Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hard Day...

It's been a truly difficult day.

I got in to far behind it's not even funny.  But I worked diligently despite the programs I was using freezing up and having to restart the entire system 10 times.... honestly, I'm not even joking. 10 times. Nightmare.

I finally was on the verge of tears and decided to go grab a quick coffee and check my blogs.

And there it was. The End.  Michael's farewell to his blog. Tears welled up and I quickly read it as I walked back to my desk with my coffee in hand. (Michael, I'm not writing this to make you feel bad...honestly, I know I will still hear from you and that's fine altho I will miss your blog terribly as I have already said.)  So I get myself under another hours work and as I'm on another call, a voicemail pops up on my desk phone.
As soon as I finish the call I'm on I tap in my code for my voicemail and listen to it.

It was a sweet little Irish lady informing me of her name, her husband's name- who the appointment was for,  and the fact that we wouldn't need to do an inspection of equipment tomorrow as her husband had passed away two weeks ago- whilst she was in the hospital herself. Her voice broke as she said that and she began crying as she said the equipment had been collected just yesterday. She then thanked me and hung up. It broke my heart the raw emotion in her voice and I completely lost it. My throat closed up and my eyes filled with tears and rolled down my cheeks and I tried unsuccessfully to get my emotions under control. I was sobbing. That one bit of emotion  brought all the pain and grief of Daddy and Clay's passing back like it was yesterday. 
My office mate, Tom asked if I was okay and I shook my head, trying desperately to get back in control of my emotions.
The lady had left out one vital bit of information and I had to call her back to get it so we could cancel the appointment and hopefully not cause her more anguish than she was already going thru.

I quickly walked to the ladies room and sobbed for a full twenty minutes before I could get myself back in control. I splashed water on my face-  wiped off the mascara that was ruined, and walked back to my desk. I sat down and picked up the phone....and immediately felt my throat start closing up again. I put the phone down. I sat there for another 5 minutes occupying myself with a bit of my other work. I picked up the phone again. I hesitated and put it down again. I worked another few minutes on my spreadsheet.

I finally felt able to make the call, so I tapped in the number and waited. She answered and I introduced myself and  apologized as I explained I just needed to get one vital bit of information from her so I could  cancel the appointment. I needed her address and postcode.  My voice broke. I was having the worst time ever trying to hold myself together to finish that conversation. She apologized for not remembering to leave that info and I told her I completely understood and was so sorry for her loss. She gave me the information I needed and apologized again and thanked me for the concern. And then she asked me if I was alright. I told her yes ma'am. I had suffered a loss too and I understood what she was going thru. I then told her we would get the appointment canceled and she shouldn't be receiving anymore appointment letters from us in future. And we hung up. And I started crying again.

Tomorrow has got to be better, ......right?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sad Day

Today, I came online to read my daily dose of reading happiness- otherwise known as reading my favorite blogs.

I went to my usual first- In Dodd We Trust- and found the author has decided to call it quits after 10 years of blogging.
He had given us fair warning that he was thinking about doing it a few short weeks ago- and I have been trying to get used to the idea of not having it to read- even tho a good many times it's just a photo. But it's always a photo that makes you THINK about the symbolism.

Truthfully, I am heartbroken, but I totally understand that we all need a break once in a while - even from the things we enjoy most.

To Michael- I say (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont go!!!) - I mean-enjoy your time away. It has been a pure joy to have you as a part of my blog-life these past years. You have given me insight to things in life I might never have known otherwise.
You will be greatly missed.

Thank you.
And please don't be a stranger.

Sunny x

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Im home with a migraine today.

How oh how I wish we had blackout curtains to put up!!!

Someday, I shall have them in my whole house.

My hubby has booked my flight home for November. Im looking forward to being home with the rest of the ones I love.
I'm going to surprise my mom....I'm telling her I'm flying in the night before Thanksgiving...but I'm going to surprise her by showing up a couple of days early.

That's all that's new in my world....and about as much light from the laptop as I can deal with for one day.

Prayers for all the people involved in the Orlando shooting. My heart goes out to them all.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


I just watched a video of a shooting incident at the baggage area of Dallas Love Airport. (Video: Bryan Armstrong/@FlashyFilms_)

In it there are people all around- outside- and when the gunshots are fired the people just stop and look around and start asking what's going on..... More shots fired....and they are still just standing there - a couple have pulled out their phones to start vid-ing it AS the shots continue to be fired.

