Friday, November 14, 2014

I'm Stressing Too Much....Again.

Yes, Thanksgiving is fast approaching.

 Thanksgiving is the time of year when you don't give just join together and give thanks for all you have in your life.
I didn't celebrate Thanksgiving for 3 years when I first got over here in England. They don't celebrate it- and why would they? I missed celebrating it with my family and friends. So when I met Julia who was a "Mercan" too- she hadn't celebrated Thanksgiving in 10 years,since moving away from the states, so we decided to get together and celebrate Thanksgiving together.
It was wonderful being with someone who knew the traditions behind the holiday, and we spent the day together cooking and chatting and making a few new memories. It was lovely.

So we decided to do it again this year as well. But somethings changed.  This time it seems like walking thru treacle(Molasses) the entire way.

I've scouted out new holiday dishes(China no less so it's usable on different holidays). I found(and then LOST AGAIN) my special linen tablecloths from my mama's linen closet she gave me. I've bought battery operated candles to use on the table so we don't set of the fire alarms with REAL ones. I bought silk maple leaves and a couple of other decorations on the Internet so the table will be lovely. If I can find my tablecloths I'm going to make napkins out of the smaller one and fit the linen one to the size table we have.

I've bought specialty foods from a company that imports from the states.

Dinner parties don't just happen- there's a LOT of thought and work and love goes into these events.
 You have to take every ones tastes and allergies into consideration. You have to think of every ones favorite dishes and try to have that one thing that makes it special for everyone who is invited. You have to make sure you have  dishes and chairs and table space for everyone who shows up. You have to think about overnight guests sometimes. You have to think about how much food is needed- and how much don't want too little- but at the same time you don't want to have an overabundance of it either.  You have to think about cleaning- and cooking- both the day before and the day OF the dinner. You have to think about storing leftovers. You have to think about music- or entertainment- you decorate the Christmas tree? Do you put on a crackling fire video? or do you watch a Movie or play board games. Or do you just talk...or any combination of the above. If you play music- you have to consider your guests taste in music.......You have to decide the degree of formality the dinner party will be. Black Tie? Sunday Best? or Comfy Casual?

Everthing has to be timed so (hopefully) everything that's hot comes to the table hot- and everything cold stays cold til it's ready to be served.
It's all about timing.

And This year I've come to a decision.......I'm not doing Thanksgiving every year anymore. Maybe every other year Julia and I can get together and celebrate it together- but Not every year. As the words of the great Danny Glover once said- "I'm getting too old for this" It's taking too much out of me. Instead of it being calm and relaxing holiday- I get stressed out to the max because the Southern Hostess in me wants everything to be just PERFECT. Not "close enough"- I want perfection.

Julia told me today she doesn't know what she's in cooking for Thanksgiving dinner.  I about had a panic attack at my desk. Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. We've known we were doing this since last year- and been talking about it and planning (for my part) for the past three months!  This year Thanksgiving should be interesting to say the least.

Next year- I'm doing a small Christmas Drop in Mid December for the holidays instead of a big Formal Thanksgiving Dinner. A couple of hours in the evening with Finger foods galore.....and no alcohol. Except a bit of Brandy in the eggnog.

Quiet, simple & low-key. Much better for my blood pressure.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

In Progress...

Well, Preparations for The Holidays are in full swing now.

I'm looking for my linen tablecloths I found a couple of months ago. I have a lovely cream linen one my mama gave me and also a sage green one that she gave me that matches the design in the cream one. I'm planning on making  the smaller green one into linen napkins. I'm also going to take the excess off each end of the tablecloth(it's SUPER extra long) and make linen napkins out of those too.
I bought new dishes I found at a charity shop here in town for a SONG!! The set has dinner plates(5 settings), breakfast plates(6 settings), dessert plates(6 settings), bowls(6 settings), and cups&saucers(4 place settings). So basically what's missing is 1 dinner plate and 2 cup&saucer sets....An odd mix, but it will work. The girls at the shop even gave me a couple of etched wine goblets I was admiring since they had been there so long and no one took them....

