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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas To All!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Christmas Memories ....

Christmas sister Valina - about age 6-is opening her gifts so fast she not only tosses the tissue paper out of the box, but also the bathrobe wrapped in it. Oh, the LOOK on her face when she thought Santa given her an EMPTY BOX!!!

Every year I gave a tin of Christmas Goodies to the men in my family. Eddie always wanted/got Double Chocolate Brownies. Charlie always wanted/got Chocolate Oatmeal Drop No Bake Cookies. Daddy always wanted/got a Double batch of Fudge. And all three of them always got Peanut-Butter Pinwheels(also known as Potato Candy) along with the Chocolate delights they requested. Daddy always opened his- took out a piece of the fudge, set the tin down, finished the piece, took out another piece, got up and went down the hall, tin in hand. Came back five minutes later, empty-handed. Mom left one Christmas morning to see where he went... and came back laughing. Seems Daddy had went to the bedroom and locked the tin of goodies in his dresser!!! It was the only thing in his life he didn't offer to share with anyone.

My Mama always made the BEST Christmas Breakfasts. Every year she made up a big ole pan of home made HANDmade biscuits. I don't mean those cut out biscuits either, I mean the kind that you sift a big bowl of flour, scooped a handful of shortening, and added powdered milk and water to and squished together, mixing with your hands!!! Then you pinch off a good half-handful of that dough, roll'em into a ball and put it on a biscuit pan til the dough's all gone from the bowl. Then you flatten 'em out a bit and stick 'em in a HOT oven for about 30 minutes til they are pipin' hot and golden brown. Then you butter 'em and fill em up with some of that ham we had left over from Christmas Eve Dinner at Grandma's house. Sometimes she scrambled up some eggs too...most times, we just ate them with the ham or got the jar of home-made Blackberry Jelly or Strawberry Jam she put up back in the summer.

Ahhh...Wonderful Memories....more tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Memories.....

....Here's another that might make you laugh....

I had two brothers and two sisters growing up. Baby Bro, Charlie, and I were ALWAYS the first up(around 4AM) and would wake the entire house up to open prezzies!! Mom and Dad thought that once we all grew up and moved out they would FINALLY get to sleep late-imagine their surprise when that first year, both Charlie and I, with families in tow, pulled up in the driveway of their house at exactly the same time...4:20 in the morning..... and started ringing the doorbell. I can still see the grin on my Dad’s face when he opened the door!!! I still wake up at 4AM on Christmas Morning too!

Dec 20, 1860...South Carolina Announces Her Sucession From The Union.

There were many reasons for South Carolina's Secession from the Union...Slavery was just the one the Union chose to fixate on for their own reasons.

This pretty well sums it up.

If I hadn't worked last night and wasn't still sick, I would have written a damn good post about it- but this will have to do for now. I just couldn't let the 150th Year Anniversary go by without some sort of mention.

Yeah- I'm Southern, and Damn Proud Of it. I'm sure y'all will understand. I'm not trying to pick a fight with anyone- I just get a bit upset when someone tries to make it all about the slavery issue- when it wasn't, it was all about States rights.... Today it could just as easily be about the law requiring Motorcycle helmets being forced on South Carolinian's just because North Carolina has a law that requires them for everyone. State's Rights.

Okay- anyway, I'm off to bed now! Night Y'all!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Just In Time For Christmas...

After a particularly long and disgusting weekend of being deathly ill, I'm on the road to recovery.

It reminds me of another Christmas when I was sick....

My younger brother, Eddie, had gotten a "Tot-Rod" from Santa- and trying to make me feel better, Eddie let ME ride it before even HE rode it! A particularly fond Christmas memory of mine!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Doesn't Do It Justice...

Well, we finally got a tree up. I know I promised Clay in our last conversation that I would have a real tree from now on...but seeing as how we aren't having the get together here this year- and The house is so upside down from all the sorting and packing we're doing, and how we have hardly ANY room in our livingroom as well with our bed set up in there because it's the only room in the house that has heat...I think he would understand and forgive me.

The pic just doesn't do the tree justice. It's MUCH prettier than it looks in the photo.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's Baaaaaaaaaack!!!

