Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Questions on B&W & FLOATERS.....WTH?????

My day/night has NOT went well.

First, I tried to nap for a few minutes before having to go to work....and in 14 minutes- got 6 phone calls. SIX!!!!!
One was from my baby bro- which I didn't mind at all.....but the rest were from stupid political places wanting me to vote for their candidate....
NOW I remember why I didn't want to get involved with the political scene.
With my Mom's health like it is- and since my Dad's and Clays leaving- I can't bring myself to ignore that many calls in a row....and I don't like unplugging the phone either- so after getting that many calls in as many minutes- I wasn't sleepy anymore- I was just Pissed off.

So I got up and I can't even remember what I DID do til time to go to work......Oh wait- Paul and I sat down together and looked over the play-list for RB(see his Post) and chose an hours worth of songs that we liked.....and I agree with him- the play-list isn't all that impressive.
Then I got ready to go to work......and lo and behold- I couldn't find my access badge. I KNOW I had all my stuff together on the desk- but that badge had ran and HID somewhere and was NOT willing to make the trip to work with me. So after almost running myself late- I finally had to go to work without it.
Meaning......when I GOT to work- I had to wait on someone to come to the front of the building so I could gain access to my job. Once I was INSIDE the building it wasn't a problem-it was just getting IN that I was worried about.
Luckily for me- the guy I was relieving for duty always hands off the equipment and keys at the main reception desk so he can make a faster getaway when his shift is over!
I would have been up Pooh Creek had we done so in the Security Office down in the basement.

Anyway, I get there, and the girls inform me that the elevator had been acting up again- and so I wrote a report up about that............the night went slowly- except for the time I spent with Karen and Kelly eating dinner together and catching up and having a laugh. I work with the best crew of Girls!!!

About 4AM tho- I had a bit of a scare....and I have no idea what was happening to me.

I was sitting down- having just finished my walk about the building- and as I was sitting there everything went from color- to black and white....my sight, that is. And when that happened, It felt as tho I was floating kind of above myself and then all the sudden I was dizzy but when the dizziness passed I was seeing in color and after a couple minutes, I felt fine again.

Any ideas on WTH that was all about?

Anyway, it's finally cold down here......The temps got down to 33 tonight- and will be SUB-freezing tonight if all goes well.

Looks like maybe the kids might get their chili for Halloween after all! I refuse to make it until after the first frost of the season- but I always make it the first weekend after the first frost. That doesn't stop them from starting to campaign for it a month ahead of time, tho......

I love my kids! Every Last One of 'Em.

Anyway, I'm FINALLY home and as soon as I walked in I found my badge......on my other jacket Lapel- at least I KNOW I have it for tonight!
Then I read a note from my darling hubby saying our big dumb mutt had -YET AGAIN- snapped his metal cable and that we need to buy a new one before I go to work this evening.....
I suggest we either shoot him- or turn him out without the cable and hope he "turns cat" on us and "R-U-N-N-S O-F-F" like they all did.
We would get SO much more rest that way, but I suppose he'll not hear of it and we'll end up going to get another cable for the big doofus.
Bah- aminals.

Eh-Things could be a LOT worse!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two Weeks Away.......

Things are heating up hot and heavy in S.C. with the political ads....and so far I've seen PLENTY of Mud-Slinging from McCain, but not a single ugly one from Obama.

That says a LOT in my book.

I've pretty much made up my mind about who I'm going to vote for.

It'll either be Obama- OR I'll do a write in for Hilary.

Or Maybe Seacat. She'd make a pretty good President- but then again- we'd have a heck of a time keeping her on point with the presidential duties with the grounds of the White House there for her to photograph.....

Well, OUCH!!! And Stuff.....

I've not had a couple good days.

