Sunday, September 24, 2006

Well, Now I've Gone And Done It !!!!!

I've gotten Paulius sick with whatever I have.

I hate when I bring stuff in to him. Had to have gotten whatever it is at work. I tell you- the hospital is a GREAT place to pick up viruses and germs. And I'm very careful about washing my hands and wearing the latex Gloves when I handle ANYTHING at the job.

Guess I missed something somewhere, tho.

I'm sorry, Sweetie.

And the other thing I did for only the third time in my life was to somehow manage to concoct a casserole that was totally inedible. I don't know where I went wrong- it was WAYYYYYYYYY too salty and somehow the ingredients just didn't mesh.

I've made a casserole many times that is very similar to this one- sort of a meat-loaf but with no tomatoe sauce or tomatoes in it-but this time it just didn't work.

Maybe it's because I am sick- maybe I just added a tad too much of the COMBINATION of seasonings- but whatever it was- I won't be trying that recipe again.
I wonder how many dishes Julia Child or Emeril have screwed up in their careers......


Well, sorry guys, I have been under the weather recently.
I cant figure out if it's allergies- a bad cold-the flu-or bronchitis.

I do know I'm going to have to go to the doc soon if it doesn't clear up.
Because I cant stay in bed or off work just because I feel bad.

Paulius and I have had an up and down week.

Today is the 1st anniversary of my dad's death- I was supposed to go to the cemetery with my mom but can't since I'm sick. Only good thing to come out of the being sick deal. I can't deal with the drama of reliving my Dads funeral. Once was enough. That's not to say I haven't been to visit his grave site since he passed away- I have, quite a few times- it's just that I don't want to be around the rest of the family when I do. Mine is a private kind of grief- not one for show to prove how much I loved my Dad. He knows I worshiped the ground he walked on and even tho I know I disappointed him many times in my life He still loved me the same as I did him.


Paulius still hasn't received his Green Card yet- but he did receive his verification letter to say he had been approved and that the actual card would be arriving within a few days. It's the first time we have received one of those official letters that we've been happy about it. Usually every time one of those things arrive we have to re-arrange schedules and I end up taking time off from work and we end up paying out loads of money for fees or certified copies of something or some such deal.
We're breathing a HUGE sigh of relief that it's all over and now we can be a somewhat normal couple who's not afraid that any tiny misstep will land him on a plane and us separated. You have no idea what the process is like unless you've been thru it yourself and it is one scary thing to do. Most couples hire an attorney to wade thru the process for them- but we did everything on our own without legal aid of any type. If I knew in the beginning what I know now- we would have hired the professional to help us git-er done. But that's water under the bridge now- and we can be normal.

Speaking of normal...........Paulius is now regretting his decision to mention SL to me- Now I know a lot of people on here are probably getting tired of all these blog posts about SL this and SL that. But I am one of those people who don't give a rats butt about playing computer games. But I went on there to make my hubby happy and give something HE enjoys a try. Just to say I tried it.
Well, now I'm on there when I come in from work for at least a couple hours, I go to sleep and then since I'm usually up and hour or so before HE gets up- I'm on there when he wakes up. On the weekends I pretty much stay on there all day on Friday after I get off work- well, until he wakes up anyway, and then he gets on for a few hours. The Saturday & Sunday I get up about 6:30 AM to let the whining dog out and so while I'm waiting I turn on the comp and start playing and get a couple-few hours in while Paulius is still in bed. And so when he gets up he goes on for another few hours himself. He also is on a good few hours when I'm at work every weeknight. At first when I wasn't playing it- I was complaining about him being on too much and not spending time together as a couple....Well, the tides have turned my dears!! Now it seems to him like I'm on when he goes to bed on the weekends- and on when he gets up- which is true enough, but I haven't been on all night long. I LOVE that game- I don't have time for RL friends because of the crazy hours I work and the insane amount of time we've had to devote to all that aforementioned paperwork, but in my home sitting at my desk I have made the best friends of my life with the exception of THREE persons. And two of THOSE I met while on the WW online chat. And, as you well know by now- even Paulius and I met online!!!!
In SL I have all the money I need to go guilt free shopping with my friends whenever I want- no bills to pay on there- just dance-shop- and make friends. I can buy all the things I want to and not have to carry anything to the car- or unload it at my house- it all goes into my inventory as soon as I pay for it and I can take things out as and if I need them. I don't have to worry about giving anyone a lift- and if someone comes online and wants to join me wherever i am- I Teleport them to my destination and vice-versa. And the best parts of the whole thing are that I have the perfect body- the perfect hair and bestest of ALL- I CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have probably 50 or 60 friends in my friends list and I love each and every one of their company. There is no bickering amongst them- well most of them. And with just a couple of exceptions everyone has been as nice and generous as can be.
If only RL worked like SL does it would be great. I have a great job on there- I don't have to follow a schedule like Misty does- If i wanna work, I do- if i don't I just don't. Sure there are rules to follow in there if you don't wanna get banned from places- but those rules are bent as far as possible to ensure you have a great time in that little world.
I told Paulius that I detest my RL job, but it makes it soooo much easier to tolerate when I have my SL job that makes me so much more money(even tho it isn't really negotiable in RL..YET) and where the people are always so nice and care for each other.
SL isn't much different than my Blog friends either- only difference is that SL is real-time chat instead of posted comments. And I luvz you guys a lot as well.
Anyway- my point was- paulius seems to be regretting telling me about SL and I just want him to know I totally understand how he's feeling, but it's his own fault, and it's exactly the way I felt before I started playing it a month or so ago.
....(Altho in HIS defense I have to say he wouldn't play very much at all on Friday or Saturday nights because it's my off nights- but in MY defense it's the only NIGHTS I have to play and get to be in the thick of things going on- usually when I'm on it's during the slow times when everyone else is still abed or in school and such as that.)

