Friday, April 19, 2013


Well, we're moved in and close to unpacked. It's starting to look like a home- but won't be finished for a couple more weeks.

The wardrobes that was supposed to be in the flat had been replaced with a single chest of drawers and two nighttables. Unhappy was me- but my sweet hubby saved the day by ordering TWO wardrobes and TWO chests of drawers and TWO nighttables for us. Isn't he the sweetest man EVER?

So far every room is almost finshed, but not quite.

So here is the Kitchen finished........So far the only one.


And Finished.....

(You can click on the photos to see the full pictures)

It didn't take much since it was pretty much furnished, but having said that we made multiple trips to the shops to get the basics we needed.  

I've actually added a wire fruit basket since this photo was taken too. LOL.

Anyway, the kitchen is a done deal.

We still dont have cable yet, wont have til May 4th- the same day as we get the wardrobes and chests and tables delivered, so I'll post more photos as the rooms are finished.

Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Closer and Closer...

Only three sleeps left til our big move.

Today I went to my follow up doctors appointment at the hospital after having my proceedure a few months ago.

Well, I'm not completely well, but I'm a lot better than I could have been. Turns out I have IBS. So much better than the alternative they tested me for.

Anyway, after talking with my doctor about treatment, Paul and I went and bought some containers to pack some stuff in.
Then, we came home and since I couldnt find the bed we wanted, he went online and found it and ordered it for us. It also will be delivered on Monday.

I've had my heart set on this bed since I first saw one a couple of years ago.

How awesome is that???

I figure if nothing else- it can house our winter coats and blankets til we need them in cold weather.......or we could use it for linen storage...sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, extra towels and washcloths and such......My boots. :-D

We bought the memory foam matress a couple weeks ago for it. I think my poor hubby has a bad case of sticker shock after the past month when we signed the rental papers to get the ball rolling on the place.

Altho I've been buying a few things here and there as time has been going on, there really hasnt been much place to store too much, and since we only brought a few sentimental items along with us(and our clothes, of course) We've pretty much had to buy EVERYTHING......and there are a LOT of things you just dont think about until you dont have them.

I really dread our BIG shop for food and cleaning supplies when we get moved in Saturday. Talk about sticker shock!!!!!

On the other hand.....OURS!!!!!

My in-laws have been so sweet- putting us up til we got employed and on our feet. They've given us encouragement , love and understanding when we were feeling discouraged and now they are just as happy as we are to see us getting settled into our own place.
To them I say, thank you so much- for everything- for being there for us during it all...and we love you bunches.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Done and Dusted.....practically.

Well, we went Monday and signed the paperwork. Can't pick up the keys until Saturday morning tho.
On the other hand, we went and  bought our sofa tonight after tea.....uh, dinner....supper.

We had chosen this one last week...and the week before.

A thousand £s and a three to four MONTH wait for delivery. And it seats two.....three in a squish.

We went to SCS tonight, saw it again, loved it...then looked around a bit for something that might catch our eye.....for less money.

Well, we looked- and we found THIS......

A seventeen hundred £ theatre seating sofathat's JUST as comfy as the other one..... for less than half price- and that's WITH a 5 year the color we wanted....and it is being delivered on Monday instead of having to wait the  three to four MONTHS.

Hubby is also getting a gaming chair that looks just like a normal chair that can double as seating when we have company too.

Totally totally AWESOME!!!


Saturday, April 06, 2013

Home Sweet Home.

Well, Monday afternoon we go to sign the final papers and collect the keys. Even tho we can't move in until Saturday, it'll be ours.

This morning we went and bought the memory foam mattress and bed linens. And a TV table and media tower for our DVDs and Games. After we get moved IN- we'll work on where to put bookshelves and go buy a couple of those.

I also found the listing I had saved and it had photos of the inside of the flat.
I'll be using those for my "before" photos. And then post "after" photos when we get moved in and decorated.

So- here it is...the "before"s.......

The Kitchen- small but efficent and plenty big enough for the two of us.
The Bath-absolutley HUGE!! Bigger than the kitchen, to be honest!!!The washer is also in the bath on the right side of the bathroom sink.
Living Room- This photo was taken at an ODD angle- the Bay window is actually a perfectly normal shaped bay window and the room is quite big and square. When we get our new sofa, the one in the photo will go in the media room. And the table and chairs pictured here will go in the media/game room too where it will be used as a multi-duty desk/dining/game/project table.
Media/Game Room-(The actual Master Bedroom) We just couldn't see using all this room for just sleeping at night. All that lovely light and space should be used for when we are awake!!! The wardrobes in here will go in the smaller bedroom that we will be using as our Master Bedroom.
The Master Bedroom.....

And again- the outside....we're  on the upper floor.

That's it- our blank canvas to make into our little slice of Heaven.
I'm SOOOOO excited!!!