After some Technical Difficulties and a reprint, Paul's book, The Restless Dead, is back and available for purchase. All profits made from sales until January 16th goes to the "Child's Play" Charity.

To read all about both The Restless Dead and Child's Play or to purchase The Restless Dead, Click HERE!!!

Many Thanks to all who buy it and have been supportive!!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Christmas Wishes...

On a different level..

I wish every homeless person had a safe, dry, warm place to live.

I wish all the hungry people in the world had food and didn't have to worry about where their next meal was coming from.

I wish every person had a job and wasn't on unemployment benefits....or at least could GET unemployment benefits if they couldn't honestly find a job.

I wish there were no cemeteries- I wish all our loved ones were with us still.

I wish people all got along. No arguing, no name calling, no bad feelings.

I wish there was no wars.

I wish............there was Heaven on Earth.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Remembering Clay....

Happy Birthday Doo. None of our lives will ever be the same without you here, Son.

You always made us laugh. And gave us hope when we couldn't see it. And you gave the best hugs. The last time we saw each other, we didn't hug when I left- we blew air kisses to each other because you was taking a phone call, trying to help out a friend...and I was on my way home to get ready to go to work that evening. We thought we would have a lifetime of being able to give each other hugs and kisses. Who knew your young life would be ending so suddenly such a short time later. Just two short days....But I remember one particular hug, a short time before. You and Frank had come to the house and just sat and visited for a couple of hours. And when you left, we hugged and it was a particularly long and tight bear hug and you said, "I love you, Sweetie. No Matter What." There was a reason that sweet moment stuck in my mind. And now I know why.

Because on days like today, when I cry and want one of those hugs so badly, I can remember....remember your happiness and contentment with your life. And remember that you will always be with me...No Matter What.

I still have your voice-mail from your phone stored on my computer...and sometimes I just sit and listen to it..over and over and over- just to be able to hear your voice again.
I miss you so much.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy.
I Love You A Million Bazillion -cause that's the biggest number a three year old could make up.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I'm Still Alive.....Barely.

So I'm slowly but surely recovering from my illness. Thank God.

Had some good news recently and that has made me both feel absolutely awesome- and a bit scared. I'm going to be trying something I've never done before. I'll tell ya what it is after I've done it, but I'm not ready to talk about it on here quite yet....not the time to tell the world, ya know?

Paul finally finished his NaNoWriMo deal and I've read it. It's awesome! Not at all what I thought it (as in the story) would be!!!

So I've decided to take a weeks vaca in Mid January to get some work done around the house. I haven't properly spring- cleaned since my dad passed in '05 and Clay in '07. Just haven't been in the right frame of mind to do that. Til now. And it's become a necessity recently. So I know I can't get any time off before the holidays are over- so I've decided Mid January will be the perfect time for it.

Anyway, That's all for now...Time to shoot off to work for 12 hours. Gee- that sounds like a LONG time, doesn't it? ...It usually passes quickly....Hope it does tonight, too!

Friday, December 03, 2010

I Dunno...

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Oh Goody.....

Well, back from Doc Visit....Bad ear infection in Left ear-woke up this morning almost completely deaf in it ..... and a lesser infection in the right one.
Got antibiotics and (something Paul has told me on several occasions that I have up to now just took with a grain of salt) I can't wear ear-buds IN my ears anymore- close to them or around my neck-yes- IN THEM...NO.

On the upside...No permanent damage done.
I think I need to LISTEN to my husband more often from now on.

Life goes On.....

Short & Sweet.....or Sick.

I've been sick since Thursday....Coughing, stuffy head, sneezing, RAW throat, achy all over, headache and, for the first couple of days, a low grade fever.

Worked all weekend anyway, and these past two days, have been in the bed mostly, sleeping it off.

I hate being sick.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks...A Few Of My Favorite Things.

Things I'm Thankful for...


Nice Warm Socks...

Pretty Autumn Leaves...

Cat Naps...

Sleeping In...

A Job...(most of the time)...

My Favorite Chair...

Sweat Pants...




Cows....(I LOVE MILK!!)...



Mean Bean...

Reeses Cups...

Fuzzy Blankets...

Cable TV and Internet...

The Invention of Fishing...


Air Conditioning...