........what's that saying?????

Be careful what you ask for- you just might get it????

Anyway, I must go now. My darling hubby wants to write a blog-post.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Yes this is another SL post but a slightly different one than usual.
SL is a LOT of fun. You get together with other people via their Avatars and party and cut up and usually have a blast.

But there is a dark side to SL- and just like in RL there are some really strange and disturbing people in that world.

In SL women have a few choices for jobs available to them to earn money. From the most profitable to the least are:
*Business Owners-. IF they have enough funds to set a business up or can find a partner/partners to invest with them.
* Escorts-Also along the same profits level as business owners(sometimes more). Sex sells. BIG TIME.
*Dancers- lots of different kinds- from hostess types to stage dancers to topless to full nudity.
* Gamblers
*Dance-Pads-Dance on a pad for a few Linden for 10 or 20 minutes.
*Campers- sit in a certain area for a few Linden an hour, or basically just be a warm body to fill the space and be a draw for others coming in to the establishment.

Now in SL I'm a dancer. And I'm very new at it. I've been being coached by one of Paulius friends and one of my friends in SL and my stage debut was yesterday afternoon.
It was NOT a pleasant experience for me.

The club was holding a gambling event and I decided it was the perfect time to debut. Not too many people there and what was there would be interested in the gambling more than my dancing so any mistakes I made would be easily covered if they were noticed at all. Unfortunately, Paulius couldn't be there because 1-he wasn't feeling well in RL & 2-We only have one computer and it doesn't have enough memory for us both to be logged into SL with a duel screen.(THAT will be rectified before I go back on stage tho).

A few people began showing up at the event as Adav was on stage dancing. I was watching from the comfort of my office chair as my avatar was on stage. Well, this strange guy came in and was literally running all around acting like a total moron- as long as he wasn't being overly obnoxious the staff sort of ignores ppl like him in the name of having fun. Being too strict and serious can drive business away and that's not good for an owner of ANY type business- especially a club. Weapons and REALLY obnoxious behavior are about the only things you can get in real trouble for in SL. Well, when the dude got close enough to me I caught bits and pieces of what he was saying to some of the girls. Not very nice stuff- but if they weren't objecting who was I to say anything. But I did keep an eye on him. He finally gave up on the floor and came and sat in front of the stage. Very well behaved- didn't say one single word- just watched a while and then walked around a few minutes and then came back up to the stage for a few minutes and then left to run around a bit more.
At this point I had had enough of the dancing- people weren't tipping - they were there to WIN money, not spend it- so I called it a day. When I clicked on the avatar to stop her dance mode she stopped dancing, but instead of stopping on the platform- she stopped and was beside the stage.
(SL has been having some problems this week and it was just another glitch, so rather than wrestle with the controls trying to get Adav back of the stage and into the dressing room that way, I took her to the side entrance beside the bar.)
Unfortunately, as the door to the dressing room was closing, "Mr Weird Crazy Dude" ran into the room with her.
He ran around the room and then stood in front of the door- not trying to go out- but facing Adav and not saying a word. Very creepy.

Adav told him he had to leave- it was a "staff only" area. He just stood there and ignored her and so she repeated it again. He finally did leave after a couple minutes.

Maybe it IS just a game- but that really freaked me out. I've had a couple bad experiences like that in RL that didn't end that well and let me just say that Mr. Weird Avatar brought back some really bad memories.

