Sunday, February 26, 2006

Awwwww, Poor Baby, I'm So Sorry!!!

My poor Paulius is sick.

I know he told you guys about this a couple of days ago, but I just can't believe it. He was a bit sick a couple days last year -but nothing like this.

He's running a fever, coughing, sneezing, aching all over. His sounds more like a case of the flu than the virus I had.

You know- most men, when they are ill, want to be babied and coddled. Not my Paulius. He's one of those "Just-leave-me-alone-and-let-me-sleep-and-suffer-in-peace" types.
I think the most he has asked for is for me to take the Buddy out to do his business a couple of times and to make him a cup of coffee or tea a couple times and I have to ask him if he wants me to make the coffee or tea. Usually he's only wanting peace and quiet tho. Aren't I the lucky girl.

Unfortunately, I am the hovering, babying, type of wife.
I am having to keep my "can I fluff your pillows?", "can I take your temperature?", "can I get you a glass of juice or an aspirin?", "would you like a back-rub?", "how about a cup of soup or broth?" to a minimum.
And by him being such a fuss-free patient, I sort of made a faux-pas today.

Today, I volunteered to babysit our youngest grandson while his mom & dad moved their belongings to their new place, not thinking about Paulius being ill- he was either in the bed or on the computer-and the kids really have to be out of their place by Tuesday and today was the last full day they had to do any moving. Anyway, he was wonderful about it, he told me he really didn't feel up to the baby being there crying, but he guessed he would be okay. Luckily the baby hadn't had a nap and went straight to sleep, and was all smiles when he woke up from the nap and so he didn't bother Paulius at all. By the time the baby woke up and ate it was almost time for his mama to come pick him up anyway. So it worked out well after all.

Paulius is wonderful about things like that. Being newlyweds, we want time alone, but he ALWAYS understands when one of the kids needs something and I try to do whatever it is they need. But after this past couple of weeks, it will be awhile before we do any babysitting again, and it will be a major catastrophe before ANYONE stays with us other than his parents when they come for their holiday. That's one visit we are very much looking forward to and intend on enjoying to the fullest. He hasn't seen his parents for almost two years, it will be two years and two weeks by the time they get here.

We have so much to do before then. We have got almost all the things we need to get the living-room painted and the new drapes made. All we have to do in the way of real work(besides the painting) is to move all Frank and Marie's stuff to their new place and then put all of our seasonal-(read CHRISTMAS)-stuff in the storage building where Frank and Marie's stuff is now. The just finish painting the fridge and we are done.

BTW- Thank you to all you guys who sent me birthday wishes. I appreciate them all.

I am trying to get hired by the hospital system for reception/registering position. Almost the same thing I am doing now, but with better pay, health and dental benefits, 401K, PTO, sick days, and two weeks vacation a year. It may require me to relocate, but we are planning on doing that anyway, so...okay. I can deal with that.

Anyway, that's it for this weekend. Tomorrow is another day. Let's just hope it's a BETTER week than the past two have been.

Hope y'all have a GREAT Monday!!!

Well...............Some Beach.

Well, not much to post about today.

Birthday was rather quiet, so no juicy stories to tell. Got a very nice gift certificate from my darling hubby, got calls from ALL my sisters and my daughter, got cards from my daughter and my in-laws- also a rooster calendar, a coffee mill, and a paperback book from my daughter. My eldest son bought a lovely cheese pizza, just for me, and my youngest son came by to wish me happy birthday. And all three of my sisters(two blood related and one hand picked) actually sang the happy birthday song to me.(Thank you ALL)
Unfortunately, I still wasn't feeling very well(actually worse than last week), so I wasn't able to enjoy any of it much yet. But I will.
What I found most disappointing, tho, was my own mother didn't even call me to wish me happy birthday. Still hasn't as a matter of fact. I actually talked to her yesterday afternoon, too. But I didn't mention it- and neither did she.
I can't believe it.
That really sucked.
Next year I'm having a BIG party.
With balloons, and cake and ice-cream and music and everything. Maybe even pin the tail on the jackass. I wonder who I can get to volunteer to be the jackass.

Anyway, that's all I have for today. Sorry about the lack of juicy stories.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's MY Party & I'll Do What I Want To.......


I forget which it is. You decide.
I feel a bit better today, but still am feeling not even close to 100%. That's okay. Around here, you get to do whatever- or as little as -you please on your birthday. It's your day to be indulged, pampered, and spoiled.