Cling Wrap...

Insulated Cups...

Microwave Ovens...



Family and friends and the usual things are obviously at the top of the list.

Some days I'm so shallow.

(BTW- Thanks Andrea Ann for the idea!!!)


Friday, November 19, 2010

Once and For ALL.......

Once and for all let's get this straight.
Stuffing and Dressing are NOT THE SAME THING!!!!!!

Stuffing goes IN the bird and is of a loose consistency.

Dressing is made with the BROTH of the bird and baked in a separate DISH and firm enough to cut into squares or bars!!!!!

For The Love Of God and Turkey On Thanksgiving Day- DO NOT confuse the two- EVER!!!!!
Families have went to Feud over this subject because new in-laws have confused the two or ones who know better decided to arbitrarily "try something different". Oh No...You have decades old traditions and you might want to try something new- but you have to do it along with the traditional thing, not INSTEAD OF!

Oh My Lord- the Pain!!! The Pain!!!!

(Yes, I AM somewhat of a Drama Queen when it comes to my holiday traditions.)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Hardest Thing....

<-----How it SHOULD look.......

.............Housework wise- for me it's folding the dang laundry.
I can wash them all day...
Dry them?...No prob...
Take them out of the dryer-yep.

Fold and put them away???...Avoid it like the plague.

So now- my 6x8 ft laundry room has
1 washer
1 dryer
1 shelf for detergent, bleach and dryer sheets
and a MOUNTAIN of clean, dry clothes.
Which are now covering the entire floor of the laundry room just because I tried to look in the storage closet in the laundry room and toppled the mountain of clothes over.
Did I decide enough was enough and finally face the mountain and fold them and put them away?

Did you not just see where I said I avoid folding them like the PLAGUE?????
Then No.....
I didn't.

I mean I have a busy know...doing IMPORTANT Blogging....and Face-Booking.....and Twittering.... and writing on my books.......... and sleeping....and working a full time job......and well, the holidays are coming up and there's just so much to DO during the holidays....and....ummm.......
Yeaaaaaah, I just hate doing laundry more than anything else...even more than cleaning the bathroom.

I would PAY someone to come fold laundry for me. Seriously.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

How Sweet Is THIS, I Ask You????...

CJ and his new Baby Sister, Audrianna.

Just Precious!!!!

What A LOAD!!!!

Okay so I'm sitting here just pissed off as hell after watching the Sex & The City 2 movie. It was pretty good up to the point where Carrie came home and......well...okay so here's the deal- if you havent seen it yet I'm gonna spoil it so you might wanna stop reading now.

Okay now that they're gone, here's the deal in a nutshell.... The Girls all go to some Arabic nation for some stupid reason not even important to the story. All that matters is that they are there- all with some stupid assed problem or another and while there, Carrie runs into Aiden who she used to be engaged to. They have dinner, they chat, and they end up having a brief kiss which Carrie decides to call and tell BIG about because ...I don't even fucking KNOW WHY to be honest. She's a dumbass and dumbasses just do stupid shit like that- it's exactly WHY they're called dumbasses...not just for the kiss but for compounding the mistake by hurting someone else just because they happen to feel guilty about doing such a dumbass thing. Anyway.....So she calls BIG, confesses what happened, and then a big "thing" happens and they all end up flying back home.
So she goes home, Big isn't there, and so she waits, phone in hand.
When he finally DOES come home- okay, get THIS- he pulls out a big assed fucking BLACK DIAMOND RING and tells her she must wear it every day to "remind" her that she is married.

OMG- If my man is stupid enough to cheat on me- and YES KISSING IS CHEATING no matter what you say- Kissing someone OTHER THAN your spouse IS CHEATING FOR ME.....If he is also stupid enough to TELL me about it- he better not even think about falling asleep...probably would want to just stay somewhere else til(IF EVER) I did calm down. The LAST thing in the world he should expect is to receive a big expensive piece of jewelry as a FUCKING REWARD for CHEATING ON ME!

OMG- I really should NOT have watched that movie. I'm so mad I could spit nails right now!! It's no wonder people have such screwed up values these days with all that stupidity that is being pushed in the media these days.

