Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy Holidays Vs. Merry Christmas

Okay- I've gotten ugly emails from a few people about me saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

Get over it- I say Happy Holidays not because I'm afraid of offending anyone by saying Merry Christmas- but because I meet all kinds of people every day and during this time of year different people are celebrating different holidays specificly geared to their beliefs....I generalize and say Happy Holidays because I WANT to include ALL the holidays- not just the one I practice and Follow and ,AGAIN, not because I'm afraid of offending anyone.

If THIS offends you- tough fucking shit. Deal with it and quit sending me bullshit hate mail and


Anonymous said...

Good for you. People are so unbelievably rude.

Tom Scharbach said...

I'm in agreement with Shelly, and, of course, with you.

I've read your blog over the past year or so, and your choice to day "Happy Holiday" is yet another example of your considerate, kind and loving nature.

What a contrast between you and those who are complaining about it -- it is NOT their business, and it is UNBELIEVABLY rude.

You are dead right about the difference between "not offending" and "including". I'm not of the Christian faith, but of the parent religion. I'm not offended by folks wishing me a "Merry Christmas", and always thank them, but I am always appreciate Christians who are considerate enough to include me by extending "Happy Holiday" wishes.

A good post, Sunny.

May the peace and joy of this holiday season flow through your life like a river ...

Kelly said...

I agree. Who the hell cares how you sign your emails? It's nice that you would wish people Happy Holidays or Merry Xmas etc.....some people are just obnoxious

Sunny said...

Thanks Shelly...They really are and seems like it's getting worse every year!!!

Tom-You remind me so much of a long lost friend......Happy Holidays!!!!

Kelly- it's not just me signing my e-mails like that-I've ended my holiday blogs that way too-.....It's so ridiculous.

Bah-Humbug to them all!

Paulius said...

If you wish people 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas' the terrorists win.

Do you WANT the terrorists to win? Do you?

Sunny said...

Of course not Paulius....but they ain't gonna anyway so what difference does it make?
Lmao- you're such a goof sometimes!!