Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Arrogance...I Think SO!!!

Today on the way home from work I was listening to the local Talk radio show hosts. The topic was aliens and the possibility of twin planets to Earth being out there in the huge universe.
The lady of the show said she absolutely didn't believe that there was another planet like ours and no WAY was there humans like us out there and then she quoted the BIBLE as saying that God created the heavens and "the earth", as in singular, not plural- and then he created man and woman.

Now if God truly did create the heavens and "The Earth" as she is saying, PLEASE don't tell me she has the Absolute Arrogance to actually believe that in ALL the heavens WE are the only intelligent life God chose to create.

I believe that yes, there ARE other inhabitable planets out there in that vast space and there certainly is other intelligent life out there and we most certainly have been visited by such creatures here on earth, making THEM more intelligent than us.
Maybe not with as much spirit and will to survive as us- but then again- who's to say.

I also believe that someone has a handle on it and from all the alien movies that Hollywood is cranking out lately someone is trying to prepare the Humans of this Earth for meeting the Visitors- perhaps in the near future.

I also believe in Ghosts and Spirits and that some people actually DO communicate with them- but not the charlatan's who do it for monetary gain.

I also believe that there will be a Zombie Holocaust in the future and so you need to brush up on where your nearest Mall or Super-Walmart is so you can seek safe harbor when it happens.

Some of the above is true- and some of it isn't.
I'll leave you guessing as to my true beliefs.

Isn't this FUN??????

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Here is one photo to show you until I can make some sense of the order of them.

Thanks to Cindy who did a FANTASTIC job and made it the easy to be photographed!!

And of course- to my sisters for being such good sports and indulging me in this request.
Y'all are the BEST!!!!

From the top left going down the line are... Sunny, Julie, Teresa (Tee) & Valina (Nina).........(Click on the pic for a larger size view).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sister-Sister...Goddesses All!

Today was a BLAST!

We had a Sisters picnic and it was so much fun.
Lots of Bunny Ears and funny faces- a few posed photos but mostly a lot of candids.
I want to Thank Cindy, who drove on a Sunday morning- and I mean EARLY Sunday Morning(9AM) to take all these photos of me and my crazy, lunatic, -(I know- redundant)- , insane-(I know- again-redundant)- sisters and me.

We had a picnic and Cindy took a kaboodle of photos of us together and separately.

A few stories that made us all laugh....

We had all color co-ordinated our outfits to wear pink and white &/or Black, so yesterday, Julie called me saying her pink capris had a flaw in them and if it showed badly she was going to be in the back of the photos. I said fine- we could do that.
So Then about a half hour later- my sister Tee calls and says she only has her white Krocs to wear since her puppies have hidden her other shoes and SHE's going to stand in the back if there are photos of shoes showing 'cause she doesn't want them showing. So I say fine- we can work around that.
THEN- this morning bright and early, my sister Nina called on her way up and said she only had a beige top and shoes to wear and SHE wanted to be in the back of the photos if shoes were showing and she stood out too much from us.....
I said"WHOA!!!!! Okay first Julie, then Tee, and now you are all going to be in the BACK of the I want to know exactly WHAT you're going to be in BACK of cause my butt may be BIG but it is NOT big enough for all three of you to hide behind."

I told Cindy that little story, thinking she would laugh about it....what happened? She took a photo of all three of them standing behind me with their heads sticking out at angles and me pouting about it. Or I THINK she got that one!
After that- it was ON!

We had photos taken in front of the reflecting pond- but that one had to be fast cause both Nina and I heard frogs jump in the pond and BOTH of us went in the opposite direction!!
They laughed at us!!
Can you imagine???

Well, then we did photos us together but on different levels of the rock cliff. I'm WELL back on top of the rock- I detest heights with no safety gear.
We did photos in front of the waterfall, and on the steps and the stone bridge and bench.

Then we had our picnic.
One of my sisters- I wont say which one- laid back and I said"Oh Look- ***** wanted some shade so she laid back so her boobies would create some for her......"
And everyone else laughed...but SHE flipped me off!
I just LMAO!

We just had the BEST time. We need to do that more often.
I can't wait to see the photos.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Well, That's That.