"Owwww- I made a vow So never mind that you broke YOURS to me.... Tell ya what- here's a big old REWARD for screwing me over"........ What a LOAD OF HORSESHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a REWARD for ya Baby- It's called a 9mm up your cheating ass......................................

............Okay Rant over. Sorry bout that but it just...well...pissed me off. Stoopid Movie!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Welcome Baby Girl!!!

Proudly Announcing the Birth of ....

Audriana Michelle
November 8th, 2010 @ 2:30AM
7lb -9oz...20 inches long.

Congrats Kathy!!!!!!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Helllooooooo Holiday Season!!!!!!

I had to do a double take on the way to work yesterday. The mall a couple of block from my job actually already has their Christmas wreaths on the sides of their buildings.
Okay- this is going to sound strange coming from ME- but OMG- are you EFFING KIDDING?? Christmas decorations should be put up no earlier than the day BEFORE Thanksgiving!!!! The last week of November...NOT the weekend before Halloween!!!!!

I'm so freaking annoyed at this crap. I know when I put up my decorations -if I'm going to do Thanksgiving Dinner at my house- I put up my Christmas tree the day before Thanksgiving...(well I used to- Now I put my tree up on Clay's Birthday-Dec 11), and put the lights on it Thanksgiving morning and then we all decorated it that night after dinner before the kids went home. Then, I put the Dept 56 Christmas Village up over the next three weeks. Yes, it takes THAT long to get it all up and just the way I want it. Paul did it for me one year tho and it looked totally awesome and totally different than the way I usually do it and I was so happy with it!!!

I'm just not looking forward to the holidays this year for some reason. Not at all.
I hope my mood improves as the month wears on......

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Christopher- My Little Ghoul!!

Born on Halloween, 2004.
How Time Flies!!!!!!

This is the cake I made for him!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trying to Hold Out- As Promised.

I can't mention it til after Halloween.

Thanksgiving I can talk about tho.
It's a month away!

Our house is so upside down there's no WAY we can host Thanksgiving Dinner here. So my daughter has decided to have Thanksgiving Dinner at her house this year. She really can't afford it-she's been out of work for almost 6 months now- but if everyone would bring a couple of dishes if they attend- it won't be too hard on her budget.

When I have it at my house- I probably should have done more of that type dinner- but the kids were just starting out on their own with growing families, and on limited budgets. Tradition in our family has always been that you go to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well, me being the control freak I am- always wanted the Perfect Norman Rockwell holidays- and so up until a couple of years ago- held the dinners at my house with some, but usually minimum, help from anyone. I knew exactly what dishes I was making and where they would be placed and if anyone brought something extra- it was an EXTRA TREAT! And if they couldn't afford it or something happened at the last minute they couldn't attend- then it was perfect anyway and no one was disappointed or upset because they felt bad and/or it was counted on for being part of dinner.

But the past few years I began asking the kids to bring certain things to the dinners. I was getting better and they were getting stable enough in their financial situations to take on more responsibility for the events.
A couple/three years ago I was upset tho. Big Time.
We had the dinner here. Everyone knew what time dinner was going to be- and one of my kids didnt have a car at the time. So their sibling went to pick them up at their house. Sibling w/o vehicle and their family wasn't ready. So Sibling that went to get them came back here and then-after us deciding to delay dinner for them- went back in an hour. Sibling without car and family STILL not ready. So sibling came back- we ate dinner and finally - after two MORE HOURS-Sibling _w/o car) and family showed up. We were all in the living room and we thought sibling w/o car and family would grab a plate and then come join us and we would have nice visit.
Nope- Sibling w/o car, and family went into the kitchen, ate dinner, and left. Barely stopping long enough to say hello and goodbye. I AM NOT KIDDING.
You have no idea how upset I was by that display.
It's also been increasingly hard for us to co-ordinate these dinners. Clay and Kathy used to alternate holidays with the two families...One year they would have Thanksgiving with us and then travel to Georgia to be with Kathy's side of the family for Christmas. The next year- it was Thanksgiving with the Georgia family, and then that Christmas with us.
I LOVED that solution!!
But since Dad and Clay left us- we can't seem to get anyone together for anything. Someone (including me) is usually working on every single holiday, seems like. Year before last I did Thanksgiving here and Christmas........that's when I told the kids that NEXT YEAR- meaning last year- THEY were going to do Thanksgiving Dinner if we had one. That gave them plenty of time to get it planned together.
And guess what? We didn't have a Family Thanksgiving Dinner. Kathy and her mom was scheduled for Georgia that Thanksgiving and Julie had to work on Thanksgiving Day and Marie and Frank were separated(which matters little to us because they aren't divorced yet and her and the kids are always welcome and they KNOW that), but they could have planned it for the weekend before- or the weekend after. Thanksgiving Dinner isn't like Christmas CAN postpone it a few days....anyway....

