Friday, April 19, 2013


Well, we're moved in and close to unpacked. It's starting to look like a home- but won't be finished for a couple more weeks.

The wardrobes that was supposed to be in the flat had been replaced with a single chest of drawers and two nighttables. Unhappy was me- but my sweet hubby saved the day by ordering TWO wardrobes and TWO chests of drawers and TWO nighttables for us. Isn't he the sweetest man EVER?

So far every room is almost finshed, but not quite.

So here is the Kitchen finished........So far the only one.


And Finished.....

(You can click on the photos to see the full pictures)

It didn't take much since it was pretty much furnished, but having said that we made multiple trips to the shops to get the basics we needed.  

I've actually added a wire fruit basket since this photo was taken too. LOL.

Anyway, the kitchen is a done deal.

We still dont have cable yet, wont have til May 4th- the same day as we get the wardrobes and chests and tables delivered, so I'll post more photos as the rooms are finished.

Stay tuned!!


Michael Dodd said...

Looking great! As we would say down south, I am proud for you!

Evan 08 said...

Very happy for you two. You've come a long way.

Michael Dodd said...

How's it coming along? We are doing a relatively minor remodel in the basement and it seems to take four times as long as we thought it would. Still not done, either!