Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fun Music

I wanna have a BBQ cookout around Halloween this year. I haven't really discussed this with Paulius yet- but I am- and will -when I figure out what will and won't work with our budget and such.

Or he reads it on here.....which is highly possible now.
(I should have thought of that one........)

I want to play some really FUN upbeat music. Silly stuff like the theme music from National Lampoons Vacatioon. Holiday Road I think it is.
I don't want alot of Halloween"y" music- just some fun stuff.

Can yall suggest any titles we might consider?


Carolina Girl

I love where I live.

South Carolina is the most beautiful palce on earth.It has mountains about 30 minutes from where i live, It has lakes about 30 minutes from where I live, and it has beaches about 4 hours (a comfortable drive) from where I live. If I had a second choice of where to live- it would be Montana.

Due to all this paperwork Paulius and I have been dealing with- I have been having some really strange dreams lately.

Last night(this morning) I dreamed that, due to some unforseen circumstances, he had to go back to England. And of course, I went with him.
Of course I would miss my family dearlyif that actiually happened, but that's what air travel is for- right?
What suprised me most was the little things I began missing while I was over there.

Little things that I suppose I take for granted every day.

The smell of honeysuckle vines outside my door. Or the hope of getting a white Christmas(only happend twice since I have been born). Lay's potatoe chips. Or Doritos. Hearing beach music on the radio- or country music for that matter.

Paulius was right- they had the same things over there, but it just tasted and smelled different than what I was used to.

I don't think I fully appreciated or realized how much- or what- he gave up to come over here and be with me.
Grand adventureer? I would say YES!
At such an age- to give up everything familiar and move to a totally different country where almost the only really familiar and recognizable thing is the language you speak?

Of course, there were things over there that made up for the things I missed(other than the family).

Things like:

NOT having to deal with the dang heat and humidity. That would be such a BLESSING, even tho Paulius has pointed out to me that I would be trading in the sunshine for clouds and rain 85% of the time. FINE by ME!! I don't get to sunbathe THAT much anyway(and I'm sure they have sunbeds over there too).

Being in a totally cool DIFFERENT place where the crime rate is low. (Of course, the little town I live in now isn't the hub of gangland, but it's really seen an increase in crime in the past ten years or so.)

The beautiful scenery.(Just different from ours)

Having a good chance of geting snow on Christmas- or at least SOMETIME during the winter months. Here we are LUCKY to get snow- we usually get horrible ice storms- no fun for ANYONE.

Being in a place where everyone has a cool accent even if I couldn't understand it for a while. Englishters- (totally made up word that I use to get my husbands goat when I'm teasing him)-seem to talk very fast in my opinion, but that's probally because I'm used to that slooow lA-zy southern drawl we-all use down heah e-un th' South.......

I suppose everywhere has it's good points and it's bad points- and I'm a cameleon- I can fit in anywhere and try and find a silver lining.

Sometimes I hit paydirt and find a platinum lining instead, tho.
And THAT would be Paulius.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Purgatory? Or Hell?

Hi all.....

I have been really slack about posting lately.I do have reasons, tho.
First of all, my dad is sick and I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with him for the time he has left with us.

Work is hectic- I'm on 6 or 7 days a week now. I have had meetings out the wazoo for my job- on my OFF hours, I might add.
Why is it that everything is scheduled around convenience for people who work 1st shift?
Also, we are getting a new system in at work which means the whole team has to go to certification classes and become "certified" on the new system. And again- it will be scheduled around DAY shifts convenience factor.

I have been at this site a year now and have just now gotten used to THIS system. In the end it will be a better system- all the things we have seperate log books for will be put into computer forms and then will be SOOOO much easier to find and pull up, but until they get the new system in and up and running and all the bugs worked out of it- It's gonna be about 10 times the work doing everything manually in all the logbooks- and I'm talking about 30 or so- not a half dozen.

All this for the same money...they argue that we just got a raise in April.....oh yeah baby.....a whole 16 cents an hour. Whooo- freaking- HOO!!!

When time permits,I'm reading you guys postings and commenting, but probally for the next few weeks I will be posting quite a bit less.
Just letting you know and hoping ya'll don't forget about me in purgatory. Or Hell....whichever....
Six of one- Half dozen of the other.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Would You?

Hubby and I were discussing the bloggers today. Thinking about how everyone interacts with each other on here and was thinking how cool it would be if somehow- someday we could all get together and have a big party.

Meet and see who we've been talking to.

How many people would actually be there and be how we pictured them- and how many would actually have the personality we have come to know on their blogsites?

If money, time constraints, and travel objectives were no problem, would you go?
And if not- why not?
Would it be because you would want to keep your illusions intact? Or would it be because of other reasons?

I DEFINATELY would go. Even if the people weren't exactly who and HOW I had gotten to know them to be thru their sites- It would still be a grand adventure to see how DIFFERENT they were in person as opposed to virtually.

I imagine we would have one hell of a party to talk about for a long, long time.

So someday- when we win the lottery- or become a best selling author, Paulius and I will send everyone a plane ticket to come to the party.

Don't forget to bring your swimsuit!



I am so mad!!

Every night on my drive to work I can think of at least a half dozen things to post about on here.

However, by the time I get home I am so tired and dazed and confused after work I can't recall any of them to save my life.

I hate when that happens. That's why I haven't been posting as much on here the past week or so.

HEY!I have a tape recorder that my mom gave me about 5 years ago when I first started coming up wth ideas for my books. It runs on batteries. I can put it in my car and turn it on when I start to work at night and when an idea hits I can just talk it thru until I arrive at work. Then in the morning when I get home all I have to do is listen to it and type away.

Of course I may get some really weird looks while I'm driving down the road at 11PM seemingly chatting away to myself. On the other hand- people may just think I am chatting on my cellphone, which, incidentally, I threw in the river about 5 years ago because I never could get it to do what I wanted it tho WHEN I wanted it to.

On that note- I finally got around to sitting down last night and playing Zelda-Windwaker last night! It was So much fun!!! A bit difficult to learn all the commands all at one sitting- but definately FUN! I played about a half hour and then turned it over to Paulius. I didn't WANT to- but I HAD to sleep an hour before going in to work. I WANTED to stay here and play the game for about 13 hours straight like I used to do on my N64. Zelda and GoldenEye were my favorites and on my days off- I would sit for hours on end playing. My kids get it naturally.

We may have to get another system and set it up next to the one we have now so Paulius and I can spend our time playing while enjoying each others company.

Of course we could just get two player or multi player games. That would probally be easier.....IF we can compromise and find some 2 player games we can agree on.

Sometimes you just wanna kinda zone out.....together. Know what I mean?

I am so happy to have a mate who loves doing the same things I like to do for recreation.

Life is good.
VERY good!!

Darn it!!

Darn it!!