Update on Promotion Interview.
Long story short...
4 Board members-1 mediator- and me.
4 questions/1 each asked by each board member.
1st Question-Aced.
2nd Question-No Clue
3rd Question-Aced.
4th Question-Drew a Blank- Until I got home.
So much for good first impressions and moving up the corporate ladder.

It wasn't exactly like the picture on here- all the board members were very nice to me- before, during, and after the questions were given. Still didn't help, tho.

Altho I didn't really care if I get the promotion-
Having no answer to a question- drives me nuts.
Having a bad interview- Even more so.
Having a husband who consoles me when I come home from the bad interview- Priceless.

Oh well, I WILL find the answers by the end of the week.
No one will be more surprised than me if I actually GET the promotion.
Better luck next time, I suppose.


OMG- Just wait til you hear about THIS one!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, FINALLY I have a couple days off. I tell you, last night seemed like it would NEVER end!!

I came in this morning from work and tried to sleep- actually I got a couple hours in before the heat became unbearable in the bedroom, so i finally got up and decided to run some errands.

I loaded up the car and went to the recycling center first thing, then I stopped and got a couple gallons of fuel for my car. I tell you, ten dollars doesn't go far in THIS day and age.Then I stopped by my sons house and chatted with him and his wife for a while before finally heading home. On the way home I stopped at the Vet's office and picked up some flea meds for our two mutts.....I mean inbreds....I mean sweet little doggies. Yeah- that's it.
I've felt so sorry because I haven't been able to do it sooner- but with Paul and myself needing meds, our well-being came before the dogs itchiness. But they should be fine now- I got both Buddy and Barney their meds so this time in a couple days they should be Flee-Free. Yay!!
And we did try brushing for the shedding problem Buddy is having, but his UNDERcoat is so thick the brush doesn't even BEGIN to touch it. He is a really lovely dog when we brush his outer coat tho. And THAT even is a HUGE help.
I've wanted to shave Buddy in the Summer- but Paul refuses to let me do it, or have it done. I think he would benefit immensely from being shaved once- but I'll bow to Pauls reasoning. Just this once.
(Good LORD- I just went back and proofread this so far and had to insert EVERY SINGLE "T" in the entire thing!! I don't know if I'm dropping them of if the computer keypad is dropping them....probably user error tho.)

Anyway, I came home and put the meds on hem. Poor Barney was scared he was gonna get a spanking. Seems like all I ever do lately is fuss at him for his accidents/on-purposes. I gotta change that. I'm trying the treat system when he does well as well as the fussing when he does bad- but he's still just NOT getting it. Poor baby. It's so hard -especially after Buddy being such an easy study in housebreaking. And poor Buddy tries to lead Barney- but he gets SO easily distracted when he goes outside- he barks at EVERYTHING....My brothers dog(a great Dane), my brother, birds, kids in the distance that he can hear but not see, the grass waving in the breeze, butterflies. You name it- he barks at it and chases it. He runs around the yard like a chicken with it's head cut off. Stupid dog.

I can't wait to get a house where we have actual closets. He is chewing my shoes all up. I have already had him chew the sequins off my summer flip-flops and chew up the side of one of my pairs of work shoes. I have to put EVERYTHING up or he drags it off and uses it as a chew-toy altho he and Buddy both have chew-toys to play with. And no- I still haven't found my work badge yet- I had to have it replaced. I just KNOW Barney has snuck it out of my purse and is using it as a chew-toy somewhere and has it WELL hidden!
Luckily I had already applied for my SLED card renewal and as luck would have it, it arrived the day after my badges went missing!(For ONCE something went IN my favor instead of against it!!!)

Oh well.
As soon as it cools off a bit I'm going to go in the kitchen and do a thorough cleaning of IT . Meanwhile tho, I'm sitting here looking up recipes for the Sisters Picnic Brunch for Sunday. So far I think we are going to have Sausage (or Bacon) Mushroom Swiss Quiche, Cinnamon Buns, and the same punch Paul and I had for our Wedding Reception!It's sort of a Pineapple-Orange mixture- very, very nice-especially frosty cold! That should be YUMMY!!!
I'm keeping it VERY simple since it's so hot and we won't be there but a couple hours. Any other suggestions?