People were being incredibly stupid. I couldn't believe my eyes.
Even just watching the video- when I heard the shots fired- and they were LOUD because it was that close- my first instinct, even tho I was sitting in my recliner at the time, was to reach for my weapon......only I'm not law-enforcement anymore. I dont carry. I don't have a safety net to rely on. That makes me sad. More sad than you can possibly imagine.  My second instinct was to get down on the floor. And then reality came back and I was watching the video. The gunshots were a video- I and the people around me were not in any danger, I could breathe again.
I watched the video as these people just milled around trying to rubberneck instead of doing what any sane person would do- either hit the ground to avoid flying bullets or try to find a place to hide til it was safe...or quite possibly even run AWAY from the sounds of the gunfire.
Not just stand there wanting to see what's going on like they were bullet-proof. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when did cameras or phones start coming with weapon proof full body surround shields?

What is WRONG with people these days? Are we so desensitized to violence that we actually THINK we ARE bulletproof and that technology is so advanced that even if we DO get shot the doctors will  be able to patch us up good as new?????
What has happened to our flight or fight instinct? Mine's definitely not gone. I went for my weapon- then immediately upon realizing I couldn't FIGHT- my thoughts went straight to get down to (somewhat relative) safety on the ground.

We all need to sit down and have a long hard think about what to do in situations like these- they are happening more and more in the world we live in these days. Bombings....beheadings on the street, shootings in nightclubs, cafes, movie theatres.
For God's sake people- we do not live in the candy coated flower strewn world we'd like to think we do. Bad things dont only happen to others....sometimes WE ARE THE OTHERS the bad things happen to.

Think!!!! Use the brain God gave you!!!!

Rant over....ish.

Friday, June 10, 2016

I'm so Excited!!!

Exciting News!!!!

I'm booking a flight end of the month to go on a visit home For Thanksgiving. My mom's health is not the best- and neither is my daughter's and mine to be perfectly honest.  I long to see my family. And I'm honestly not sure whether or not my mom will be with us next year when I originally planned on going back for my next visit. I've been having dreams recently about losing mom...probably because her 80th Birthday will be in August, but I've had predictive  dreams before. Most notably the one three days before my son, Clay's, Accident that took him from us. In the dream the boys were together- and it took three days for him to pass. I didn't know which  son it was in the dream, and three days later, my son had his accident and left us.
Anyway, I'm not taking any chances.... I'm going home in November for a visit. That's the soonest I can save enough money to  go back comfortably. I'm also going back Thanksgiving because my mom wants to have at least ONE more big Thanksgiving Dinner together before she passes. And I mean to make it happen unless the good Lord has other plans before I make it home.

I have 5 months set as my goal to get to One-derland. Below 200 lbs weight-wise.  I've been doing pretty well with my activity and diet- so I'm going to up the routine every week. I think it's doable- but JUST - and IF I really bust my butt to do it. So off we go!!

I posted a new photo on my was at lunch and I was a bit bored so I just snapped a quick photo with my phone cam.

I'm so glad it's the weekend. Finally.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Moving Right Along......

Okay, so it's been a while.  A good couple or three weeks.

I'm still working towards my weight loss goals.

I had a long few months of problems....Knee injuries,  a tumble down stairs,  stomach issues and a constant headache for months.  I've had tests and more tests and more tests and hopefully most of the issues have been settled in one way or another.

So all thru this I've still been eating thoughtfully....not totally healthfully, mind you, but mindful of how often I have treaty type things and how often I eat healthy food. Trying mostly to follow the 80/20 Plan.  It's kept me maintaining my weight, mostly, but not so much helping me along my journey to weight LOSS.

Hubby and I have been on holiday for the past 8 days and have two more days off too, so I've been able to both get back in the swing of cooking and eating healthily and at the same time having a treat now and again....and when we come off holiday Tuesday morning it will be back to a stricter regime.

I've been doing my workouts in front of the TV while hubby does his recording and live-streams for his YouTube and Twitch channels, and today- when I reached the 44 second mark on my second off from my goal..... My elbows just wouldn't let me go any further. I realized then I needed a bit more softness to go any further in my workouts....some of which require elbow and knee work and on a hardwood floor that just won't be happening.
So I went online, did some research and asked hubby to order me a 15mm thickness yoga mat on his Amazon Prime account so I can have it tomorrow. No fuss, no muss.

