Friday, December 12, 2008

Awwwww Geeze...Here We Go Again....

You know how a few years ago postmen were going on a rampage and shooting up their workplaces???
Well, I'm almost at that point.
(Not really- but OMG I am so freaking tired of all this crap).

I just talked to my brother(who is a Maintenance Engineer btw) and explained what's up with the roof.

He said- if we had fixed it with the other stuff twice already- we would have to extend the pitched roof over the rest of the house to fix the problem. He also said it might just take tiling that one added on part to fix it- or we might have to re-tile the entire roof..... and until we could get it done we needed to get a waterproof tarp to put over it so it wouldn't take our entire ceiling down.

Why couldn't this have waited til AFTER Christmas???

My entire life has just been a series of screw-ups and bad luck- except for having my kids and marrying Paulius- and I sometimes think I should just send them all away to rid them of my being a JINX to them as well.
Or maybe I'm the one that should go away instead...........

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