I told my mom I didn't want a cake this birthday. I want a sweet potato pie and I don't know why. Lately I have been craving veggies and fruits more than anything else. Maybe the health kick is beginning to grab hold of my sub-conscience. I hope so.Then again, I told my son and his wife I wanted a dozen shortbread cookies from Atlanta Bread Company where she maybe that health thing isn't grabbing hold as much as I thought.

Anyway, as I will be enjoying my pampering and being spoiled today- and probably recovering tomorrow- I'll check back in on Monday and let y'all know how it all went.

Maybe have a juicy story or two to tell.........

And speaking of juicy stories....One of my best friends, Ronni, eloped this weekend.
Congrats Ronni and Chet!!! (That was a SNEAKY thing to do!!!-Maybe someday I'll forgive you)

Later All!!
Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

No KFC for ME!!!!!

I seem to be recovering from my illness.

My appetite has returned. I came in from work today and napped til time to take my mom to her doctors appointment. And I dreamed. About food.

Paulius makes a chicken dish that is absolutely out of this world. It has chicken that he does something to to flatten it and then he takes some kind of cheese and puts it in the chicken. He rolls it up somehow and wraps it all in a slice of bacon and then he bakes it maybe? Then he bastes it in a butter sauce with all kinds of herbs and seasoning as it's baking and serves it with creamy mashed potatoes and sauteed mushrooms and it is out of this world, melt in your mouth, almost orgasmic good.

Dessert was something chocolate. Chocolate Pecan Pie, I think.
The important part was the chicken dinner tho.

Lots of men like to grill, but only a handful can cook something really GOOD- other than steak.

But my man can COOK!!!!!!!

More later............

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Memory Lane...........

As I turned into the came driveway that leads past my parents house to go to my home on the back side of the property, I had to do a double take.

What once was a beautiful 8 acre country mini-estate with lovely trees and shrubs seems to have become a barren wasteland. Dead leaves littering the hills and hollows of the yard, no flowering shrubs, no lush lawn. In its place is a picture of death and decline.
Bare tree limbs reach towards a cold, gray sky. The lawn, once green and soft and perfect for playing games or just reclining to watch the clouds float by have turned brown and lifeless.
The driveway, always a bit rustic, is now littered with pot-holes made by a woman who makes one hole to fill another, just to keep her mind off the passing of the man she loved for over 50 years.
In the orchard that surrounds the main house the trees stand naked,their limbs drooping forlornly towards the earth, as if begging for attention. The grapevines in the small vinyard hang forgotten, patiently waiting for their long over-due pruning.
The orange-gold Cub tractor sits under the shop shed, eagerly awaiting the return of the man who kept it is such good shape, ready to begin the yearly chore of tilling of the soil for the small garden that was so lovingly planted each spring.
This used to be such a place of love and life when my Dad was alive. There seems to be little of that here now. Everyone is moving away. Moving on. And the only thing that seems to be left here is the memories of my Dad and a time that will never be again. That CAN never be again. Not like it was.
I want to move away from this place of memories. I don't know how my Mom can live in that house with all the memories of their life together. All the pictures. All the 50 years of possessions and treasures. maybe the memories are what keeps her going, but for me-It breaks my heart just to be up there for a couple hours. I don't want to live among the memories any longer.
I know that me being ill this week has a lot to do with my mood at the moment. I know the pain of losing my dad will ease eventually. Having the most wonderful husband to hold me and comfort me when I feel sad is the most wonderful thing that I could ask for and I love Paulius and appreciate him more than words can say- and he knows this.

But right now, I miss my Daddy.

Monday, February 20, 2006

How Hard Could It Be?

Can someone explain to me-(in laymans terms, please)-why our cable company can't offer us a package with, say, 10 channels of OUR choosing for a reasonable price?

I don't want 1000 channels.............. I don't want 385 channels.....I don't want 75 channels........... I don't even want 23 channels.

I want the NBC, CBS, ABC, SC-ETV, NC-ETV, FOX, A&E, Discovery Channel, HGTV and The Sci-Fi Channel.

Is that too much to ask for, for Gods sake?

WHY can I not get what I WANT- and ONLY what I want?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Can You Catch A Virus From Your Computer?

I have the bug that is going around. I will post again in a few days when I'm recovered.

I need Chicken Soup, Hot Cocoa, Kleenex, Nyquil,
Asprin , Cream of Wheat and Vicks Vapor-Rub.

I hate being sick.

Delete this and wash your hands after reading it- Just in case you CAN catch a virus from the computer.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


How do you regain your enthusiasm for a job that you used to absolutely love doing when you have been totally and thoroughly dissillusioned and am now just bored to tears with it all? Is there any way to do it?