 I bought some silk autum leaves to scatter on the table...a blown glitter wicker ball, and three remote control cream colored candles. I figure I only need a platter for the turkey and I'm good for the Thanksgiving table settings.

 Here are a few photos of elements I'm going to combine for the tablescape....


I will have my snow/christmas village done in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. I've been working on it most of today. I finally got around to getting all except one the houses off the wooden bases. I'm still trying to decide if I want to keep them in color or if I want to paint them all white. I'm leaning towards the all white look with some green  and red trim.

I got a blanket of snow and LED tealights to put inside the houses, but then I realised that to do that I'm going to have to drill some holes in the  "windowpanes" of the houses.....

I'm also planning on cutting out a circular grove in the middle of the bases, painting them black, then adding a thin layer of cork to the insides of the grooves to make some posh coasters. I like upcycling things if at all possible and there is RARELY anything I CAN'T find another use for.

I love this time of year......

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Thoughts for pondering....

Okay, so it's been a crazxy couple weeks.

I could give the details but I'll spare you- it's depressing enough to me without bringing YALL down too. Okay?

I have a couple of things to talk about tho.

First of all, Thank goodness Halloweeen is over. Everyone's trying to rush me into Christmas because they know I love it so much, but I sayno... one holiday at a time, please.

There's a progression....First, you have the run up to Halloween. I dont really decorate much for Halloween, in the states it's really big, but not so much over here. Over here it seems just an excuse for women to dress like sluts and I'm not big on slutty women. I'd go so far as to say I'd just as soon throat punch them as look at em. Yeah- that's my redneck coming out, I reckon. but it is what it is.

Paul and I went shopping the week before Halloween- and I got really pissed off. The big shops were already decorated for Christmas. - Now yall know me- I'm probably one of the biggest fans of Christmas ever- but having it shoved in your face for a third of the year is just riddiculous. It takes away the specialness of it, dont you think?
First Halloween...then Thanksgiving(if you're an American). For me as soon as I see Santa arrive in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade-& ONLY then is it "The Holidays!!!!!".

My weight has been yo-yoing in the past couple months. I cant figure out what the problem is other than eating bread again and a couple of family issues I can do nothing about but am worrying about constantly.  Hubby even commented on my health recently. He asked when was the last time I used my eliptical machine and I told him it was Saturday. I use it about 4 days out of the week- try to use it every other day generally. He said I was sounding out of breath when we was walking back from lunch. I also said quite honestly that since I bought the elliptical I had gained about 12 pounds. He laughed and asked if I was blaming the machine for me gaining the weight. I told him certainly not- but in a way- I think it puts me in a different mind-set. Before getting it- I would easily turn down sweets and bread when offered it. But having that machine in my house makes me think- well, if I HAVE this- I can just work out a bit longer next session. But we all know me and two hours later if I've completely forgotten about the extra calories I've just scarfed we honestly think I'm going to remember them at 5AM the following morning when I climb onj that machine to do a workout? The answer is HELL no. The only reason I workout first thing in the morning to begin with is because I'm still 3/4 asleep and wont even remember most of it after I'm finished.
Yeah- I hate excersise like that. ....Put me outside with  a lazer tag gun in my hand and I'm effing GI Jane, but inside, on a piece of equipment- it's BORING as hell and I detest it. Even with music blasting in my ears- it's just bareable. I do love to dance tho...if only I could get my husband to go with me I'd be over the moon. I just gotta buckle down again and as the Nike advert says- JUST DO IT...or as the PSA advert says- JUST SAY NO.

Anyway. Haing my bezzie and her sugah over for Thanksgiving. We also have invited Pauls Buddy to come. He lives in Northern Ireland, so I hope he makes it. Our little party is getting bigger every year! Maybe the year we buy a house we can host a proper Thanksgiving Dinner with ALL our friends invited. 

