Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year....

Since I'll be working tonight I'll just go ahead and wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh My........!!!

Despite being ill the past few days, today I got up and did some much needed housework as my son,Frank, did some home maintainence for us since Paulius is, yet again, under the weather with a re-lapse of whatever he had on Christmas Day. I don't think he should eat anything I haven't personally cooked for him from now on.

Anyway, after keeping my self busy yakking on the phone til the battery needed re-charging, I decided to put my new iPod Shuffle to work again, and so I put it on and went into the kitchen. After pouring myself a nice stiff White Russian, I started cleaning up in there and dancing while I did it.

Oh my gosh....I had forgotten how much FUN it is to just let go and dance like no one was watching. I probably burned up about 5000 calories in there this afternoon. And as much fun as it was- I can honestly say I've found excersize that feels like FUN instead of work.

LOVE my shuffle!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not Going There Again.....

Nope- from now on, I'll just get a impersonal gift card and let THEM pick it out themselves.

Choosing games for someone is a lot like buying lingerie or perfume for someone else.........sometimes even with the best of intentions and advice you just won't get it right.

I know exactly what kind of games I like to play......the kind where I don't have to be PLAYING non-stop every second.....I like to be able to chase a butterfly or go fishing for an hour or three and it not make an iota of difference in my scores. Or even if I have scores.
like ZELDA-Ocarina of Time- Love that to the point where I could go fishing and I was happy. Occasionally, I would try and do some of the "missions" or whatever they're called on here, but if I got frustrated or annoyed with it- I turned it off and did something more relaxing. No probs.

I don't care if it takes me three days or three years to play a game all the way thru.......I play for relaxation, nothing more.

UNLESS it's a game like Golden-Eye and I'm playing against someone...then it's ON!!!!

I can't even pick out my OWN games to play, let alone try and pick out something for someone else.

I think I've chosen about 6 games that I wanted to try out- but because I didn't have a clue as to the way they were programed, They weren't at all what I wanted.
I tried asking various people to give me suggestions about the games I might like- and told them specifically what I liked to do- but no one gave me any suggestions.
Maybe I should have explained it to them like this....
"Let's say you have a 5 or 6 year-old niece/little sister/cousin......she likes to dress up dolls( like Barbies) and she likes to do a WHOLE LOT of nothing and isn't the brightest kid in the class....can't figure out complicated stuff on the computer and doesn't WANT to WHAT would you say would be a good XBox360 game for her to get for Christmas?"....

Our console is another thing I just can't get round, too.........I like a console where I have my OWN account- I don't want to be playing as Paulius, I want to be playing as ME. And I can't figure out how to go on the game console to even try and PLAY a game by myself for a while. I don't like trying to learn a game with someone who's much more experienced sitting behind me making all these noises because I missed a few points trying to figure out the controller or trying to tell me to "hit the green button on the left!!! The LEFT!!!!-OMG- You're getting KILLED!!!"
Anyone that KNOWS me knows I don't work well under pressure(I've been known to fall asleep under extremely stressful arguments-it's called Stress-Induced Narcolepsy) and it takes me at least 10 seconds to figure out my right from my joke.

I DO like for someone to be in the vicinity so they can give me advice on what I'm doing wrong should I ASK for it tho.

Yeah I want my cake and want to eat it too.
That's just the way I am.

I also would LOVE to be able to do stuff with Photo shop. Paul says I should just play around with it and learn it like he did. Well, I would, but I've had such horrible luck with everything that I'm afraid that if I DO try and learn it on my own, the computer will somehow get all muddled up or I'll lose my photos or whatever I'm trying to learn with.

And don't EVEN say there's no way I can screw up the computer just trying to learn because if there's one thing I've learned it's if there IS a way to mess something up- I'll find it.

We only have the one computer and we've gotten a nasty bug in our computer lately and have no idea where it had come from, so to be on the safe side, Paul asked me to check with him before downloading anything. And that wouldn't be a problem, except hat I'm usually on the computer when he's in bed and so it's just not worth the hassle of waking him ten times to check with him about what I should or shouldn't download. So I've got to where I just check my e-mail, delete all the forwards with attachments and then read and write blogs.
I don't even go on my Face book or My Space cause I'm not sure what's safe to do anymore.
And playing on the computer just isn't fun anymore when I can't DO anything on it. Ya know?