Okay...hmmmmmmm...okay.........I also have been looking up recipes for a good moist Carrot Cake. I've never made one before and Paulius is always saying how MUCH he likes Carrot Cake and Carrot Cake Soup-(That was a NEW one on me!!) so I figured I might make him once since he's almost 100% recovered from his illness. If any of you guys or ladies(or guys ladies) has a recipe thats tried and true- PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share it with me!!! I found one but I haven't tested it yet and would LOVE to have an heirloom recipe that is tested and requested rather than one I just picked up on the net sites. I think my e-mail is listed in my profile if you don't want to share it with everyone but are willing to share it with me. And if you request it- I won't give it to ANYONE else either. Cross my Heart!

Anyway....when i got back home I saw I had phone messages- it was from my boss so I called him back and he informed me that my Board Interview for the Site Supervisor position I made a bid on a couple weeks ago is going to be WEDNESDAY at 2PM. Crap- give a girl a bit of NOTICE why don't ya!!!!!
So now I'm all nervous about IT because MY site supervisor hasn't been able to locate the manual I needed to brush up on(read STUDY since I'd never heard of it before.)
As you can tell, I'm not putting too much hope behind actually GETTING this position. I HATE having to rely on other people to help me further my career. It SUX. I wish I was Goddess of the Universe. Then I could have peoples heads chopped off if they annoyed me and no one would think twice about it. It would be "because Her Goddessness said it should be so- and so it was MADE so".

Ahhhh....We're all entitled to our dreams and aspirations.

Fake Friends VS Real Friends

Dedicated to best friends in General- And Rhonni and Lois Specifically.

FAKE Friends: Never ask for food.
Real Friends: are the reason you have no food.

FAKE Friends: Call your parents Mr/Mrs
Real Friends: Call your parents DAD/MOM

FAKE Friends: bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.
Real Friends: Would be sitting' next to you saying "Damn ... we fucked up... but that shit was fun" while trying to figure out who to call to bail you out.

FAKE Friends: never seen you cry.
Real Friends: cry with you

FAKE Friends: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
Real Friends: keep your shit so long they forget its yours.

FAKE Friends: know a few things about you.
Real Friends: Have enough dirt on you to bury a skyscraper and vice-versa.

FAKE Friends: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing.
Real Friends: Will kick the whole crowds ass that left you.

FAKE Friends: Would knock on your front door.
Real Friends: Walk right in and say "I'M HOME!"

FAKE Friends: Are for awhile.
Real Friends: Are for life.

FAKE Friends: Will take your drink away when they think you've had enough.
Real Friends: Will look at you stumbling all over the place and say "Bitch, drink the rest of that- you know we don't waste shit."

FAKE Friends: will talk crap to the person who talks crap about you.
Real Friends: Will knock them the hell out

FAKE Friends: Would ignore this
Real Friends: Will send this to all their real friends and hope to get it back!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Woes.

Summer Woes....we all have em.....the price of gas, the heat, the weather.

Mine aren't bad like some people we know(you know who you are)- but they're still worrisome.

Stupid dog(Buddy) is annoying the crap out of me. He has picked up fleas and every single time I sit down to eat he gets directly in front of me (and between me and the fan) and starts scratching. He's also molting and his fur just flies everywhere-mainly onto my plate. I'm a BIT anal about that and I cannot even THINK about eating anything after that. And so I yell at Buddy- and Paul tells me I can't get mad at Buddy for scratching because of the fleas, and altho I know he's right, that just upsets me more and I lose my appetite entirely.
I can't eat in the kitchen cause it's like 110 degrees in there-(and that's NOT exaggerating) and it's that hot in Buddys room too so I can't put him up while we're eating, so I just don't eat...or eat at work. That's getting boring too- I cannot WAIT til Autumn/Winter. Life is so much easier in the cooler months.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Shopping Trip? Yay!!

Back to work today. Three 12 hour shifts this weekend and then I can rest next week.

I have the sisters photo-shoot next weekend and I have GOT to figure out what to wear. I have two dresses that I could wear- but I'm not sure I want to go THAT dressy with it. I want to be comfortable. I also have two pairs of Capri pants I could wear- but I will have to go shopping for a new top to wear with those- usually I just toss on a sports bra or a tee shirt over them but I DEFINATELY DON'T want to go THAT casual for these photos. Is there a happy medium between the two that I've somehow missed? We're doing it early morning- as in 10 AM early. The heat has been almost unbearable this month- in the UPPER 90's mostly and we want to get it done while it's somewhat cool-ish. Also possibly all my other sisters may have to go to work later that day. I'm the only one who knows for SURE that I will be off that day.