I re-dressed Adav in street clothes and brought her back out to the club floor- but Mr. Weirdo was gone by then.(It took quite a while for me to get Adav re-dressed I was shaking so badly)
All the other staff was busy at the gambling machines and hadn't even realised that the dude had went in there behind Adav- or if they did notice they didn't say or do anything about it. So much for anyone looking out for ME when I'm dancing.

Okay- so here's the thing..........The scariest part of the whole episode wasn't what the dude did-altho it was upsetting- it was how I had reacted. I mean it was two freaking Avatars in an isolated room and I absolutely panicked. I had been watching this dude act strangely all afternoon and when he came into the room like that I froze in RL!!


Me- who has has self defense classes out the ass because of the RL situations- I've had TACT training, Anti-terrorism drills and I'm an expert marksman with a 38 & a 9mm. And I EFFING FROZE!

Now, before you go telling me that I take this game wayyyyyy too seriously, let me just point out that playing games like these teaches us things about life experiences and about who and what we are in life. And this little game had just given me a few questions I still can't answer.

Would I freeze up like that if I were confronted with a situation like that in real life? Would everything I've been taught and trained to do and say just fly right out of my head like it did in the dressing room?
It scares the hell out of me to think that maybe I would freeze up.
Maybe I AM making too much of it- but I'm one of those people who likes to be prepared for anything life can throw at me. I don't like surprises- especially the kind that could make me a potential victim again.

Maybe it's time to re-take a couple classes.

Don't let this little episode influence you to NOT try SL- it's only the 2nd weirdo I've encountered in that world and the majority of the people are friendly, fun-loving and helpful.

There are weirdos no matter what world you're in.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nut Case Monthly


We women are nuts- absolutely certifiable.

Every month I go from sweet adoring wife who would do anything for her husband to mean obnoxious hag from hell in the space of about a day an a half.

I'm serious.
I have told my darling husband that after a certain date he should just get out the handcuffs, shackles and gag, and chain me in the basement for a week. I equate the whole process to becoming a werewolf. Actually, I think a werewolf could be a lot NICER than a woman on her menses.

I'll go thru this from time slot to time slot, refering to the dreaded time as GROUND ZERO.

One week before Ground Zero- I am fine. Typical conversation between hubby and myself as I arrive home from work....

Him:" Hi Sweetie! "
Me:"Hi Babe."
Him:"How was work?"
Me:"Work was work, as usual. How was your night?"
Him:"Fine- Worked on my book- played a few games on the computer, read about half a book"
Me:"Great! Glad you got around to reading the book- it's due Friday isn't it?"
Him:"Yep, and I'll be finished by then. Would you like some breakfast?"
Me:" That's sweet of you, but how about I make breakfast for you this morning since you made it yesterday?"
Him:" Okay, Love you!!"
Me:"Love you too."

Two days later....
Sittting together watching TV.
A program is on we both normally enjoy watching, but I am beginning to feel a bit antsy. I don't know why. I just want a bit more attention than he is giving me at the moment. I sit and stare at him for a while- hoping he will catch the hints I am obviously throwing his way.
He doesn't catch them.

I sigh loudly and turn back to the TV. I watch a bit more and then get up and wander around a bit, walking in front of him and the TV several times hoping he will catch the hints I am obviously giving him another chance to catch.
He still doesn't catch them.

I walk past him again and sit heavily back down on the sofa next to him and give another long sigh as I lay my head on his shoulder.
He looks at me and smiles. I am somewhat pacified and watch the rest of the show with him altho I for some reason find it nessecary to change positions several times to make sure he knows I am throwing more of those obvious hints for him to catch, but when the day ends, he still hasn't quite caught it- altho before the week is over he will certainly GET it.

Two days later........
I awake from sleeping, turn over and hubby is sleeping so sweetly beside me.
I snuggle up and he snuggles back- and falls back asleep.
This is frustrating........and a bit more than mildly irritating. How can he sleep when I want to cuddle?
I snuggle closer- wiggling quite a bit more than I have to to become comfortable. He sleeps on....
Dammitt- I want attention- I want it NOW- I "accidentally" wake him up- that ought to do the trick.
"Sorry" I say sweetly and cuddle back up. "S'ok" he says.
And promptly falls back asleep.
Loud sighs- gone unheard because he's back asleep........ I finally get out of bed and dress....of course I make as much noise as possible and have to climb over the side of the bed a couple times before I find my sneakers. I go to the kitchen and bang the pots and pans around - not because I'm going to cook anything, mind you. Just because I am feeling VERY antsy and cranky and I want someone else to give me some sympathy and attention and they can't because they are sleeping blissfully in the bedroom.......... I then go to the den and put the TV on- and knowing how he hates to listen to the DIY decorating shows- I turn the sound up to 3/4 volume. My reasoning?
If he can't sleep- he will come and do one of two things- either get up and come get me to go back to bed(therefore giving me the attention I want WHEN I want it-) OR- he will get up, get dressed and get me to turn the dreaded DIY show off and we will do something together(therefore giving me the attention I want when I want it).

i.e.- I get my way.