I just wish I was more in the know about gaming and computers and such- I just don't have the time to learn what I want to know.
.........Is it strange to want to be more of a geek?

This came off as a bit of a rant- which it wasn't meant to was meant to be a whine about how I know so little about gaming and the computer.
Meh- ignore the whole thing......

I Totally Stole It From Karen Bryant.

She gave it to me actually....And me being me I modified it just a TAD- not enough to make a HUGE difference.......regardless, it's the BEST Broccoli Casserole I have ever eaten!!

Broccoli Casserole

Lightly butter Casserole Dish

1 bag(21 oz?) frozen Broccoli
*Steam or boil per instructions on bag*

Mix steamed broccoli with:
2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
1/2 cup mayo
2 eggs, beaten
1 can Cream of Mushroom OR Cream of Chicken soup
salt & pepper to taste.

Pour into Casserole dish.

Dot top with 1/2 stick butter, cut into thin slices.
Cover with 1 sleeve of Crushed Ritz or Cheese-it Crackers. Dot the top of the crackers with the other 1/2 stick butter cut into thin slices
Bake 350 degrees for 1 hour.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Can someone PLEASE pull the cheese grater out of my throat now???
And the cotton from my head and nose???
And pull the bumble-bee from my ears............ And the butterflies from my tummy......

Oh, GOD- I HURT all OVER!!!!!!

Taking some Niquil Night-Time so I'll be sleeping all day for sure....Wake me at 4:30PM please so I can go to work.
Or not- I really don't care at this point.
Just call my boss before noon and tell him I've got the flu.
Later Yall.....

Friday, December 26, 2008

New Year-Change of Luck???

Look!!!! My LUCKY NUMBERS!!!!!

I've heard that you're not supposed to take down your Christmas Tree before New Years Day. I've almost always taken mine down the day AFTER Christmas.
Maybe that accounts for my run of bad luck all these years??
As a Matter of fact- I think the year I met Paulius, I had taken down my tree on New Years afternoon because I had been working OT all the week after Christmas and just didn't have TIME to take it down. That proved to be one of the BEST years of my life.

So, I'm not going to be taking my tree down this year til The Day AFTER New Years.....(since I have to work both New years Eve AND New Years Day).

Let's just test this theory, shall we?

So when do you guys take your trees down? Or do you just do it whenever you get around to it????

Long Story Short...........

Whew!!!.........What a wild couple of days!!!!

First of all I want to say I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.....and Then I want to THANK everyone who made my Christmas such a wonderful one- you know who you are.

Now.... Long story short...
*I'm now sick with a sore throat so bad that I cry when I try and swallow ANYTHING. UGH.

*Paul didn't get to eat a single bite of the lovely English-Style Christmas dinner we slaved over together because he was sick as you can read about in HIS BLOG.

*I got a LOT of lovely things from my loved ones(family AND friends), but SANTA didn't actually leave me a single thing- and for good reason..1) I forgot to put up my stocking somehow, even after hunting for it for the past three weeks and finally FINDING it....and 2) I was AWAKE cooking when I heard the sleigh bells on his reindeer and sleigh fly OVER my house and you know the rule- if anyone is awake and UP at the house, he doesn't stop...he just flies right on BY!!!
Let THAT be a lesson to the little ones and it's here in black and white(above) so you can SHOW them it's true!!!!

I have to run to the pharmacy now to get something for my sore throat....(I wonder if they sell spray or lozenge Novocain???)
Later all!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunny The Elf!!!!!!!!

I've had a busy day- and it's fixin' to get a LOT more busy in the next couple hours.....!!!!

After work this morning, I went and picked my son, Frank, up and we went to Wally World to do some last minute exchanging he needed to do. And of course along the way I picked up the last of the foodstuffs I needed to make my goodies for Christmas Dinner tomorrow. I got the stuff to make My Rocky-Road Fudge and Seacat's Dark Chocolate Truffles (Thanks Seacat for the recipe(I got some RUM for them!!)....Then we came home and Frank fixed my kitchen sink faucett....again. No comment on that other than what was just said. I refuse to let another house repair RUIN my Christmas Eve. Besides- it was a VERY small repair!!!

Anyway, After he finished we sat and talked a while and he managed to sneak in a BOLD hint about opening one of his gifts on Christmas Eve- which was a tradition when they were little but something we RARELY do since they grew up.
But I told him if he wanted- he was welcome to open one.
He chose one and opened it. It was the only thing he had actually hinted about for Christmas. And he was Happy.