My point is- Julie is taking up the tradition this year. And I'm glad for it. She'll be a wonderful hostess!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Everything's Changing....

It is.

The roads we've rode over for my entire life have been recently changed. Totally different. Straight-aways in places curves used to be- curves in places that were straight as an arrow roads I used to drag-race on as a teen. So many of the places I link so many precious memories to are gone away, changed into shopping malls or parking lots or are occupied by totally different businesses than the ones I remember being there. Even the places Paul and I have made memories at are closing down. Boarded up- looking so lost and forlorn it almost makes me cry. I feel like something in the universe is shifting, changing familiar places into something out of "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

It feels eerie....strange...unfamiliar.
I feel uncomfortable on my own stomping ground....and it makes me sad and lost.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stuff We Have Made-Up....

2010 New Years Resolutions.....Revisited and Examined.

I posted this back the first part of the let's see how these are working out for me since the year is almost up, but I do have time to work on t a bit more......... How I've done is in Red.

1)First and foremost, FINALLY lose this excess freakin' weight!! 26 years is way too long to still claim it's "Baby Fat" I still haven't lost, don't ya think?
Well, Not bad so far- Lost a grand total of 52 pounds and still losing. Yay Me!

2)Buy a piece of property and move into our own place and quit wasting money on rent..
Nope- hasn't happened yet.....

3)Go on an overnight trip to Charleston. I love that place and miss going there. Even tho I'm definitely NOT a Beach Bunny, I think a trip to that lovely city won't hurt every 5 years. Charleston isn't exactly a beach town, anyway!!
We DID go to Charleston recently- but spent the night in Orangeburg. Not the overnight holiday we had planned- but we had a lovely trip there anyway, so this is a completed in my estimation.

4)Figure out a way to shape my eyebrows while wearing glasses. I can't figure it out because my glasses get in the way with them on- and with them off I'm blind as a bat up close- and I don't want to pay 15 dollars to have them waxed and shaped every month.
Another hit!! I DID find a way to do it- I found that using a (and this sounds gross but it works)-
nose and ear hair trimmer works really really well!! I can wear my glasses while I'm doing it too - and I can also take my glasses off and still be able to see what I'm doing!! I can really control the shape too. Thinking OUTSIDE the box really works sometimes!

5)De-Clutter my house. Really.
Working on it...slowly but surely. Got a LOT done- but still dreading the main hallway sorting. We've been using the back end of it for a storage area. UGH!

6)Get everything done/bought/paid on time. That would take a miracle, tho.
Except for the medical bills- we are doing pretty well on this one. We set a budget and am sticking to it pretty closely!

7)Have at least ONE romantic candlelight dinner with my husband.
Hmmm....not really. We DO eat by flickering TV light pretty often on my nights off tho...does that count??

8)Buy a new bed.
God, of all the things I REALLY WANTED to happen- this was at the TOP of my list...and no- we didn't buy a new bed. I did buy a memory foam pillow last evening tho- does that count for anything???

9)Be able to keep my car neat and tidy.
Well....KEEP isn't in there- but NeatER and TidyER is. Good enough.

10)Ditto on my Kitchen.
Yeah- BIG improvement there. I can't bake in a dirty kitchen.

11)Plant a vegetable garden and have it flourish. Unfortunately, this will probably never EVER happen in my lifetime. I did NOT inherit my family's Green Thumb.
Was totally right about this- just isn't EVER gonna happen. Plant it-yeas, it grows, sure....producing anything or FLOURISHING? NOPE- NEVER. Think I'm giving up on this one.

