Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm Lost

Now that Hubby had to wipe the computer and completely re-install all the programs I can't find a thing!!
And the programs we have back are all the updated versions so I'm having to learn everything again.

This is a royal pain....but even so- it's better than that slow stuff that was happening before.

It's still raining cats and dogs are we supposed to go buy a Christmas Tree when it's raining like this?
I'm hungry...I could even eat sushi right now.
How GROSS is that?
Only 2 WEEKS til Christmas, Y'all!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Seacat said...

Sushi??? Gross???? Those 2 words do not belong in the same sentence...maybe even paragraph!! I just had sushi on sat night and it was yyuummmmmyyy!
On the other hand, I've been baking all afternoon and am bring in bunches of stuff for work Wed night...but I do promise not to bring in any sushi!!