Anyway, I just brought him home and altho he knew I was in a hurry to get started on my Christmas Preparations, he invited me in to watch HIS little ones carry on the same tradition. I've never gotten to watch any of my GRAND little ones open their gifts on Christmas Eve- usually I'm home preparing for the next morning when we have traditionally done Christmas Brunch, so this was a real treat for me!!

Frank asked them if they wanted a BIG gift- or a Little one.........Devon Chose a BIG one(typical of an EIGHT year old boy, eh?). Two-year-old Nicholas could NOT have cared less if it was big or small as long as it was a TRUCK of some sort.
They were BOTH pleased with their gifts....When I left, Devon and Frank were busy installing batteries in an actual FLYING Dragonfly, and Nicholas was in his room on the floor happily scooping up imaginary sand in his new Front-End Loader. It's a memory I'll cherish forever.

Both Frank and Julie were pleased with THEIR early Prezzies as well......On our first trip to Gatlinburg as a family, the kids- then 16, 14, and 13- went off on their own for an hour or so and went to the old fashion photography studio and surprised me with a couple of photos made of them together as a saloon girl(tastefully dressed tho) and two gunslingers......or maybe Marshals...I'm not sure which.......anyway, I had found the photos a couple weeks ago and decided to have a couple copies made for them as a remembrance of that trip. I hope it brought back fond memories of that trip together. I'm going to buy a couple of frames for mine when the holidays are over and get them hung up and displayed in my Gallery.

Anyway...on the way back home I stopped and got a couple more small gifts I wanted to get.
And Paul had told me he wanted me to pick out something I really would enjoy as part of his gift to me.....Soooooooooo.....I did. I stopped by the Spirits Shoppe and bought a couple of Ghosts for the house, you'll see them roaming around the house -if you don't look too closely......I've named them Kahlua and Bacchardi.

I never get to have a drink when we dine out, so I decided that what I REALLY wanted was a small bottle of each of those spirits so I could have a drink at home on my days off when I wasn't going to be driving anywhere!! Maybe a splash in my eggnog as I'm cooking tonight.

Sounds YUMMY, doesn't it??

Anyway, I'm off here now to begin the festivities...I mean cooking chores.

Don't Forget To Go To Bed Early and Be asleep Before You Hear the Sleigh-Bells of Santa's Sleigh or He's Liable to Fly Right On PAST Your House!!!

This is Sunny The Elf,(whose favorite color today is Red, Green and Silver) Signing off from the North Pole!!!!!!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

CJ & Santa.......

C.J. SAYS.......


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reversal Of Fortunes.....aka..... Fortunate Sun

Well, It's amazing what a few days stress-free relaxation, a wonderful husband, and a couple of wonderful friends help and advice can do for you.....

I feel about a hundred and 50 percent better than I did when I last posted.
The roof is getting repaired, the car isn't acting up quite so much since the weather is a bit warmer, my blood pressure is down since my hubby made sure I didn't have a single thing to stress about this week on my days off, and now I can get all the loose ends tied up since a couple of friends (who shall remain anonymous) gave me a bit of advice and a helping hand.....Thank You Both.

You know- when you aren't searching so hard for solutions, miracles sometimes happen at the most unexpected times.
But then, Christmas IS the time for Miracles if ever there was one.


Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm not feeling well.

I've been throwing up the past couple days, The roof is driving us mad, my car is on it's last legs, I had a problem patient to deal with all last night(I feel so bad for the nurses that had to deal with him), I'm sore, I'm tired, I'm frustrated, I'm upset, I'm broke and I detest my new boss so far.
I'm way behind on my Christmas shopping and decorating, not to mention my baking and such.

I've had to schedule and re-schedule our holiday plans- first because I thought it would be a special treat for a family member- but then realized it wasn't what they wanted after then I rescheduled it to try and meet everyones working schedules- only to have everyones schedules changed AGAIN last week. Next year we're going to England to spend it with Hubbys family.

Everyone is having major problems in my family and no one is happy......There's no Christmas joy here at the moment. I can't make anyone happy and even having my Christmas tree up finally isn't helping my spirits much. I just can't deal with anymore problems right now...I just can' if you can't get hold of me- I'm taking a break for a few days....I'm heartsick and need to heal awhile. All I want to do is just rest and sleep......with no worries. I only want calm and happy things here- no stress- no worries...just peace and happiness- only doing what I want to do with no opposition from anyone about anything.