Well, I have to go and clean my kitchen now.

*walks away mumbling...* "Housework- I don't know WHY we do it..........we just have to do it all over again tomorrow....stupid housework.....".

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Boy

Will I ever be able to think about my baby boy again without crying and feeling as tho my heart is breaking?
I remember all the best of times- and I still hurt. I want to be able to think of him and smile- not cry.
How do I deal with this? How? Time is not making it easier.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Meet Christmas Joy, my alter ego.

( YES-I KNOW it's JUNE!!)
Time's a'wasting!!
Only 196 sleeps left til Christmas!!!

Nuff Said.


Found a GREAT website today that I played around with for a few hours. (I was REALLY bored- can you tell?)

This is some of the CORNY stuff I did with them.
(Don't worry Kel- I won't post YOURS altho I think that last one I sent you was AWESOME!!)

Thanks to Jenna for turning me on to the site. It's a cool thing to have on a rainy day.

Hmmmm........Never Mind.........

I think I maybe need to change my Internet Deodorant.

For the past few weeks every time I log on and one of my friends are on and I say hi- we chat for 10 minutes and then one of us has to go.

Mind you this is me and my bosom buddies who usually can spend two hours or more chatting about a whole lot of nothing.

Maybe it's the heat or maybe it's just our schedules are in absolute chaos mode, but I miss chatting with them.

I know I've been really whiny and down for the last few months and I know some people think I should be getting over it a bit more than I have- but I thought I was doing better.
(Oh geeze- and here is another whiny post too to add insult to injury....) Sorry.

Maybe I shouldn't post til I am back to 100% optimum attitude.

Am I being overly sensitive?

AHHHHHH............Never mind.....I just found out WHY I'm being so moody and upset. You know, I could just delete this post and no one would ever be the wiser- but I'm going to go ahead and post it because I think it will be a good lesson for how screwed up I get when Good Ole Auntie Flo comes along. I apologize to all my bosom buddies for ever doubting you. And I apologize to my computer deodorant for thinking of changing brands.

Poor Paulius.......HE has to LIVE with me.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Pot-Kettle......Color Check.

Why do men hate to go to the doctor so much?

Okay Paulius has been sick with a HORRENDOUS sore throat for about a week or so now- It's Strep Throat if you want to be specific. We don't have insurance so i old him if it wasn't better by today-Monday_ we would take him to the doctor. The free Clinic.
They only qualify/screen people on Mondays.
He refuses to go because he "doesn't feel like sitting up and around in a room full of OTHER sick people and not getting seen."

Now- That's EXACTLY what I did when I had the kidney problem- and it almost killed me because I took that attitude. Had i KNOWN what the problem was and how serious it could be i would have been to the doctors office a LOT sooner.

This is from the

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Stuff.....And Things..........

The 67% is this weeks stuff and the 33% is next weeks projected decline in things since I'll be working every day except Wednesday and Thursday. Next month it will be pie you can see I have graduated from simple lists.

Okay, so now on to the REAL Stuff...and Things.....

First Subject.....
Still haven't found my access ID for work and have only hours left until I HAVE to have it found or have to report it missing.
I have frantically looked for it, done a couple more spot checks of places I MIGHT have put it or it MIGHT have dropped to and a full scale-turn-the-entire-house-upside-down search to no avail.
So last time today I'm going to do a last long detailed search of the house AND car and then first thing tomorrow morning I'll be reporting it MIA and have it replaced. It really pisses me off that I have lost it JUST when I'm up for that makes me look irresponsible and scatter-brained when the only thing wrong with me is I did something out of character by having to wear my ID badge in my civilian clothes.
Do you guys do that too? Does your whole way of doing things change when you're at work or at home? How can being in a different set of clothes make THAT bigger difference in the way you think or do things?
I'm really weirded out.