12)Find a fool-proof way to pick WINNING lottery numbers. There has to be a system or a method to the madness and I want to be the one to figure it out. Just ONCE!
Ummm...yeah-NO. Have you heard me blogging about figuring this one out? Then no.

13)Read 10 books that aren't trashy romance novels. Once you've read five hundred-which is about how many I own- you've read them all anyway. There's only so many ways a pirate/cowboy/knight/bandit/Scottish lord can ravish a girl without it becoming ho-hum.
Yep- got off the trashy romance novel kick. I've read probably 25 books this year that had nothing to do with trashy romance.

14)Pay off most of my debt........ I'm working on that one.
As I said before...working on it.

15)Finally find make-up that doesn't a)break me out....b)look like an oil slick landed on my face after 30 minutes.....c)make me look like Ronald MacDonald is my beauty consultant. Something with light coverage and natural would be nice.
I found two, actually! I found the Bare Minerals line- and for a liquid foundation- I found that almay works really well with my skin type. I use them together along with Milan pressed powder. I use Wet & Wild eyeliner(which I have never used in my life before now) and just about any brand mascara and eye shadow. I'd say this one was a BIG YES!!!

16)Finally get my nails to grow out past my fingertips.
Another hit! I now am able to grow long lovely nails. I started out by buying some nail hardener and used it faithfully for about 6 weeks. and I still keep it on and rarely use nail polish.

17)Buy a pair of sneakers that not only LOOK great- but are comfortable as well.
Yep- I found that WILSON plain white Tennis Sneakers fit the bill just fine. I have yet to find an all white Nike+ sneaker tho. So I'm walking in my *loud-ass* pink & white and silver ones. UGH.

18)FINALLY be able to wear my boots again. I have 4 pair I bought 4 years ago and still can't get on because...(see #1 above).
Well, no. I gave Julie two pair of them that a wet climate wouldn't help, ie my suede ones. And even with the huge weight loss- I STILL can't fit in the ones I have left. but I'm working on it- haven't lost ALL the weight yet- so there's still hope.

19)Buy a pool so I can learn to swim properly. (Maybe that property I want to buy will have one on it already- a two-fer!!)
No. Just No.

20)Save some money.
A bit- it's hard to save much when we're pretty much living from paycheck to so many other Americans do as well. I did pretty well, I think!!!
Dang- I may make a list next year as well!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why Can't I get OVER It Already???

Okay, I'm freaking out a little bit here, so maybe y'all can help me out with this problem???.....

I wish I could get back into walking extra again. The weather, thankfully has cooled off a good bit here and I COULD go on my walks again, but since the night I heard that growling, I just cannot force myself to go walking on my own again. I don't LIKE this side of me. I haven't actually been afraid of anything like this since...well...... never, to be honest.
I have tried reasoning with myself, I have thought, "I have a 9mm I could take with me", I have tried going OUT the DOOR and only got as far as the top of the driveway(ours-which is part of the main drive from the road) before turning back.
No- you know what- I take it back..I HAVE been this psychologically damaged once before....when I had that bad accident in Anderson I had to take almost a year off work because I just could NOT force myself to get behind the wheel and drive. Not even the 5 blocks to my mom's house.
Any suggestions on how to get over this mental block, guys? Cause I really do want to get back out and start losing again.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Kitchen Witch Rides Again.

Probably not going to have a Pod-Cast this week on Watermelon Helmet. We're having some serious Computer issues with our desk-top, PLUS we've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off with some personal business and we both are just drained- both physically and mentally- at this point. I was in the perfect mood to do one on things that piss me off or annoy me- but I'm afraid Paul wouldn't have gotten to talk at all and we would have had to title it The Bitchy we just decided to let it go this week....we'll be back next week tho- full force.

I can't wait.

Isn't this Autumn turning out to be wonderful??? We had our cold front move in last night- I mean Paul and i was sitting relaxing, and all of the sudden the temp PLUMMETED about 10 degrees in the matter of a couple of minutes. It was like a scene out of "Day After Tomorrow"....Freaky.

