Saturday, December 27, 2008


Can someone PLEASE pull the cheese grater out of my throat now???
And the cotton from my head and nose???
And pull the bumble-bee from my ears............ And the butterflies from my tummy......

Oh, GOD- I HURT all OVER!!!!!!

Taking some Niquil Night-Time so I'll be sleeping all day for sure....Wake me at 4:30PM please so I can go to work.
Or not- I really don't care at this point.
Just call my boss before noon and tell him I've got the flu.
Later Yall.....


Bridget Z. said...

I'm just on the tail end (I hope it's the end) of some illness, but it's not as bad as yours sounds. We have strep going around here. If that sore throat keeps up, you might want to get it check out.

Feel better soon.

Terry Chandler said...

Sorry you're feeling so lousy.
Hope it's over soon.

marie said...

I feel your pain 100% Vada! Believe me, misery loves company doesnt it? I seem to have given it to Frank also. Hope you feel better soon ! Love You!

Sunny said...

I think we all got it from Nicholas, to be honest.

He's the only one who has been smooching on me and has been sick in the past couple of weeks.

S'ok tho- it's a small price to pay for Luvs from the little one!!!

Hope you all are feeling better soon!!