Next subject.......
Guys- a piece of advice when you come to my house.......I don't CARE if you don't put the seat DOWN after peeing, but PLEASE- for GOD'S Sake(or your own safety) Put the SEAT UP when you pee! There is NOTHING that drives me more insane than having to pee really badly and not having time to check to make sure the seat is pristine and standing up with a totally wet ass and legs because the male who was there before you has a bad aim and doesn't take the time to clean up after himself.
This has happened to me about a zillion times because I live in a household with a mostly male population. I have Me, Julie, Marie, and Kathy and ALL the REST of the family is ladies, PLEASE, PLEASE , teach the young ones coming up to put the SEAT up as well as the lid when they go potty and for the older guys-...........JUST DO IT!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Next Subject.......
Paulius has strep throat....We're not sure if it's Viral or Bacterial so we're waiting to see if it goes away on it's on.
And there in lies the problem. If it doesn't clear up on it's own- we have NO money to bring him to the doctor because he doesn't have health insurance. I have it thru my job, but it will cost us almost 400 dollars a month to add him on so we opted to not at this time......BUT if I get it FROM him- I won't be able to go to work.....I work at the hospital and they won't allow me to come to work with anything worse than a cold- and if I'm running a fever I get sent home with THAT, even!!! We can't afford for me to miss any work either, so therein lies the dilemma. So that will mean TWO doctors visits for me plus the cost of meds to get rid of it AND the missed wages from work as well. Why TWO doctors visits? Because I'll need to go the first time and get diagnosed and get a script for antibiotics. And then another visit to determine that I DON'T have it any longer and then get the statement allowing me to return to work. Working with the health-care facilities has a whole different set of rules than a normal factory job does. We are just so screwed.

Next Subject........
I found out my Annual Endurance Test is scheduled for July. The exact date isn't known yet- but that means tomorrow I have o go BACK into intense training for that stupid thing........
We have to go up 7 floors of stairs (14 flights) in 90 seconds or less. If we fail it the first time we have 30 days to re-take it and PASS or be transferred from the Hospital Roster. Meaning go to a different LOWER PAYING SITE. Which I bloody well don't want to do. I'm up for a promotion, for Gods Sake and that means a substantial raise...I don't wanna go in the other direction. Especially at this time of the year and especially not after getting the news that we won't be getting that Stimulus Check.

Next Subject...........
Buddy has been in a mood again for a week or so.......He's got to where when i twell him to do something he looks at Paulius to see if HE tells him to do it- and if he doesn't Buddy completely ignores me and does only what the hell HE wants to do. Then when I put my foot down and try to come near him to LEAD him to do whatever it is i tell him to do- he has taken to snarling/growling at me as a warning. We had this problem with him about 6 months ago and to be honest, he is really beginning to make me SERIOUSLY uneasy. Now I KNOW Paul could defend himself with minimum of injuries against Buddy should Buddy get it in his head to be stupid and try and assert his dominance, but Buddy is a BIG dog now and I'm honestly not sure if I could. And as touchy as he has been lately if one of the kids accidentally fell against him or annoyed him and he decided to do something about it- They wouldn't stand a chance.
All I have to say is the first time he deliberately bites someone-unless he's defending one of the family, I'll put him down myself, no matter WHO gets mad about it. A biting dog I will NOT tolerate- not with as many kids as I have here and not when he defies my orders. I've said it once and I'll say it again...I'm Top Bitch around here and that's that. I'm at my wits end with that dog and his attitude and it had better improve soon if he wants to continue his life of luxury here with Paulius and I.

Next Subject........
Barney and his housebreaking. OMFG.......What is up with him? He does pretty good at the housebreaking stuff until we leave the kitchen open. For some reason he has determined that our kitchen floor is his territory and must be marked as such at every opportunity. I have taken to putting a baby gate up over the doorway going in there to keep him out. It wouldn't be NEARLY as bad if it wasn't carpeted in there. But it's not- and it's absolutely HELL to clean up when he marks territory. And I have to have a clean kitchen. When I cook- I want that place spotless- almost to the point of sterility. No, I'm NOT joking. That's why the ant situation was freaking me out so much. But THOSE are taken care of now. Yay!! Anyone got any suggestions for Barneys or Buddy's problems? Any suggestions would be MOST welcome.