Our cats, Logan & Lucy, continue to terrorize us with their antics....yet somehow manage to entertain us enough that we don't want to choke them....most of the time. Now they have picked up an annoying habit of getting all up under you when you head anywhere NEAR the kitchen...or even just look like you might be thinking about going there. But then....Logan did save me from a terrible death that time when he killed the copperhead in my kitchen, - so he can annoy me all he likes. Lucy has saved me from nothing except......well, nothing actually. So she better not push it.

My daughter, Julie,*waves to Julie* called me the other night telling me she was having a problem with Christopher's Birthday cake.*waves to Christopher* She said he finally told her he wanted a cake with the following items on it...Scoobie Doo, Bats, Pumpkins, and ghosts. She said she called everywhere and the most reasonable price she could find for someone to do it is 45 dollars. OMFingG!!!! It's FLOUR, MILK, SUGAR and EGGS, people!!! 25 dollars I could see charging- but Jeebus Crisp!!!!!
So I told her to give me a day and I would see if I could help her out. Karen and I at work *waves to Karen* did a little research during our lunch break- and I decided I could do the cake for Julie. I found a coloring page with a relatively simple Scoobie Doo drawing I can use for a template in the lower right corner of the cake. Then I found a Haunted house drawing I can use for a background in the upper left of the cake. I already have some Halloween sprinkles that have bats and ghosts I can put all around the Haunted House and for the pumpkins...I got a big bag of those creme candy Pumpkins and am making a big ole Pumpkin patch below the haunted house along the pathway leading up to the house.
I'll take a pic and post it here when it's finished.It's the biggest challenge I've had since Paul asked for a Spider-Man Cake for HIS Birthday a few years ago.

I made my Niece's Birthday cake earlier this week and brought it to her. It was one of the most awesome and EASY cakes I have EVER made. I used my own Cream-Cheese Pound Cake recipe and then just got a tub of ready-made vanilla frosting and added a HUGE scoop of peanut-butter to it and mixed it up and then thick-glazed it over the cake. I then made a simple ganache from a bar of milk chocolate, vanilla and cream, and drizzled it over the top of the peanut-butter glaze. I think I added a bit too much chocolate- but Tiffany LOVED it and it tasted like absolute HEAVEN, so I'm not complaining.

Next one I make I'm putting a Maple Glaze on it tho. That's an AUTUMN or Thanksgiving Treat!!!
Chilli time is coming too. I got all the stuff I need for it as soon as our first frost hits. I'm soooo looking forward to it.

Hmmmmm.....Maybe I'm not in as witchy a Mood now after a good nights sleep- but there still won't be a Podcast....Unfortunately, we are still having the computer issues and all our Podcast programs are on the one that's screwed up. So.......until next week, Kids!!!!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Odds & Ends...Bits & Bobs.....

In case you don't know the back story- Paul and I are getting ready to move to a new home- if we ever get the details worked out.....and I've decided to weed out as much of the possessions as I can from before Paul and I were married,(minus my and my kids sentimental memories things, of course) so we can have a somewhat "fresh" start in OUR new house- you know, like most newly married couples do. Altho we've been married for over six years, we still consider ourselves somewhat newlyweds-mainly because we have yet to buy our fist home together, pick out our first set of not-hand-me-down furniture,and I have yet to meet his side of the family except for his parents who have visited us a couple of times since our wedding...LOL. I had a full house of "stuff" and had been living in this house for over two years when Paul and I finally got things sorted so we could get married.
Okay, so, anyway, I've been de-cluttering and sorting stuff around the house in anticipation of the move to the new house. A bit at a time. I figure I'll go into high gear when we get closer to actually moving into our new place.
I've gathered most of our photos and Paul has scanned them for me and stored them on our computers. Plural. Not taking chances on only one computer and something happening like it crashing and losing it all and having to try and get them all gathered and scanned again.
I've went thru closets and given away/donated clothes out the yen-yang. I've given away a few special/sentimental items to people I want to have them. I've given away/donated books we don't think will sell at a yard-sale or on Craig's List or e-Bay.
One thing I have carefully avoided to this point, tho, is going thru our Christmas things. All 20-odd boxes of it. Well, today, I HAD to go thru the things we have stored in the storage building. I woke up and got dressed and decided to just bite the bullet and go out to the storage building and drag out all the boxes of Christmas stuff. Well, I went thru those boxes with a fine tooth comb. I finally found my kids "Special" ornaments that go on my tree every year- they usually hang them on there themselves. I'm keeping them- I thought about going ahead and giving them to them- like I did their stocking holders a couple of years ago- but I found I'm not quite ready to let those go yet. I'm keeping my Golden Flying reindeer ornaments I bought at the Big Asheville North Carolina Farmers Market with the kids when they were little. And, of course, I'm keeping our Crocheted and Tatted Snowflake Ornaments my Mom gave us, too. All these are lightweight and small and mean so much to me/us, I just can't let them go.
Now my problem is letting go of my Department 56 Christmas/Snow Village Collection. We have about 19 houses/buildings from the various D-56 collections all blended together to make our own big Christmas display every year. Here's a pic of about maybe half of them.....Last year year we had to split them up into two separate displays- this is in the living room- the other was in the kitchen.