Paulius is worried about him being a burden on me.....I think I'm the one whose the burden. It seems like everyone who has ever come in contact with me suddenly has a reversal of fortune shortly after making my acquaintance...... and I've come to the sad realization that I'm worth MUCH more dead than alive according to my insurance coverage.

I'll talk to you guys later.
Have a Very Merry Christmas if I'm not back on before then.....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Awwwww Geeze...Here We Go Again....

You know how a few years ago postmen were going on a rampage and shooting up their workplaces???
Well, I'm almost at that point.
(Not really- but OMG I am so freaking tired of all this crap).

I just talked to my brother(who is a Maintenance Engineer btw) and explained what's up with the roof.

He said- if we had fixed it with the other stuff twice already- we would have to extend the pitched roof over the rest of the house to fix the problem. He also said it might just take tiling that one added on part to fix it- or we might have to re-tile the entire roof..... and until we could get it done we needed to get a waterproof tarp to put over it so it wouldn't take our entire ceiling down.

Why couldn't this have waited til AFTER Christmas???

My entire life has just been a series of screw-ups and bad luck- except for having my kids and marrying Paulius- and I sometimes think I should just send them all away to rid them of my being a JINX to them as well.
Or maybe I'm the one that should go away instead...........

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well, Danggitt!!!!!

Well, it quit raining and so this afternoon when the sun came out- Paul and I went to get our Christmas tree. Got a really good deal on one- less than 25$ -so we got a beautiful small but almost perfect Douglas Fir instead of our usual HUGE Frazier or Noble Fir.

Got home- got it up and positioned just right.. went out to get groceries.
Came home- Open the door- Buddy decides to haul arse up the driveway- completely ignoring Paul calling him back. So my darling hubby- who is already at his wit's end with all the other things going hay-wire for us at the moment- had to get his leash and go track him down.

Buddy got sent to his room for a while- then we went into the bedroom- heard it raining again...and looked up to see the ceiling is sopping wet above the bed now.......
The bed is king size and the room holds it and a dresser- with absolutely no room to spare in the room- so no matter WHERE we put the bed- it's going to get wet if that ceiling tile gives way. This is NOT going to end well.

We can't move the bed out- because 1) the ceiling in the hallway is leaking and the bed will get wet going thru there too and 2)- we don't have anything but a candle light in the bedroom and it's dark here already.

I have a headache.... I have a HUGE HEADACHE. We need a vacation....somewhere warm- on a deserted isle somewhere so we don't have to worry about anything........

Maybe we'll hitch a ride with Santa.....

I'm Lost

Now that Hubby had to wipe the computer and completely re-install all the programs I can't find a thing!!
And the programs we have back are all the updated versions so I'm having to learn everything again.

This is a royal pain....but even so- it's better than that slow stuff that was happening before.

It's still raining cats and dogs are we supposed to go buy a Christmas Tree when it's raining like this?
I'm hungry...I could even eat sushi right now.
How GROSS is that?
Only 2 WEEKS til Christmas, Y'all!!!!!!!!!

Charles Clayton...My Baby Boy

I dreamed about him again last night....he was little again and we were all going to pick out a Christmas tree together but he kept disappearing and when I found him he was always just out of reach- or just out of hearing........
It's his birthday today. He would have been 25.

Happy Birthday My Angel. Mama Loves You, Always. We all do.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shall We Ask the Magic 8 Ball????

So, we're sitting there in the living room and Paulius decides to get up and look down the hallway.........and lo and behold- the dang roof is leaking in the hallway again. Not just the occasional drip- it's almost a stream......Arggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now we sit here- frustrated beyond belief, trying to figure out how after almost 300 dollars in repairs we still have a leaking ceiling.
It's really frustrating.
We've been trying to wait til Paulius got a job offer to move from here so we could have more than a margin of wiggle-room in our finances, but the longer we live here- the more problems we're running into and having to take care of. We don't really want to spend a lot of money on the place because my mom has informed us that once we move out- she's having the place torn down and is probably going to have a small log cabin built in almost the same spot the "guesthouse" is sitting - but it will overlook the fishing pond my Daddy hand built before he got sick and passed away.