(Believe it or not- I had 7 pages hand-written and ready to be keyed in here on this subject- but re-reading it all decided it could all be said in the above sentences-even if one of them IS a run-on.... without boring y'all to tears with all the details- altho I could pin-point to the minute when the disillusionment occured.)

Oops- I did it again........

Any suggestions? Advice? Insights?

Monday, February 13, 2006

What A Week.

I am SO glad it's the beginning of a new week. Fresh start and all that........

Short re-cap..........

*Fridge/freezer finally gave up the ghost and we lost almost everything in it-
*Mom not keeping track of monies given to her and had to find amounts for 2006 so far.
*Mom wants help moving furniture but decides against it at last moment.
*Changes mind again 6 hours later.
*Went shopping for paint.
*Tire on auto has slow leak.
*E-mail mis-communication.
*New puppy.
*Cat runs away from home.
*Left D/L at home on night when snow is expected.
*Big-wigs expected at work.
*Auto unlock doors refuse to release at time big-wigs are set to arrive

On the upside.......

*Feel better.
*Have job to whine about
*Found new fridge reasonably priced- tomorrow is payday & will re-stock freezer/fridge
*Eventually found all figures needed for 2006 and made an extra copy..... Just-in-case
*Am used to mom changing mind and dealt with it
*Found paint- for mom
*Have good spare tire
*Mis-communication cleared up
*Love the new puppy
* Below freezing temps convinced cat to come back home quickly
*Didn't snow and didn't have accident so no D/L on person was not issue
*Big wigs didn't show up when expected so I got to go home before the locked doors became MY issue to deal with-(that's why they pay my supervisor the BIG bucks).

Dodged the bullet nicely on all those, don't you think?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Uno Momento...........

Lately I have been trying to recover memory from my brain about my story I lost when our computer went kablooie. Thus the reason I haven't been posting as often- that and the fact that I've had a couple near misses with my life recently and also have felt a bit ill the past few days. Hopefully all the bad stuff will pass if it hasn't already and the good stuff will return right shortish.

I have hit a dead end for a while on the book retrieval now so last night I worked on something completely different. The dedication page for the book. Damn- that was harder than retrieving lost info.

But I got it done. And I am very happy with it.

Now, back to the drawing board.

Monday, February 06, 2006


I hand wrote another thing to post today but decided to wait on it.

I swear- Blogger is beginning to remind me of AOL and HOTMAIL, being down for maintainence every couple days.

Well, I don't suppose it will hurt me to wait for it to come back up......

I LIE!! I go into DTs if I can't get to my favorite blogs to read them several times a day.

This bites.

Friday, February 03, 2006


I swear, I think our cat is part human.

I don't think he has any Siamese in him, but Padme has such a peculiar yowl sometimes it seems like he's actually talking.
especially when he wants to go out.

A few days ago my Grandson, Devon-age 5, was over here at the house visiting. The cat was in the kitchen yowling. Dev kept going in the hallway and coming back. Finally he told his Dad, "Dad, some body's playing tricks on us- I keep hearing somebody saying 'Hello.' in the other room but I went in there every time and nobody's there."

We all rolled on the floor laughing, because that's exactly what it sounds like when LKFN-(Padme)-is yowling. It drives us absolutely nuts!!

We can talk about him and he will stop and glare at us. If he's mad at us for ignoring him- or worse, for telling him "NO" he will walk to the other side of the room and turn his back to us. Then he will glance back every few minutes to make sure we NOTICE he is ignoring us. If we appear to not be noticing it- he will move closer- directly in out line-of-sight and do the same thing.

He tries to curl up UNDER the cover with his head on one of our pillows in bed to sleep with us. We have an electric blanket- why should he waste his body heat when there's a perfectly good warm soft spot-a quite large one- that is not being utilized by us stupid humans?

He has a jealous streak a mile long too. He absolutely adores my son, Frank, who is staying with us while he and his wife find a house. Frank is like GOD to him because Frank will play with him for hours on end and will let him sleep on his pillow or on his chest at night. Paulius and I discourage this at all costs. the bottom of the bed is fine- but not under the covers or on our pillows(I have respiratory problems that worsen when he does those things). Marie, Frank's wife is staying with her Dad-(they're not separated, just staying with their respective parents as a matter of logistics)-and if Marie and Dev come over to spend time with Frank, the cat sits and glares at Marie and he will pointedly ignore Frank for half a day after they come over. I swear, it's true. I have never seen anything like this cat.

There is a pecking order in our house:


In the cats mind the order is quite different tho:

The humans aren't even given consideration in his life.....unless the litter box is in need of cleaning.....or his food bowl has a bare spot he can see.
then we are just the servants.

I have to go now. Someone just came in and said "Hell-oooooo".