I'm buying a few more Holiday Decorations......I say Holiday because the biggest part of the few things I've bought has been for Thanksgiving. I bought a cute brown glittery orb.....and some silk fall foliage for the table
. And some cream color, vanilla scented remote control LED candles!
 I know right? Remote control candles!! But no worries about setting off the smoke alarm with those!! 

Then I also bought a blanket of snow and some led tealights for my snow village houses. again- no worries about anything getting hot enought to catch anything on fire!

I also bought another Set of four Santa Hat Chair covers.
 Only I'm not gonna use them all for that. I think I'm gonna use two of them as window decorations. That way I have 6 chair covers, and two for other uses. :)

Anyway, so thats where I am and what I've been up to lately. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Sorry, I know it's been ages since I was on here or my other blogs, but I've been quite busy

....but now-A wee update on the Ghostie situation....

I've been asked by my sweet friend, Michael, if I ever found my coffee mug?

In a nutshell- I did.

Less than 30 minutes after losing my cool and threatening to sage the house and banish the spirits from it- I opened the microwave to heat some soup- and it was sitting in the microwave oven. The same microwave oven I had used several times to reheat food in for the past week and cleaned every day when I was washing up after supper.

Now, hubby thinks I put it there and forgot about it......which I think would be a perfectly sound, logical and reasonable explanation....except for the fact that 1) I never just leave my cup in the microwave when it's reheating my coffee. I stand and wait on it to reheat because face it- what can you do in 15 seconds it takes....nothing. Not for me with my OCD anyway..... and 2) it was coffee in it to reheat anyway. Matter of fact it was spic and span clean. And our clean coffee cups go in the drainer next to the sink so they are easy to get to to make another cup of coffee/tea. OCD.

I'm happy I found my mug, Paul's happy his glasses didn't get broken. And I think I've figured out what caused the wee bairn to be a bit upset.

We are using the room where the photo of the image in the window was taken as a study/exercise room/ spare bedroom/occasional Photography studio. Well, I've been wanting to get my book(s) finished now that cooler weather is now upon us(Thank GOD!) and so when we bought a bigger TV for the living room- I requested the old one be put in the spare room so I can listen to my classical music when I'm writing, and watch my exercise videos on it or watch movies and such when Paul is gaming on the one in the living room that the Gaming console is hooked up to. We thought about switching them round- but the study is just a wee bit smaller than the living room......well not really- they are the same length but the living room just SEEMS bigger with the huge bay windows in it as opposed to the tall narrow windows on the flat wall in the Study.....anyway I digress...

So I had to move a few things around in there to accommodate the new TV. And to make matters worse, I relocated the desk so I could use it as well. Paul had  the desktop all set up with a printer on it and all manner of things but he rearranged things and got a few things off the desk so I could use my laptop on it...but since the desk faces a wall, it made me extremely jumpy to have my back to the door and the rest of the room(Law enforcement habit-always have  a viewpoint of everything that's going on in the room you are in so you don't have any nasty surprises.)Now, all I did was move the desk three feet to the left so I could sit at the end of it in the old office chair and use my laptop there......but apparently, wee bairn doesn't like change any more than I do and (s)he has been playing tricks since. (S)He hid my new amethyst bracelet the same night I received it as a gift and it turned up the next morning on my pillow. (S)He has moved Paul's glasses from the spot he puts them every night to the top of the fridge.(S)He has even moved the bathroom tissue roll to the top of the wardrobe-in the room where the photo was taken- obviously- by my estimation, the ghostie has claimed that room especially as it's territory and is trying to make a point.

I don't even bother telling Hubby half the things it's doing anymore. He's CLEARLY not a believer in the supernatural or the paranormal and he usually ends up saying- well, you had to have done so and so and just forgotten about it- which drives me INSANE and pisses me off and causes arguments. So no- we just won't go there anymore.