Somehow I've managed to wrench my shoulder and my left rotator cuff and shoulder blade is hurting like a MoFo.
I've had a hot shower, I've taken pain relievers, and I've even had Paulius put Tiger Balm on it and give me a massage and NOTHING has helped.
I'm trying a sling next and then I'm gonna have to go to the doctor if it's still hurting the beginning of the week.
And Stuff................!!!!!!!
I finally got to play a bit on the 360......and I LOVE GTA 4.
I don't have to do any missions if i don't want to- I can just walk around and blow stuff up, and shoot people and then steal cars and run people down on the sidewalks. I can even beat the crap out of smart-mouthed people when they piss me off. And that was pretty often....especially when I bumped into them accidentally....or when I would run circles around them a few times and then run into them on purpose. I'm very agressive and curious as a cat and I like doing stuff like that just to see what reaction it gets out of the avatars/characters. Of course there was a few times...okay MORE than a few times .....that I got in BIG trouble- like when I would be standing in front of the police station (after being arrested for walking up to a group of cops and starting a fight with them to see how they would react......) and I would go and pick a fight with some random dudes just to see how long it took for the po-pos to stop me. Interestingly enough, when I started the fight with the group of cops- I was arrested. Starting a fist-fight in front of the Police station got me shot and killed by the cops.
My bad.
I learned that I can't drive a sports car worth a doodle in that game- but muscle-cars are good for me. I particularly like the SUVs in GTA 4 because they keep going no matter how many times I wreck 'em. The only problem I have with SUVs are I tend to get them impossibly stuck when I wreck sometimes and have to abandon them and find other transportation.
Paulius gets frustrated with me sometimes when I would rather sight-see the city on foot rather than take a vehicle. The way I look at it, If I learn the city on foot- I'll have a better chance of being able to get away from the cops later in the game when I finally get around to Grand Theft Auto.

I can't wait for FABLE 2 to be released next week. I bought PERFECT DARK ZERO a couple weeks ago for my playing pleasure- and found out very quickly that that is one CRAP game. Good thing I only paid 7 dollars for it.(That ALONE should have been a dead-giveaway.) I should have stuck with Paulius and his GTA, but I had never played GTA before and from what I had heard of my Hubby, Sons and Grandsons playing it- it was just a lot of Burnouts, car crashes and sirens and such and I didn't think I would like it very much......needless to say, I was Wro..........Wron.........WRONG. There- I said it.
I was WRONG. That's a first.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hooch Strikes Again.

Well, imagine my surprise when I pull in the yard this morning coming in from work- and find the entire side of the porch laying in the yard- completely ripped off the deck.

Just Call me Turner.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

You Know What Pisses Me Off?

Those damn quizzes that look like fun to take and after you take them, they want your cellphone # so they can send you your score- that's what pisses me off ROYALLY!!!!!
I don't OWN a freaking cellphone. For the best probably, seeing as how I LOVE quizzes and could spend hours online taking them one after the other.

I'm gonna do a blog-post.....101 Things That Piss Me Off The MOST.
I saw a "101 Things" post on another blog (Kelly, you might find this one interesting) and loved it. I'm not sure I could find 101 things to tell about me that are interesting and you haven't heard yet, tho.
I'm a Tell-All kinda Girl usually. Well, ALMOST anyway...I DO still have a FEW secrets I haven't let out of the bag to you guys yet.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Party Animals.....

Well, I'm gearing up for our Halloween party full blast now.

Paul and I Both have our outfits planned- I just need to actually put mine together now. His is hanging in the bedroom waiting to be worn.

I went today and bought a bunch(as in two plastic grocery sacks full) more candy for the goody bags for the kids to take home. I also got the goody bags and some Halloween cups to use for favors for the kids.
I got some headstones for the yard- and I'm getting Paul to do a few more with a different type material.......I think we're going to have a LOT of fun doing this party this year.

Paulius and I have been following a social-isolation program with Buddy to re-establish alpha status with him. For 48 hours we had to completely ignore him (Except to let him out and feed him)no matter what he did to try and grab our attention. And believe me- he tried his BEST to grab it. We succeeded in not making any kind of eye contact and ignoring his antics.
He was terribly confused that we didn't seem to know he was there demanding our attention.
But when we came in from running errands today he let us walk in the house and then calmly followed us instead of practically knocking us down to get in before we came in. Now I know what to do to gain control of our house back so WE rule instead of the dog.

