Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Finally something went OUR way and Finally, once again, I have my wonderful, sweet hubby back!!

He got his dental surgery today (which cost only a THIRD of what we were quoted at the beginning of this ordeal)and altho he's in a bit of pain from the surgery I think it's a LOT less than the tooth was causing him for the past couple months and THIS pain is temporary!!

He's being so sweet and happy - back to his usual easy-going self.
Of course his euphoric sweetness could partially be from the pain-killers he got for the after surgery pain, too- but I don't think so.
Either way- My Baby's BACK!!!!!


Paulius said...



Lortabs are crazy awesome.

Sunny said...

Well,I happen to LIKE that one of you but if you don't like it.... that'll teach you to not let me take MORE pics of you!

Your fault entirely!