We could afford to move if we didn't eat out at all and stuck to a VERY tight budget- and I'm willing to do it- but Paul is a bit more cautious and reluctant to move and us not have any wiggle-room in our budget. He thinks it's more sensible-(and I see his point somewhat) to wait until he is employed.

I, on the other hand, want to find a place to move to that isn't always leaking or freezing cold or scorching hot-depending on the season......Yeah, finances would be much tighter til he found employment, but I personally would rather have a tight budget than have the stress levels elevated over the repeater problems cropping up because every time we have some problem like the leaking ceiling pop up.....over and over......we get more and more upset and frustrated and it's just getting more and more stressful and almost unbearable. And maybe if we moved to a more convenient location, the employment prospects would begin looking up too....Change of scenery and all that, you know. Sometimes it takes just the slightest thing to change a person's luck for the better!!

When is it time to give up on the place and quit wasting money on problems that will never be fixed- and when is it time to just keep plugging away with the problems that exist- and stubbornly persist?
We could ask the Magic 8 Ball, probably all it would say is..."Ask Again Later..."
Just our luck.

I tell you- it's enough to drive a person absolutely mad sometimes.

She Effing Hates Me

I know it computer hates me.

I'm having to bookmark all my blogs again from the clearing Paulius had to do on it yesterday.
And it's taking away Paul's bookmarks. I don't know why- I'm not drag and dropping them...I'm going to the sites and then bookmarking them to my folder- and I'm doing it from MY BLOG so I'm not even going into Paul's folder or his blog- but it's deleting all his bookmarks when I do it.

I'm ready to get my OWN freaking computer because it makes Paul so ill when things like this happen.....I wouldn't even have to touch his computer if I had my own.

I'm ready to chunk the whole damn system into the yard and say screw the internet totally.
Damn- why do I always have such SUCKY luck with this computer???????
It has to be a female!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

So Tired.....

But I'm going to take my eldest son to get treatment for his herniated discs in his back this morning.

THEN I have to come home and find my access badge for work since I couldn't find it last night before going in.

I feel nauseous now. UGH.......

Monday, December 08, 2008

(Thanks Pammy Sue!!)

I needed a laugh after the afternoon I've had........ so read on......

We all know those cute little computer symbols called "emoticons,"


:) means a smile and

:( is a frown.

Sometimes these are represented by

:-) and :-( respectively.

Well, how about some "ass icons"? Here goes:

(_!_) a regular ass

(__!__) a fat ass

(!) a tight ass

(_*_) a sore ass

(_o_) an ass hole

(_x_) kiss my ass

(_zzz_) a tired ass

(_E=mc2_) a smart ass

(_$_) Money coming out of his ass

(_?_) Dumb Ass
My only question is...what would the symbol be for LMAO?

Happy Holidays Vs. Merry Christmas

Okay- I've gotten ugly emails from a few people about me saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

Get over it- I say Happy Holidays not because I'm afraid of offending anyone by saying Merry Christmas- but because I meet all kinds of people every day and during this time of year different people are celebrating different holidays specificly geared to their beliefs....I generalize and say Happy Holidays because I WANT to include ALL the holidays- not just the one I practice and Follow and ,AGAIN, not because I'm afraid of offending anyone.

If THIS offends you- tough fucking shit. Deal with it and quit sending me bullshit hate mail and

Christmas Cookies

Well, I baked my first batch of Christmas Cookies today....Melt-In Your Mouth Shortbread.

I made a single batch and got about 3 dozen out of it.
Easiest recipe EVER- no joke- 3 ingredients. If you want to add a teaspoon of Vanilla or Almond or Orange or Lemon flavoring you can- but the recipe doesn't actually call for it.
(And, yes, you know I added a spoonful of vanilla to it.)

10 mins prep time.
At the MOST 15 minutes cook time.
5 minutes cool time and they're ready to eat.

Here's the recipe.

1 cup butter, softened.....(not margarine spread stuff!!!)
1/2 cup confectioner's sugar-(yes only a half cup!!!!)
2 cups all-purpose flour (measure then sift)

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C)

2. Whip butter with an electric Mixer until fluffy.(about 2 minutes). Stir in the confectioners sugar and flour. Beat on low speed for 1 minute- then on high speed for 3-4 minutes.