As long as the wee ghostie keeps things simple and isn't malicious I will allow it to stay. I really don't mind the company. But as I said- I will not hesitate to sage and banish if things get mean or hurtful.

Fair play, right?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Still Mischevious....

Yep- it's still at it. Hubby and I went to bed Wednesday Night, got up Thursday Morning. The wee Ghostie had taken Pauls Glasses from his bedside table and placed them precariously on top of the fridge in the kitchen.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Wee Ghostie Strikes Again...

Remember me telling yall about our wee ghostie?

No?...Let me jog your memory.......

This was the photo I took when we came home from being out all day and when we glanced up- this is what we saw. And it's the perfect heigth for a 8-10 year old child...... well, things had been being moved around in the house- one thing in particular- my angel on a shelf  was moved several times while we was at work and no one was in the flat......
Well, anyway, things had settled down  for the past several months. Until this week.

Hubby and I have our two favorite mugs. We keep them on the side tables by the sofa. We leave them there when we go to bed at night- and the following day after work, I come straight in, grab them off the tables, wash them while the kettle is boiling, then make Paul his Tea- and make my coffee.

Well.......we had our usual on Sunday night before bed. Drank our beverages, and went to bed. Got up the next morning, got dressed and went off to work- where we have our first cuppa in the mornings instead of at home.
Came home. .....Paul's cup exactly where it usually is...mine- nowhere to be found. I looked all evening.
Yesterday, same scenerio....still no mug- Paul laughing at me- thinking I'm just upset and overlooking it- says he will find HE gets up and looks....and then BOTH of us look- and now he's as baffled as I am.

I came in tonight, had another  scavenge, looking in all the most unlikely places ever- Behind the desk- under the fridge, behind the cooker, under the bed, in the bathtub and behind the washer and dryer. Still nothing.

And I snapped. I've been irritated all week long and this has just sent me over the edge.
I've been perfectly happy living with the wee ghostie and the shadow people, but I told them in no uncertain terms that this was NOT funny and I want my mug back where I can find it immediately!!!! It's one thing to pull silly pranks- it's quite another to make off with the lady of the house's favorite mug.

I hope I wasnt to harsh when I told the weee bairn, but I want what I want- and if it's not found by the weekend- I will do exactly as I said I would and I will sage the place and banish the spirits from MY house.

We will see what will happen.

Monday, August 11, 2014

How Unprofessional- But Unforgettable!!!

Every once in a while, you're having a bad day and then some little gem comes along and makes it all better.

I was at work- and taking phone calls for residents who are due an inspection on their medical equipment.
A dear old gentleman called me for a reschedule. He was quite cranky and he was probably the 10th person I had gotten a call from that day that was in a "bit of a mood", shall we say? Well, he said, he was going on holiday that week-so after me very sweetly telling him it was no problem to reschedule for him, he decided to give me a bit more information.

"Now, darlin' I really don't think I NEED an inspection, truth be told!"he said in his adorable thick Irish accent. "All I have is a wee bath chair in th' tub, you see."

I chuckled and said- "Well, now. We both know how the government likes to keep things safe  for us, now don't we?"

He then lowered his voice(like someone was going to overhear his reply) and said "Me Darlin', I've seen wee laddies and lassies with TOYS higher than this bath chair!" and then he actually SNORTED!

It was so unexpected I started giggling and in turn he started chuckling. Then he REALLY turned on the charm and I just was sitting there with tears running down my face as I tried , not very successfully to be honest, to get my giggles under control and reply to the man.

He just laughed and said "Well, now I've made yer day, lass, I'll be going and eating me dinner. Ye'll be sending another letter as t'when the appointment date for that dangerous bath chair will be, I'm taking it? Ye'll be having a good day then. G'bye!!"

And without further ado- he hung up.

I was chuckling the rest of the day...but that will be a call I'll not easily forget for the rest of my life.
(Darby O'Gill)