I was so impressed with the results that I bought one of those Pedi-paws to use to clip his nails, now that I have more than a glimmer of hope that he may be with us for his NATURAL lifespan. Getting him used to it is going to be another process in itself too. But I have faith.
He's not too sure about what's come about in his house for him to lose control but he'll get used to it.

I got a surprise today when I got my payroll check.
It seems we have a new pay-scale based on our Rank, How long we've been employed by the Company, and the Site we work at. Seeing as how I brought home a hundred dollars more than I normally would have under the old pay-scale, I think I'm doing pretty well!!
Good thing too because right On Cue- my car is acting up again.........I can't figure out what the problem with it is...It FEELS like it's the Transmission slipping, but it the again it feels like it may be a fuel injection problem- but it SOUNDS like it may be a valve problem.

Have I mentioned I detest new cars? I should have kept my 65 Mustang or my 72 Challenger because there wasn't a single thing I couldn't' fix on THEM- and what's more I could practically climb under the hood and sit on the motor to fix the damn things. Elbow room...and plenty of it!
Yeah- I CAN work on my own cars........well, til they came up with these damn computer controlled bast-u-ards. And what makes it even worse.....I went by the local Auto-Zone to get them to hook up the Electronic Diagnostic Scanner to my car and Son of a Biscuit-Eater if they didn't tell me they couldn't do it cause the EDS's only worked on cars made from '96 on and mines a '94.

Well, just bend me over and don't even bother to kiss me first. Figures. The freaking story of most of my life, don't cha know!!!

Well, it could be worse, I suppose.
Lots worse.

On the UPSIDE of Life- After Halloween I can start getting ready for Christmas and singing Christmas songs!!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Drunken Pumpkin

Ewwwwww- The KIDS will LOVE them tho!!!!

The moral of the story is......
Never give your pet pumpkin beer.

October Fun

Well, it's been a while since I posted. No special reason, really- I've had a bit of a lazy streak lately.

But now it's time to get back to work- IF I can get rid of this bloody headache, that is.
Anyway......I received my Lapis Pendant on Friday and Paul went and got me two very lovely silver chains for it so I have two totally different looks. I haven't taken any pics of it ON me yet- but I absolutely LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it!! I ordered it thru the ETSY site and a lady named BBoyce who has recently started doing silversmithing for her jewelry business....up til recently she did mostly bead-work pieces and then she decided to try silversmithing and she has turned out some LOVELY pieces. I contacted her and asked if she could do me the "Eclipse" necklace in Lapis and silver and she replied that she could indeed. So she did. I'm ordering a ring to match my pendant for my birthday. I'd love to have it before then- but with Christmas just around the corner- there's no way I can do it before my Birthday. But that's okay- I'm sure my new "Pretty"-(Think Gollum)- will keep me entertained til then.
Speaking of Gollum........

This month we're having a Halloween Party for the Grandkids so none of us has to ride around doing the trick or treat thing with these high gas prices!!! Everyone-kids and Grups alike- is dressing in costumes. My Eldest son and HIS eldest son,(Frank & Devon), came over yesterday and did a bit of Yard Work prep for me and then Paul and they went up on my roof and fixed it.....we hope it fixes a leak anyway.....we got pizza and had a blast while they were here.
Today I'm going to be making ghosts to hang from the trees- I think a couple out to do it- and we already have the music and scary sounds and Pauls costume. I do have to still work on MY costume tho.I decided I'd be a witch.......a black clad one altho if I HAD DECIDED TO BE Glenda THE Good Witch OF THE North i COULD HAVE GOTTEN ONE MORE GOOD USE OUT OF MY WEDDING GOWN.......(Dang- sorry guys -Caps Lock Key hates me and I'm too lazy to go back and change all that...)