3. Drop by teaspoonful 2 inches apart on an un-greased cookie sheet.

4. Bake 12 -15 minutes in preheated oven. Watch that the edges don't brown too much. Cool for about 5 minutes. Remove from pan.
Next time I make them I'm using a pastry bag and large star tip to get some pretty shapes.

Now to be honest- I made some green glaze frosting to decorate mine with and they were WAY too sweet with it on them. I'm glad I only glazed a dozen of them before I tested them.

If you want them decorated- try tinting the dough with red or green food coloring while you're mixing the batter or putting a few sprinkles on top of them before they go in the oven. MUCH better than the sugar glaze.

I also make a Mint Brownie that's awesome- but all you do to that is add some peppermint flavoring and a bit of green tint to a tub of ready-made vanilla frosting, heat it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and then glaze it over your favorite brownies.

I wanted to make a gingerbread house this year- but I don't think that'll get done for SURE now.

I need a nap- and it's only 11AM....Geeze.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

No Really...It's Me!!!!

Yesterday I did something that dropped my husbands jaw.

I went thru all my Christmas ornaments and gave about a third of them away to my son and his wife for their tree.

I think it's time to divide some of those ornaments up for the kids.
The only ones I can't let go of is the kids special ornaments- 1 each- that They have hung on my tree since they were babies.

I thought I had misplaced them but I found them when I went thru all the Christmas ornaments.Then I kinda ruined it by going out and buying new lights for the tree. But I've been putting it off for five years now so what better time than right after I gave away a good bit of my sentimental ornaments?

Paul and I have been cleaning and decorating the house and yard this morning......big job and it's not finished yet.

I stopped in the middle of the job to go and take a small tree to the cemetery to place on Clays headstone. I also stopped by the accident site.
Tough Afternoon.

I'm off to finish decorating the house now. Only 18 Days To Christmas!!!!!
Holiday Hugz.

I've Been Good...........


Saturday, December 06, 2008

It Just Wouldn't Be Christmas .......

I have been decorating my house to day while Paul and Frank-My eldest son- are working on repairing the roof.......
And I have a list of stuff that needs(read I WANT) to do before Christmas Day.

I got thinking about all the traditions we have during the holiday season- and was trying to figure out which were the least important that I could put at the end of my list of things to do and it possibly NOT be missed by the person it means the most to.

And came to the conclusion that with the exception of making a Gingerbread house(which gets put at the END of the list EVERY year because it only means a lot to ME to do that one now that the kids are all grown and don't get to help with it) the re is nothing I can put back on the list.....

I mean it just wouldn't be Christmas without....

Of Course- the most important thing is Family- that's just a GIVEN!!!!
A box of Chocolate Covered Cherries
A box of Thin Mints
Cherry Yum-Yum
A Colorful Crazy Loaded-Down-With-A trip to see the Christmas Lights at Ornaments Tree
Shortbread Cookies dressed up with tinted frosting
The smell of Oranges and cinnamon and pine all mixed together
A hundred different gift wrappings under the tree
Candy canes
A big bowl of nuts
Watching Rudolph, Elf, White Christmas, The Christmas Story, and It's a Wonderful Life on TV
Going to see Santa at the Mall- or Writing him a letter and sending it off to the North Pole
A Trip to see the Famous Christmas Display at McCaddenville
The list goes on and on........what can YOU not do without at Christmas-Time???

Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Shopping!!!!

I have the BEST Hubby EVER!!!!

He went shopping with me AND my mother this afternoon for a couple hours.
And THEN, after we came back and helped my mom unload HER stuff- he went BACK out again and went shopping with ME to get ours done.

We didn't get it ALL finished- we have all the babies and all the girls, but have decided to get the Big Boys NEXT week along with the tree- but the biggest part of it is DONE-DONE-DONE!!!!

And after all that shopping he took me out to a REAL restaurant- not a fast food joint!!!! The only thing that could have made it better is if I could have had a couple of Strawberry Margaritas before coming home- but I'm getting ready to go have a glass of wine soon as I finish this -so that's not a biggie!!

And while we were out he got that cable for the XBox so we could BOTH be online at the same time!!!!(Thank you SO MUCH, Evan!!!!!)

I'm so happy I could BURST!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Huh? ...Wha...What The Deuce????????

Dang it!!!

I'M the Christmas fanatic in my family...ME!!!!!!.I'm ALWAYS the first to get started and have everything all decked out for the holidays every year.....


THIS year it seems my crown is being Challenged by my ENTIRE family!!!!

