Monday, August 08, 2005

Purgatory? Or Hell?

Hi all.....

I have been really slack about posting lately.I do have reasons, tho.
First of all, my dad is sick and I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with him for the time he has left with us.

Work is hectic- I'm on 6 or 7 days a week now. I have had meetings out the wazoo for my job- on my OFF hours, I might add.
Why is it that everything is scheduled around convenience for people who work 1st shift?
Also, we are getting a new system in at work which means the whole team has to go to certification classes and become "certified" on the new system. And again- it will be scheduled around DAY shifts convenience factor.

I have been at this site a year now and have just now gotten used to THIS system. In the end it will be a better system- all the things we have seperate log books for will be put into computer forms and then will be SOOOO much easier to find and pull up, but until they get the new system in and up and running and all the bugs worked out of it- It's gonna be about 10 times the work doing everything manually in all the logbooks- and I'm talking about 30 or so- not a half dozen.

All this for the same money...they argue that we just got a raise in April.....oh yeah baby.....a whole 16 cents an hour. Whooo- freaking- HOO!!!

When time permits,I'm reading you guys postings and commenting, but probally for the next few weeks I will be posting quite a bit less.
Just letting you know and hoping ya'll don't forget about me in purgatory. Or Hell....whichever....
Six of one- Half dozen of the other.


Vicarious Living said...

Ugh - does not sound like fun. Hope it doesn't last too long!

MC Etcher said...

Hope your Dad gets better soon!

Chief Slacker said...

I've always wondered, where is the Wazoo located?

Hope all goes as well as possible with your dad. *hugs*

Pete said...

Sorry to hear your Dad is not well, and you are so busy.
Hope things get better soon! :)