Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunny The Elf!!!!!!!!

I've had a busy day- and it's fixin' to get a LOT more busy in the next couple hours.....!!!!

After work this morning, I went and picked my son, Frank, up and we went to Wally World to do some last minute exchanging he needed to do. And of course along the way I picked up the last of the foodstuffs I needed to make my goodies for Christmas Dinner tomorrow. I got the stuff to make My Rocky-Road Fudge and Seacat's Dark Chocolate Truffles (Thanks Seacat for the recipe(I got some RUM for them!!)....Then we came home and Frank fixed my kitchen sink faucett....again. No comment on that other than what was just said. I refuse to let another house repair RUIN my Christmas Eve. Besides- it was a VERY small repair!!!

Anyway, After he finished we sat and talked a while and he managed to sneak in a BOLD hint about opening one of his gifts on Christmas Eve- which was a tradition when they were little but something we RARELY do since they grew up.
But I told him if he wanted- he was welcome to open one.
He chose one and opened it. It was the only thing he had actually hinted about for Christmas. And he was Happy.

Anyway, I just brought him home and altho he knew I was in a hurry to get started on my Christmas Preparations, he invited me in to watch HIS little ones carry on the same tradition. I've never gotten to watch any of my GRAND little ones open their gifts on Christmas Eve- usually I'm home preparing for the next morning when we have traditionally done Christmas Brunch, so this was a real treat for me!!

Frank asked them if they wanted a BIG gift- or a Little one.........Devon Chose a BIG one(typical of an EIGHT year old boy, eh?). Two-year-old Nicholas could NOT have cared less if it was big or small as long as it was a TRUCK of some sort.
They were BOTH pleased with their gifts....When I left, Devon and Frank were busy installing batteries in an actual FLYING Dragonfly, and Nicholas was in his room on the floor happily scooping up imaginary sand in his new Front-End Loader. It's a memory I'll cherish forever.

Both Frank and Julie were pleased with THEIR early Prezzies as well......On our first trip to Gatlinburg as a family, the kids- then 16, 14, and 13- went off on their own for an hour or so and went to the old fashion photography studio and surprised me with a couple of photos made of them together as a saloon girl(tastefully dressed tho) and two gunslingers......or maybe Marshals...I'm not sure which.......anyway, I had found the photos a couple weeks ago and decided to have a couple copies made for them as a remembrance of that trip. I hope it brought back fond memories of that trip together. I'm going to buy a couple of frames for mine when the holidays are over and get them hung up and displayed in my Gallery.

Anyway...on the way back home I stopped and got a couple more small gifts I wanted to get.
And Paul had told me he wanted me to pick out something I really would enjoy as part of his gift to me.....Soooooooooo.....I did. I stopped by the Spirits Shoppe and bought a couple of Ghosts for the house, you'll see them roaming around the house -if you don't look too closely......I've named them Kahlua and Bacchardi.

I never get to have a drink when we dine out, so I decided that what I REALLY wanted was a small bottle of each of those spirits so I could have a drink at home on my days off when I wasn't going to be driving anywhere!! Maybe a splash in my eggnog as I'm cooking tonight.

Sounds YUMMY, doesn't it??

Anyway, I'm off here now to begin the festivities...I mean cooking chores.

Don't Forget To Go To Bed Early and Be asleep Before You Hear the Sleigh-Bells of Santa's Sleigh or He's Liable to Fly Right On PAST Your House!!!

This is Sunny The Elf,(whose favorite color today is Red, Green and Silver) Signing off from the North Pole!!!!!!



Terry Chandler said...

Merry Christmas to Sunny the Elf!
I hope your holiday is sunny, just like you!

Sunny said...

Why Thank you Terry!!
Right now things are quiet here at our house,........The kids arrive at 3 this afternoon and we'll see how it goes from there!!!

Paul and I have had a LOVELY morning together!! I could get USED to this!!

Seacat said...

Yummmmm...Your truffles sound better than mine! If you have any left over, save one for me!
Hope your Christmas was wonderful. I got to spend mine with my family after all...all the patients got sent home...YEA. I didn't tell anyone, I just showed up. It was funny.
See you later,