about how bad the Acid Reflux and ulcer was and the headaches and dizziness from the high blood pressure and the crazy psychopathic tendencies with the Menopause and chunk that idea right out of the window.

It's been a 10 year journey trying to get my self sorted out and I cant throw it away now.

Okay- well......Now for other stuff.

I reread Michael's book " Except for His Wings" last weekend.  It was on my mind for a few days before- certain phrases kept popping into my head and so last weekend I pulled out my Kindle and re-read it. And it was just as good the second time round- even this close to having read it the first time. It made me feel there is hope for this world- and there is a reason for even the bad things that happen in or lives or the things we dont understand.  It brought a bit of my optimism back when it was really starting to flag.
I also read The Serial Killer's Wife. That was also a feel good didn't end the way I thought it would when it started out and that was a good thing. 
- altho I did guess who the villain was halfway thru(well, sort of)- and there was a twist to that as well.
One thing I have learned.......Books are like Artwork- ten people can read a book or look at a piece of art and have totally different inspirations, opinions and thoughts from/of them.

So- today's plan is to get the kitchen cleaned up before hubby gets up- then make the 60+ mile trip to Le Parents to pick up our packages and have a nice visit with them.....then pick up milk and sammich fixin's from Tesco- and then come back and do a couple loads of laundry.
.........and Play Minecraft.

Still mulling over that Minecraft Blog/Vlog. Maybe one a week...or every other week.
Still Mulling...........

Monday, April 04, 2016

Minecraft....and Anniversaries

As I have a few grandkids and friends who play Minecraft- I've been thinking of making a Blog dedicated to some of the things I do on it. Post Photos and stories about things that happen and what my projects are.... I've also thought about doing a V-log instead of an actual Blog.

Just mulling it over now. Not decided yet.

Today marks the 12th Anniversary of Paul arriving in the states for our wedding a few weeks later that year.

04/04/04 and 05/15/04... Days to remember.