I'm also going to be eating salads from our local  cafe near work....One, I get a workout ie walk albeit a short one- and two I'll be eating healthily and not be tempted by all the yummy things at the supermarket... ie the Krispy Kreme display box at the entrance AND exit of it. Damn them all.

Especially when this week they're coming out with a Nutella glazed one. Again....damn them.

Krispy Kremes are my absolute downfall. I can sit and eat a dozen....or two. That started when I was expecting my first son. My ex would disappear all weekend( starting of Friday nights) and my neighbor would come over and keep me company while he was gone. First thing on Friday evenings we would get in her car and go to the donuts shop and buy a dozen plain glazed....a dozen blueberry filled, lemon filled and custard filled... and another dozen bear claws, cinnamon buns and Cinnamon twister sticks.

We'd get all the gubbins for burgers and hotdogs and we would swim in our pool and shoot pool and watch movies all weekend when it was rainy out.
She made the loveliest hot dogs too- okay, I'm stopping that.

Anyway, so yes- We're back on the wagon again.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Halfway There....

Hi everyone!! Today is mine and Paul's 12th Anniversary!!! We're halfway to our Silver!!!(Well, almost.)

It's been a lovely weekend, starting off with my sweet husband buying and surprising me with a lovely bouquet of a dozen yellow, ,and red roses and a card on Friday afternoon. Then Saturday I got up and got a nice long shower and did my hair and make-up and he got up and took me out to Brunch at Little Chef which is a chain much like American Waffle or Waffle House in the states. He had asked where I wanted to go and suggested either the nice Chinese Buffet in St. Hels, or Frankie and Benny's(similar to Applebee's or Chili's in the states)  or Lymewood Farms(a upscale pub that has outstanding food-typically British favorites.) I have been feeling more than a tad homesick lately for some reason, and I asked if he had his heart set on any of those places and he told me no- it was totally MY choice where we I suggested Little Chef. He chuckled and said if that's what I wanted then Little Chef it would be.
When we got there he had the Royal Breakfast which consisted of Fried eggs, toast, grilled tomatoes, Sausages home fried potatoes and a big grilled steak on the side.
I ordered the American style breakfast which is scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast, bacon, and two pancakes with Maple Syrup on the side.
Both of us had a diet coke in a GLASS BOTTLE!!!!
Absolute heaven!!!! I felt a tiny bit less homesick after that.

Then we came back home for a nice quiet weekend. Paul spent a couple of hours working on a podcast which ended up not recording, then we watched Euro Vision Contest on TV..... while we did other things on our computer too. Euro vision is a very odd song competition...but it always fun to watch because you never know WHAT kind of groups/singers you will see on it.
And as usual-  the act I wanted to win(Netherlands) lost and the second worst act on it won.
I'd like to suggest the Netherlands contestant go to Nashville- he would do well there.

My daughter and her family moved this weekend as well, For the time being they are staying with my mom until they get the paperwork signed for their new house.... until then the kids have acres and acres to ride bikes on and explore. You know they will be loving that and I know my mom will enjoy having them all there to have a nice holiday with. When I talked with my daughter today they were cooking up a storm as they are all going to the Coyle Family Reunion ...well, they should be there right about now, actually.
My mom and Dad have always been big on attending the Family Reunions.  We would go to the McCall Reunion in Hendersonville or Brevard, North Carolina. We'd go to the Henderson Reunion in Greer South Carolina.... We'd also go to the Coyle Reunion In Pumpkintown South Carolina. And We'd go to the Miller Reunion in Greenville South Carolina.

As I said-BIG on Family Reunions.
I miss them myself,....after we all grew up it was the only time we got to see our cousins except for the chance meetings at Walmart or McDonalds or  Funerals or Weddings we mutually attended.

And there is always fun.....Games like Corn-hole and Horseshoes and Backyard Yatzi....Always someone would bring a soccer ball or basketball or volleyball or badminton set... and anyone that played an instrument would bring it and singalongs and Karaoke are always big. Sometimes- like this year- we'd have Old Timers day and everyone that wanted to dressed in Old Timey clothes and it was always fun too.

Danggitt- I'm getting homesick again just thinking about it.
Thing is, we cousins became best of friends during these times.....and now our children and Grandchildren are doing exactly the same......

I'll leave you with a  couple of photos of my two grand-daughters, who are cousins, at last years reunion...