Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm not feeling well.

I've been throwing up the past couple days, The roof is driving us mad, my car is on it's last legs, I had a problem patient to deal with all last night(I feel so bad for the nurses that had to deal with him), I'm sore, I'm tired, I'm frustrated, I'm upset, I'm broke and I detest my new boss so far.
I'm way behind on my Christmas shopping and decorating, not to mention my baking and such.

I've had to schedule and re-schedule our holiday plans- first because I thought it would be a special treat for a family member- but then realized it wasn't what they wanted after then I rescheduled it to try and meet everyones working schedules- only to have everyones schedules changed AGAIN last week. Next year we're going to England to spend it with Hubbys family.

Everyone is having major problems in my family and no one is happy......There's no Christmas joy here at the moment. I can't make anyone happy and even having my Christmas tree up finally isn't helping my spirits much. I just can't deal with anymore problems right now...I just can' if you can't get hold of me- I'm taking a break for a few days....I'm heartsick and need to heal awhile. All I want to do is just rest and sleep......with no worries. I only want calm and happy things here- no stress- no worries...just peace and happiness- only doing what I want to do with no opposition from anyone about anything.

Paulius is worried about him being a burden on me.....I think I'm the one whose the burden. It seems like everyone who has ever come in contact with me suddenly has a reversal of fortune shortly after making my acquaintance...... and I've come to the sad realization that I'm worth MUCH more dead than alive according to my insurance coverage.

I'll talk to you guys later.
Have a Very Merry Christmas if I'm not back on before then.....


Lois said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, Sunny.

It sounds like you could benefit from seeing "It's a Wonderful Life" again. I saw it for the umpteenth time late Saturday night and it made me forget a lot of the usual Christmas let downs.

I hope your roof (or its contents) aren't what's making you sick. Maybe try to get out of the house for a bit?

Cheer up and enjoy the holidays, whether people cooperate with you or not. You don't have the power to make others happy ... only yourself.

Christmas Hugs,

Terry Chandler said...

Ah Sunny. You've had so much to deal with this year, it's no wonder you're feeling down. Try to be good to yourself. You are not the burden or the problem. Your family loves you and needs you, and things will work out.

Marie said...

Big Hugs Vada! We love you and we appreciate everything you've always done to make christmas special.It will work out, everyone will be at dinner and we'll all have a great time.No one is going to be upset that christmas isnt as BIG as usual b/c thats NOT what we look forward to.Id be just as happy if you took my gift and spent the money on roof patch :). Luv ya'll and I hope you get back in the spirit.

Kelly said...

Don't ever say you are worth more dead than alive - you'll find a great many people who will tell you that no amount of money can replace the sunshine you bring to their world!

Love ya loads sis xx