Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Huh? ...Wha...What The Deuce????????

Dang it!!!

I'M the Christmas fanatic in my family...ME!!!!!!.I'm ALWAYS the first to get started and have everything all decked out for the holidays every year.....


THIS year it seems my crown is being Challenged by my ENTIRE family!!!!

My mom has 6 or 7 trees going up on her Sun-porch alone!! A virtual forest of Christmas Joy!!!
And my sister-in-law, Doris- has her porch all decorated already- not to mention her entire house. And now she's complaining that she hasn't got around to the yard yet!!!!
Even my sisters Nina and Tee Have THEIR houses decorated for Christmas and Nina, working in retail, especially is disgusted with Christmas.(Krista, one of Nina's adopted "daughters" decorated Nina's house while she was sleeping last week....Lucky hussy!!)

I have ONE small foot high silver and blue mini Christmas tree on my bookshelf- and that's only because I have to have at least ONE Christmas thing out in plain view all year long and that was the most in-conspicuous thing I had.

I have GOT to get my butt in GEAR!!!!!!!
This weekend is going to be a BUSY one at my house.
Anyone up for a Decorating Party??? I'm buying the beer and Pizza....or Eggnog and Rum. Whichever!!!

Any Takers????

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Marie said...

uuummmmmm......yep Ill pass on that. Luv ya but no thanks. I hate decorating.