Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Confessions, Anyone???

Okay- for the past couple or three weeks I been having really bad, throwing-up type indigestion....who's Preggers??

Come on- Give it up- I'll know soon anyway so you might as well confess!!!
It's down to about half a dozen people- and I've been around a couple of them more often than the others when I get this really badly......
I'll give you a week and then I'm going to see each one of you a day til I figure it out.....If I only see one a day I'll KNOW who it is for sure.

Oh- and one more thing.....Julie has been having it too for the past week- so THAT narrows it down a bit MORE!!!

Anyone care to comment??????????????


Bridget from SL said...

Not me.

Even though you haven't been around me, I'm just sayin'. It.Is.NOT.Me.

But whoever it is, I'm happy for them... and happy that it's not me. lol

Sunny said...

Are you POSITIVE Bridget???

Are you?
Sure, I mean?????
Are you????

Bridget the non-preggers said...


Oh yeah, I am sure.

Maybe it is you. I mean, you did say your man is feeling better.

Sunny said...

Well, yeah- he is feeling better- but I can absolutely, positively, 1000% surely say that it is emphatically , most CERTAINLY, NOT ME either.

If I am it's a miracle and I'm selling my story to the National Enquirer for a zillion dollars.