Sometimes it works - sometimes it doesn't.......

Ground Zero- but before the actual menses show their presence......

Same conversation as a week ago. but in GZ time........
HIM:"Hi Sweetie"
ME:"Hey Babe."
He tries to kiss me- I give him a quick peck and go to the bedroom- all I want is to get these damn work clothes off- I hate work- I hate the drive every night- I feel like crap and I don't want anyone else to feel better than me.- And don't be so damn perky and smiley either, dammitt.
Him:" How was work?"
ME:"It was crap- I hate that damn place. Everyone is rude and obnoxious and I get crap for evrything- whether it's my fault or not......... Where the hell is my damn sneakers? Why is it that every time I come home everything is moved around?"
HIM:" I'm sorry work was bad baby- can I make you some breakfast? And BTW- Your sneakers are just inside the closet- I put them there when I hoovered last night."

Oh............Now you would think I would feel remorse for being such a bitch..... but I just want a good row right now...........

ME:" Well, you would think you would put them back where I had them- that way I wouldn't have to hunt for an hour after working all night. My back is killing me and I am so hungry I could eat a horse- the LEAST you could have done was had a pot of coffee waiting for me while I waited on breakfast, but nooooo--- I have to make my own damn coffee."
Cue me stomping off to the kitchen.....

He stands there looking at me with a look of pure bewilderment on his face, not knowing what the hell has happened to his sweet adoring wife- and probally wondering if he has any chance of making it to the door and locking me inside before I have a chance to rip him limb from limb and have his liver for breakfast.

He wouldn't have a snowballs chance in hell.

I then go to the kitchen and make breakfast myself, all the while making as much noise as possible (and mumbling under my breath about nothing specific- just all the sailor words I have learned and a few I have made up)- this time because I AM going to cook something, and cook alot of it as well, dammitt. I cut my finger and this absolutely infuriates me- so I take the knife and go outside and throw it into the nearest tree trunk....It quivers in the tree for two minutes after I go back inside. That ought to teach that bastard knife a lesson.....

I finish breakfast and take a couple of tablets. My tummy is cramping now and my back is hurting. I have a massive headache and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is pissing me off. And on top of it all- I am in need of a serious lovemaking session.

HMMMmmmmmmm...... Let me just say it's damn hard to convince your man to give you some loving when you can't find him because your man is cowering in the back of the closet of the guest-room holding his breath because he's afraid if he moves you will find him and dis-member him.


Let me just say- I know what a nut case I am- I admit it- and am sorry for it- and if there was ANY way I could controlit - BELIEVE me- I WOULD!!!- But I can't- no matter how hard I try to control it- I know it's going to happen and I have TRIED to control those urges It's impossible- Honestly and truly, it IS.

So sweetie- Let me just say... From the first day I snap at you- give me three days- and then, while I'm asleep- get the cuffs out and snap them on as fast as possible- As a matter of fact- slip me a Mickey just to be safe so I don't wake up til AFTER they are on.....then drag me to the basement and shackle me to the pipes in the cage and lock it for 7 days- not a second before. And leave me there.....

Just for good measure, maybe you should load the gun with a whole clip of silver bullets.
Don't lay it down- and for God's sake- don't fall asleep til after the 7th day.

I am- after all- good as gold for the other almost three weeks of the month........

Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm Still Alive...

And no I haven't been on SL all this time ignoring you guys and neglecting my blog.

My mom is in the hospital with pneumonia and a kidney infection. May be in several more days so if you don't see me, you know why.

In the meantime- entertain each other and I'm sure I'll have some stories to tell you all when i eventually DO make it back.


Friday, September 08, 2006


I KNEW this would happen. I KNEW IT!!!!

Seems that security was breached on SL and they quickly went about changing everything. Now they have it "fixed".

Well, I had to go reset my password because they had to change all that. Well, lo and behold- I go to the site to change it- and what happens? It is refusing to recognize my answer to the security question.

I hope Paulius can fix this because if he can't I'm gonna be pissed. I sent a mail to support to explain what was happening- but no telling how long it will take to get back to me.