Anyway, We're having corn-dogs, burgers and chips, Halloween Cupcakes, Orange Punch, Caramel Apples.....that type fare so we can ALL enjoy ourselves. Nothing TOO messy . I haven't decided if we're going to bob for apples or do the less traditional string-in-a-doorway apples type bobbing.
We're going to hang ghosts and spiderwebs all over, and have Jacko's set out- speaking of which.....remember me telling y'all about my garden I planted last spring? I planted sugar snap peas, green beans, tomato plants, bell pepper plants, cantaloupes, watermelons, and pumpkins so we could have PLENTY of Jackos for the party this year??? THAT'S how long we've been planning this party. Well, let me tell you about the yield we gathered from my garden.....
4 green beans about as long as a 4 year olds pinkie finger.
2 Green peppers the size of a tennis ball
2 tomatoes still green on the vine about the size of a tennis ball
That's it.......no peas, no cantaloupes. We had one watermelon the size of a large marble but it disappeared and then the vine died. And we had the pumpkin vines blooming til about a week ago and then THEY died.....no yield and nothing but BLOOMS- but there WERE a LOT of blooms on the pumpkin vines. I was SOOOOO disappointed!!!
Maybe I'll try again NEXT year but in a different spot.

Anyway, the party should be fun either way and I hope to be able to find the charger for our cam and get some good video footage as well. It's the first Halloween Party we've had in about 20 years!! The last one the kids were all VERY small and all we had to do was get a butt-load of the spider-webbing and hang it in the doorways and put pumpkins all around and have spooky lights and music......They LOVED it.
And in case you're wondering- yes there will be treat bags sent home with all the kids(young and not so young) so nobody loses out on the traditional "Eating of the Candy" for the next two weeks. Heheheheheheheh!!!

And I think that's about it for me right now folks...My headache isn't getting any better bent over this keyboard and looking at the screen.

Later all!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

He Said-He Said......

Altho I rarely post about politics and Religion because it causes so much turmoil and upset, I'm going to post about it today.
Politics, that is.
Not Religion.

I watched the Presidential Debate last night......

I lasted an hour before I had a headache so bad I had to get Paulius to turn it to another channel. I don't know WHY they couldn't just answer the questions straightforwardly without pointing the finger and feeling the need to take little digs at the other candidate. Nothing BIG, mind you....just little digs.
No fisticuffs or chair throwing, just annoying little digs.
It sounded so third grade it was annoying. And also, like children trying to distract a parent from the issue at hand, they never straightforwardly answered ANY question without going off to another subject that THEY wanted to make a point about after a brief roundabout answer to the original question.
It was terribly disappointing to me and I got little out of it- except the headache.

I have to say I got more OVERALL satisfaction from Obama's answers than I did from McCain's and in my opinion he made slightly less digs than McCain did and he didn't pepper his answers with that annoying "My Friends" phrase that Ray-Ray was talking about in a reply to someone else's blog-post.
On the other hand I liked McCain's answer to the bailout that was approved last week. The Republican candidate said he, as U.S. president, would "instruct his Treasury Secretary to buy up bad loans on homes which have plummeted in value during the U.S. housing crisis. Then the U.S. government would renegotiate the terms of those mortgages so they were affordable."
That is a subject near and dear to my heart as my daughter is one of those people who is in that particular housing crisis.
I also agree that Obama doesn't necessarily have the military experience a Presidential Candidate needs to make sure our country is secure- and McCain is correct in saying that we "don't have time for on the job training".
McCain does have that experience but sometimes I think his answers to our present day military situations are a bit impulsive and wonder if he's a bit TOO military-experienced and influenced. I personally don't want a President who will jump the gun and start WWIII when a peaceful negotiation is possible.

But again.....I only watched for an hour before I turned it off and altho I really was wanting to watch it to settle some of the questions I had about the two candidates, I just couldn't be bothered with anymore of the annoyance of watching them carry on like that. Maybe I should have dealt with the headache and watched the rest of it anyway.
Eh, I'm sure I can find it on somewhere as a re-run and watch the LAST hour of it before the election. I'll just take my headache meds BEFORE watching the rest of it.

A month away and I STILL haven't made up my mind who I'll be voting for.

Sad. So Sad.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Empty Nesters Once Again

The Parents have gone home to England and our house is just WAY too quiet, once again.

All I hear now is the sounds of light sabers and guns and vid-game music............