Sunday, December 07, 2008

No Really...It's Me!!!!

Yesterday I did something that dropped my husbands jaw.

I went thru all my Christmas ornaments and gave about a third of them away to my son and his wife for their tree.

I think it's time to divide some of those ornaments up for the kids.
The only ones I can't let go of is the kids special ornaments- 1 each- that They have hung on my tree since they were babies.

I thought I had misplaced them but I found them when I went thru all the Christmas ornaments.Then I kinda ruined it by going out and buying new lights for the tree. But I've been putting it off for five years now so what better time than right after I gave away a good bit of my sentimental ornaments?

Paul and I have been cleaning and decorating the house and yard this morning......big job and it's not finished yet.

I stopped in the middle of the job to go and take a small tree to the cemetery to place on Clays headstone. I also stopped by the accident site.
Tough Afternoon.

I'm off to finish decorating the house now. Only 18 Days To Christmas!!!!!
Holiday Hugz.

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Kelly said...

Well, we'll be in NC again for Xmas...Laurel Hill to be eact which is about 4 hours away from you, but if you want to arrange a day for us to meet half way then I bet I can persuade hubby to drive. We could meet in Charlotte?