Sunday, September 04, 2016

Contemplation & Reflection.....

I went this weekend to my salon to get a hair revitalization.
I was not happy with the results. A trim and wave with restyle was what I was supposed to get. A "butchering" is what I received. WAY too short- way too poofy. Even tho it will grow out, I am most certainly not amused.

It's one of the things about this world I do not like.
In Valhalla I always looked picture perfect. Hair never out of place, face on to perfection, my figure perfect and my wardrobe immaculate.
When I decided to come to spend time on this world, I consented to taking on human form and all that came with it..... I did not realize that my hair would become limp and lifeless without certain procedures being done to it on a regular basis.... I also didn't realize that I would enjoy human nourishment quite as much as I do. My figure has become rounder and softer and not at all to Goddess standards.  I have found that I must wear concoctions called "cosmetics" to have the flawless perfection of skin  and the soft red lips and quiet blush on the cheeks  that came with no effort whatsoever. Here, I must "do" and "pluck" my brows to obtain the perfect arch I was born with in Valhalla. I see wrinkles  and brown "age spots"creeping slowly onto my body- especially my hands -and can you believe I'm being punished for smiling with a thing they call "Crow's Feet" which are creases at the corners of my eyes!?!
  Imagine the absurdity of being punished for laughing and smiling and being happy!!!

This world is a brutal place- especially for Goddesses. The males of this realm, Mere Mortals, do not seem to fare nearly so badly. They do seem to acquire the wrinkles and such, but somehow it seems to reward them with better looks as the aging progresses. Altho the look can in no way, shape, or form be called Youthfully Handsome- there is a mature ruggedness or at least they become the epitome of Aged Wisdom.
I suppose there has to be some type of reward for serving their Goddesses so faithfully all the years on earth tho. It seems it sucks the life out of Goddesses and breathes it into the Mere Mortals.

It just doesn't seem fair and I'm trying my best to reverse the havoc this world is wreaking on my body. I'm making small bits of progress, thru a thing the mortals call "dieting and activity" but there are days when I contemplate rescinding  my consent and returning to the perfection of my home in Valhalla. I just think of that as a last resort- someday I will return- and I will have all my perfection and glory back, but I am determined to see this  journey thru to the end...if it doesn't kill me first.