Next Subject...........
My garden is growing like crazy!!!!!Doing the best are the Pumpkins and the Sugar-Snap peas. Next in line are the tomatoes and peppers. Next to last is the Watermelons and Cantaloupes and dead last are my green beans. And I almost mean that literally. Dead. Last.
I have like 4 bean plants and do the BUGS love them...Not even 6 inches tall yet and they are riddled with chewed up leaves.
Danggit!!Oh well, At least we'll have plenty of pumpkins for the Jack-O-Lanterns for our Halloween Party this year. I'm SOOOO looking forward to that Party. We're ALL going to dress up- Kiddos and Grups alike. Only rule is no Hoochie Outfits because it's a KIDS party.
I can't decide whether I want to be "Glenda, The Good Witch of the North" or "The Wicked Witch of the West" type witch.
Maybe a Vampyress with Paulius as a Vampire. The possibilities are ENDLESS- but I need to decide soon because I'll have to find a costume. OH!!! I COULD be Miz Santa!!!! That way I would have the outfit for Christmas already done!!!!
Hmmmmm....Have to think on it some more.
(I'm not very original am I?)

Next Subject..........
My brother, Charlie, came down yesterday and we (as in mostly HE) changed the washers in my faucets in the sinks and tub. Thank God- and Thank YOU Charlie, for taking the time o come show me how to do it myself. Cookies will be made soon.

Last Subject....
I have noticed in the past month that my moments of Deja-Vu has increased phenomenally.
So much so it's kinda freaking me out. I don't LIKE when my dreams come true. Only bad things can come of it.

Okay- well, playtime is over now, I suppose.....I'm off to look for that stupid badge once more.
Wish me Luck, I'll need it.

Friday, June 06, 2008



On Monday I cleaned house all day and then that evening I had a stupid class at work in civilian clothes and somehow misplaced my badge. It was a search and seizure training session and I had already taken it about 6 months ago but since I had driven 25 miles to GO to the class and was getting paid for it(unless I went home and skipped it) I decided I was going to stay and re-take the training.

On Tuesday I went to get a couple of tires on my car since I got paid for 8 hours OT AND 8 hours HOLIDAY pay!!And then learned that they had to special order them....I had forgotten about that part from when Clay ordered them for me before his accident. They wouldn't be in til the next day so it was pretty much a trip well wasted. Well, after that we had to go get groceries, get some household stuff at Dollar General, come home and put all the stuff away, feed and water the dogs, cook-then eat, then looked for the badge some more. I was absolutely exhausted!!!!

On Wednesday, I did laundry, cooked, ate,, cleaned house a bit again, then left for work at 3PM as opposed to my regular 4:45pm because I had to go get the tires put on and THEY didn't get delivered to the shop til after 2PM- THEY were running behind as well because of the late delivery, so I was there until 10 of 6 which luckily didn't make a HUGE difference in the time I got to work cause it's "relatively" close to my job!
The horrible part of THAT day was that Paulius had put on a lovely pork roast with Roast potatoes and gravy and because I had to leave early- and the roast was bigger than we thought it was- it wasn't ready til a few minutes after I had to LEAVE for the tire appointment. To say I was pissed off was putting it mildly....he had dusted it with all sorts of lovely smelling herbs and it smelled like absolute heaven as I was leaving. He DID save me a plate- as well as the other half of the roast but it just wasn't the same the next know what I mean. Only Thanksgiving Turkey and Christmas Ham are as good as or better on the second day-potatoes, of ANY kind, not so much........a LOT not so much, actually. I'm going to do something special with that leftover pork roast today for dinner no worries.

On Thursday I went by My BFF since we were 7 years old, Rhonda's, and dropped off her Birthday gift(a couple of photos I had framed of her when she was about 25 and slim and sexy as hell- we ALL love having THOSE photos around, don't we?) and then went to pick my eldest son up after I got off work and take him to his monthly meeting in the next town. He was there an hour and a half waiting for his turn and after his meeting was over he had to take a drug screening which took another 30 mins.....then afterwards I drove him to work.
Then I came home and slept til time to go to work and checked the messages and found out Rhonda wasn't even AT home- her parents took her to the mountains for the week for her birthday- so I had to call her kids and get one of them to go by and get her gift and put it IN her house before it got messed up by the weather.

Today I came in and collapsed and slept til it got hot in the bedroom and then came in here but couldn't go back to sleep altho it's MUCH cooler with the A/C on in here so I got up, fed and watered the dogs and let them out for a few minutes to go potty, and while I was waiting I baked a half dozen cupcakes. Lemon Spongecake with Lemon glaze. And now I am cooking the roast pork all sliced nicely and slow roasted in an onion and Mushroom sour-cream gravy. I'm also making roast potatoes and my special green beans to go with it all.
YUMMO!(God I HATE when Rachel Ray uses that phrase- but she uses it for EVERYTHING and every thirty seconds...I use it sparingly.)