My mom has 6 or 7 trees going up on her Sun-porch alone!! A virtual forest of Christmas Joy!!!
And my sister-in-law, Doris- has her porch all decorated already- not to mention her entire house. And now she's complaining that she hasn't got around to the yard yet!!!!
Even my sisters Nina and Tee Have THEIR houses decorated for Christmas and Nina, working in retail, especially is disgusted with Christmas.(Krista, one of Nina's adopted "daughters" decorated Nina's house while she was sleeping last week....Lucky hussy!!)

I have ONE small foot high silver and blue mini Christmas tree on my bookshelf- and that's only because I have to have at least ONE Christmas thing out in plain view all year long and that was the most in-conspicuous thing I had.

I have GOT to get my butt in GEAR!!!!!!!
This weekend is going to be a BUSY one at my house.
Anyone up for a Decorating Party??? I'm buying the beer and Pizza....or Eggnog and Rum. Whichever!!!

Any Takers????

Confessions, Anyone???

Okay- for the past couple or three weeks I been having really bad, throwing-up type indigestion....who's Preggers??

Come on- Give it up- I'll know soon anyway so you might as well confess!!!
It's down to about half a dozen people- and I've been around a couple of them more often than the others when I get this really badly......
I'll give you a week and then I'm going to see each one of you a day til I figure it out.....If I only see one a day I'll KNOW who it is for sure.

Oh- and one more thing.....Julie has been having it too for the past week- so THAT narrows it down a bit MORE!!!

Anyone care to comment??????????????

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Finally something went OUR way and Finally, once again, I have my wonderful, sweet hubby back!!

He got his dental surgery today (which cost only a THIRD of what we were quoted at the beginning of this ordeal)and altho he's in a bit of pain from the surgery I think it's a LOT less than the tooth was causing him for the past couple months and THIS pain is temporary!!

He's being so sweet and happy - back to his usual easy-going self.
Of course his euphoric sweetness could partially be from the pain-killers he got for the after surgery pain, too- but I don't think so.
Either way- My Baby's BACK!!!!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Always Something

Yeah- so I wake up at noon and ask hubby if he's ready to go pick up his dental x-rays at the dentist for his appointment at the Oral Surgeon first thing in the morning. He says YES and so we get in the car and head that way.
On the way I start to get the shakes and I know I have to get something in my tummy soon to level my blood sugar or we're gonna be on the side of the road and in trouble. So we stop at the closest McDs. We get out, walk towards the door- and a guy stops us and tells us the INSIDE is closed for remodeling. Okay- it's lunchtime- there's a HUGE line at the Drive-Thru, but the WHOLE entire parking lot is full as well.
We can stop at Burger King a mile down the road. So we get back in the car and head on towards our destination. As I enter the interstate it hits me......I drove right PAST the Burger King and my shakes are getting worse.
Well, it won't take but a minute at the dentist office since I called them EARLY last week and requested a copy and since they wouldn't mail them to the OS we would pick them up today since Paul's Appointment is the first one in the morning and we can't be two places at once.

So we got there and in he goes.......and a few minutes later(how LONG can it possibly TAKE to hand him a set of X-rays?) he came back out and said....well, I'll let HIM tell you about THAT particular part of our day, but suffice it to say they weren't ready and wouldn't be for at LEAST another half hour or so. How much notice do they need? A week isn't enough time for them???
Not a Happy Bunny is putting it mildly for me and Paul.
So we go and have a bite to eat and about 45 minutes later we come BACK and lo and behold- miracle of Miracles- they have them ready FOR us waiting!!!

Then we head towards the house and we stop at Wally World because when I went shopping for the babies Christmas, all they had was a TONKA Dump Truck and a TONKA of each and I really wanted to get them both a Dump Truck or a Bulldozer- not the crane. I'm hoping to find one before Christmas and Exchange the Crane but the clerk said to keep coming by- they have shipments a couple times a week during the holiday season but ALL the TONKAs go quickly.

Anyway.....It's been a day already and all I really wanna do is go back to bed and sleep- which ALWAYS happens when I get stressed about stuff....and if you read Hubby's blog lately you know about the dental problems, and the smoking that isn't going on(no he's not smoking but I sure as hell need one lately), and the roof leaking in several places now, and well......just a dozen MORE things that I won't bother going into.

God does it never end????
Always something......and the list goes on and on.............