Sunday, September 03, 2006


My vacation will be over tomorrow night at midnight.

I just want to say how MUCH I've enjoyed it these past few days. I have slept all I want- ate when I wanted(and not worried an iota about being on a diet-and doing so have thought less about food than at any time in the past year- probably have lost a few pounds as a result as well!)and not done any housework except for dishes.
I have a house that is a total mess- a huge load of laundry that needs doing, and floors that definitely need a good hoovering since we have a long-haired ginger colored mutt who insists on wallowing on our carpet if there's a clean spot on it, but I am the most relaxed I have been in a couple of years.
I have had pedicures, manicures, had a deep conditioning of my hair, and done all the Goddess maintenance I haven't time for when I'm working my arse off. My perfect husband has cooked for me, has given me the most wonderful body massages, has snuggled with me watching TV movies, has taken me out for dinner a couple times, has made me coffee whenever I wanted, opened doors for me and kept me lovingly exhausted!

Who could have asked for a better more relaxing vacation/holiday?

Not me.
Only problem is- I wanna do this every MONTH now.

Any suggestions besides winning the lottery? I'm working on that one already.


topcat99 said...

I'm so glad you've had a good time relaxing and spending "quality" time with Paulius.
I've had the rugrats all weekend since the rest of my crew is down in Atlanta at DragonCon. But we've had a good time too.
Tomorrow it's back to the grind, report week.........sigh!

Chief Slacker said...

If you have enough Vaca time, take a three day weekend every month. it's amazing how much one day can make if you plan for soemthing fun. Don't do the typical weekend things, go away and have some fun soemwhere. Should work!