Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Bit More of This and That.

  Three days after the 2nd anniversary of us arriving in England, we found a two bedroom brownstone flat with lovely HUGE windows in it, sandwiched between and overlooking two golf courses and less that 2 miles from our workplace. We fell in love with it and took it on the spot. We can't move into it until April 13th-if all goes well- but we're using the time wisely and gathering all of the little things we need to set up housekeeping. We are SO excited!!!
 Here's the pretty white & black plaid with bright yellow accents handbag I bought in a Charity shop (Thrift Shop) for £3 a couple weeks ago. I'm seriously considering re-purposing it & making it into a fashionable Camera Bag. I want one, but all the ones I've seen online are just UGLY  brown and green or black canvas bags that remind me of a hiking backpack. This handbag is made of nice sturdy waterproof upholstery type material that holds its form nicely and even has a lovely long shoulder strap in addition to the hand straps. I'm thinking a bit of memory foam inside it will cushion my camera nicely! Think it would work?
 Just a few shots of England thru my eyes...... Have I mentioned how MUCH I love my new Camera? I'm doing Project 365 to try and improve my photography skills. I have the OLYMPUS SP-810UZ which is a fancy step up from a point and shoot and I figure I'll do the P-365 with it for a year, and then maybe graduate up to a Canon with mega adjustments and lenses to try out. Basicly, I'll either inherit Paul's Canon when he upgrades OR I'll get my own Canon or Nikon.
Anyway, I've been doing my P-365 since my birthday on Feb 25th and I've taken a few I'm REALLY proud of. I'll have to do a post on here every month of the best of the best, or top three, or some such thing like that for the month.
If you're interested in seeing some of them, my P-365 blog addie is

Drop by and leave a comment- or just have a look.
See y'all soon!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time Marches On....

 Two years ago today, Paul and I arrived in England and was met at the airport by his parents. 

My, How time does fly.....