I could set up another acct and avoid all the hoopla- but if I do I lose everything I have acquired on there- not only my material possessions- but my entire contact list as well as all those expensive upgrades for my avatar I had gifted to me to begin with.
I learned that the skin alone would cost over 1200 Linden to replace- and I just got my latex suit!
I KNEW it was too good to be true. And this is exactly the reason I don't do more stuff like this online- because I have crap for luck.

Dammitt!!!!And I think I'm going into DTs too just knowing I can't get on there!
Sum beach.

Double Sum Beach!!!

Double Double SUM BEACH!


Yeah, I'm not it showing?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sigh.......It's Finally Happened.....

I'm beginning to become addicted to an online game.

Second Life.
Do any of you guys play it?

I thought I would go on and see what all the hoopla was about.
Well, I did- and for the first week I was so frustrated because I was a newbie and had to learn all the controls and pick up gestures and stuff. I'm so not good with dealing with learning new things like that- mainly because I bug the crap out of Paulius asking him a blue zillion questions andd i feel like I'm imposing horribly on his time to do what he wants while I'm on the comp. He would just get sat down and I would ask a Q and he would have to get up and come show me something.
Then two minutes later, just as he's getting a ciggie out to smoke, or just getting back into the book he's reading or getting back into the plot of the movie, here I go with another question and up he would have to come to show me something else.
The man has the patience of Job and he hasn't complained once about it.
I, on the other hand have NO patience and almost called it quits several times during that time.

I traveled alot-well, transported- and went to some of the hot spots and favorite places. Most of the people in the big ones were kinda snobby, you know- they already had their own little groups going on. The people I met just walking around exploring or in the quieter places were great tho- very friendly and helpful.
So I learned from them. And of course, from Paulius.

Then I finally acquired enough wealth to upgrade my basic flexi hair and a new outfit. One girl gave me a new body shape and new skin -a really nice tan.......and now there's a whole new me on there.

And I like her. She's more ballsy than I usually am. But at the same time she's not lost all her sweetness. She'll do well in SL, I'm thinking.

I'll see if Paulius minds if I post a snap of my avatar on here. If he minds, then I won't.

I got to see his new avatar self as well yesterday. And I have to say....Dang, my man is sexy no matter where he is!!!

Anyway, my point is......I'm becoming addicted to this game. I'm not obsessed with it- I don't neglect RL for playing it, but any free time I can spare between all the running and work and spending time with my hubby is spent in SL.
I never thought there would be an online game I liked enough to actually seek out playtime for.
Well, besides Bejeweled or Majong, that is.

Paulius won't gripe either- not that he would- because he was the one who got me interested in playing it. I think he's sort of surprised that I've taken to it like I have. Whether it's pleasantlly suprised is something he will have to answer.
Myself, I think he's a bit bemused at this point.

Some people on there get SL & RL confused sometimes- that'll never happen to me tho. It's fun to be another place and another person sometimes tho. It's relaxing and strangely calming to me. I think since I started playing it I haven't had my blood pressure up once. That has to be a good thing, right?

I'm so glad Paulius introduced me to this little game. I'm having a LOT of fun with it.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


My vacation will be over tomorrow night at midnight.

I just want to say how MUCH I've enjoyed it these past few days. I have slept all I want- ate when I wanted(and not worried an iota about being on a diet-and doing so have thought less about food than at any time in the past year- probably have lost a few pounds as a result as well!)and not done any housework except for dishes.
I have a house that is a total mess- a huge load of laundry that needs doing, and floors that definitely need a good hoovering since we have a long-haired ginger colored mutt who insists on wallowing on our carpet if there's a clean spot on it, but I am the most relaxed I have been in a couple of years.
I have had pedicures, manicures, had a deep conditioning of my hair, and done all the Goddess maintenance I haven't time for when I'm working my arse off. My perfect husband has cooked for me, has given me the most wonderful body massages, has snuggled with me watching TV movies, has taken me out for dinner a couple times, has made me coffee whenever I wanted, opened doors for me and kept me lovingly exhausted!

Who could have asked for a better more relaxing vacation/holiday?

Not me.
Only problem is- I wanna do this every MONTH now.

Any suggestions besides winning the lottery? I'm working on that one already.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Who Would Be You?

If someone made a movie about your life, who do you think would be the best actor/actress for playing the role of you?
Who would play your spouse?
And your best friend?

My Choices....
Ellen Degeneres in the role of me-funny & quirky, but without the gayness.
Brad Garrett would play Paulius- Funny, Serious & Sexy...a very hard role to take on.
And Dixie Carter for my best friend- intelligent and proper- but with a wide fun streak as well!

The only one I'm really sure about and wouldn't change is E/D as me, tho.