Also, I have managed to set up a photo shoot for me and my sisters for the middle of the month. THAT was a major undertaking considering there was 5 people involved with trying to co-ordinate schedules so we could all make it on the same the same time..........
Shoot- forget major undertaking- that was a minor Miracle. But til all set up now and I am SOOO happy about it. It's going to take place in a lovely park called Rock Quarry Garden in the center of Town and it's one of the most requested sites for photographers to do Bridal Portraits during Wedding Season.
I took my Daughters Bridal Portraits there and my Eldest son and his wife were married in that park. There is a reflecting pond- a couple of granite cliffs(very SMALL cliffs) a waterfall, and a stream with a rock arched bridge over it. There are stone benches and a bounty of greenery including hemlock trees, bamboo, azaleas, tulips, magnolia trees, pine trees and other assorted flora and fauna.
I can't wait! Last photos we had done as sisters and the baby wasn't even here yet! Was way back in 1969. That's a LONG time!I mean, we've had photos of one or two of us together- but not the entire group at once!!
I told the photographer that she was in for a LOT of Bunny-Ears and funny faces with my sisters......believe it or not- I am considered the QUIET and CALM one of the group!!

One thing I know for sure is that there will be a lot of candid shots- and very few posed shots....but there will be some of those too. I'm certain- it's going to be an interesting experience- for all involved!!!

Anyway....... that's been my week so far.
Bet you can't WAIT to hear about my WEEKEND!!!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ladies(and Guys) Please Help Me......

.......persuade Paulius to wear a cowboy hat. Yes, I mean like a Stetson. A real Country Western cowboy hat.

I don't know what it is- but put a cowboy hat on a man and it sends chills up my spine. Especially if he's in a pair of jeans and boots. With or without a shirt.

Paul says he refuses to wear a cowboy hat because they look stupid. I think he would be adorable in one.
No- Forget "adorable"- I think he'd be H-O-T!!!!!!!

I'm going to get a new straw one for myself for summer. I'd like to get him one as well, but he says it would be money wasted.
On the other hand he WILL wear a fedora-....the Indiana Jones style.
Now I ask you- there isn't such a huge difference in a fedora and a cowboy hat, now IS here?

I don't think so anyway.

I mean it's not like I'm asking him to wear a Zorro or Batman or Captain Jack Sparrow Costume out in public......this is just a mere cowboy hat- and just around the yard if he likes- not even out in public if he doesn't want to.

I mean- I would wear something special for him if he requested it and he bought it for me...(and it wasn't too outrageous-whatever THAT is...).

And no- this isn't a debate either.....or an argument.
I just want to hear if I'm being too demanding.

Opinions, please?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Odd Couple

I was reading Paulius' Blog this morning and I replied. Then I thought, " he won't get any comments because I replied about it. I should have just TOLD him my comment".
Ozzy proved me wrong. (Thank You Oz-Man!!)

As I thought about it- I realized that on a LOT of our blog-posts about things that personally involve Paulius and myself, if we blog about it and it's about the other one- we tend to get a LOT less comments- It's like everyone reads then and thinks-"YIKES! They're having an online argument. I don't want to get in the middle of this!" And then they don't comment.

Well, for the record, Paulius and I don't usually take our personal arguments to our blogs. I know there HAVE been a couple here- but that was the EXTREME exception- NOT the rule.
When we post about something the other has done, (Or said), it's because we actually DO want to know what others(meaning you guys who we consider to be friends-odd that, never have met but considered friends) think or have to say on the subject....not because we are wanting to prove we are "right" or the other is "wrong" in ANY way, shape, or form.

And if we ARE having an argument-(we prefer to call them debates-we've only had ONE SERIOUS argument in our years together according to us)and blog about it- we'll tell you and we'll still want your comments.....we won't hold it against you and maybe then the BOTH of us can see the others side of it and then there won't BE an argument anymore!!

So please, feel free to comment- no matter your opinion is. (Especially if you think I'm right.)

We are one of the ODDEST couples I have ever known. But we fit like a glove.