Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh My........!!!

Despite being ill the past few days, today I got up and did some much needed housework as my son,Frank, did some home maintainence for us since Paulius is, yet again, under the weather with a re-lapse of whatever he had on Christmas Day. I don't think he should eat anything I haven't personally cooked for him from now on.

Anyway, after keeping my self busy yakking on the phone til the battery needed re-charging, I decided to put my new iPod Shuffle to work again, and so I put it on and went into the kitchen. After pouring myself a nice stiff White Russian, I started cleaning up in there and dancing while I did it.

Oh my gosh....I had forgotten how much FUN it is to just let go and dance like no one was watching. I probably burned up about 5000 calories in there this afternoon. And as much fun as it was- I can honestly say I've found excersize that feels like FUN instead of work.

LOVE my shuffle!!!!


Anonymous said...

I always clean longer, better and faster if I have loud music on so I can dance while I do it. Takes my mind off the yukkiness of the task at hand, I guess.

I think our family has passed around the same bug you're describing. Ugh.

Marie said...

It works for me also Vada. I turn the computer or radio on and play some loud music and the job gets done faster and with a LOT less aggrevation. Glad your feeling better. Luv U Lots!!