Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Done and Dusted.....practically.

Well, we went Monday and signed the paperwork. Can't pick up the keys until Saturday morning tho.
On the other hand, we went and  bought our sofa tonight after tea.....uh, dinner....supper.

We had chosen this one last week...and the week before.

A thousand £s and a three to four MONTH wait for delivery. And it seats two.....three in a squish.

We went to SCS tonight, saw it again, loved it...then looked around a bit for something that might catch our eye.....for less money.

Well, we looked- and we found THIS......

A seventeen hundred £ theatre seating sofathat's JUST as comfy as the other one..... for less than half price- and that's WITH a 5 year warranty...in the color we wanted....and it is being delivered on Monday instead of having to wait the  three to four MONTHS.

Hubby is also getting a gaming chair that looks just like a normal chair that can double as seating when we have company too.

Totally totally AWESOME!!!


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