We haven't decided on keeping any of them yet. We may choose ONE House to keep. I dunno. I did decide to keep a couple of the smaller accessories, tho. We have a smaller piece that is a gazebo with a Christmas tree stand set up in it with a few people figures molded into it. I also have a horse and sleigh with figures molded into it I'm going to keep. Basically, we're going to bring a few pieces as a "starter set" so we can build on it together in our new home. I think that's a good compromise. We can sell the bigger pieces Like the skating pond and the ski slope and chair lift and add to our nest egg for starting out fresh in our new home, yet still have some pieces with some sweet memories connected to the my kids and Christmases Past.
I also kept a set of Tiny Christmas Cherubs my daughter gave me, A Christmas stocking my Grandmother Miller crocheted for me when I was like ten years old and a snowman Christmas ornament my daughter and her fiance gave us that is ceramic and has a chain of snowflakes -each with a Grand-Child's name wrote on it. I've got to ADD to it tho.....Elijah has been born since and isn't on there!! I think we need to go to Gatlinburg and get another one with blank snowflakes on it so we can add them ourselves as new babies are born!!!
Anyway, I think it's a good start.
Especially since it was the one part of the sorting for the move I was dreading most. It'll all work out. Meanwhile- if you know of anyone who would like to buy one(or more) of the Dept 56 pieces- please let me know- drop me a line and we'll work it out.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Learning Process....

I've been doing research on different diets and exercise programs over the past 6 months and this is what I've learned....
1) Some of these diets are DANGEROUS.
2) Almost ANY diet will work- if you stick with it.
3) Eat as Cleanly as possible- in other words- avoid processed and fast food as much as possible.
4) Drink plenty of water.
5) Exercise in some way, shape, or form- every day.
6) Sugar is NOT something our body needs to survive. It just tastes REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Dunno!!!!

I never want to watch comedy shows when Paul asks if I'd like to watch with him...
Yet every single time, I end up listening to them as he's watching them- and I end up watching them and laughing more than him.

Do I really enjoy annoying him so much that I'm unconsciously doing it on purpose?

Does that even make a BIT of sense??????

Accidentally Evesdropping on Loud Conversations

I've been listening to the conversations going on around me the past few months.
It makes me really sad to hear all the deceit going on in places I would never have guessed it was going on. It seems like everyone is cheating, and misdirecting and just doing things they KNOW are wrong.
I'm glad I'm not a part of that mess. I'm glad I have a husband I KNOW I can trust and who trusts me and neither of us would EVER do anything to hurt the other. And to know that if we ever changed our mind about loving or being with each other, we would tell the other and try and figure out what to do about the situation- BEFORE we went out and cheated on each other.

How do people DO that? I mean cheat on their spouse? I can understand it if the other spouse cheated first- but how do they just knowingly go out and cheat for no reason? How do they even go out and flirt with someone else while they're married to another person? How do they let that happen? Do they have NO conscience? Do they really think so little of the person they married that they can just go out and act single?

Maddeningly, the worst possible thing they could say if they were found out is..."It was nothing- She/he doesn't mean anything to me- I don't love them." Great- so they threw away someone who loved them and trusted them to have a fling with someone who doesn't matter at all to them.
Seriously? That DOES NOT make the cheated on person feel better.

I just don't understand.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still Happy.......Pretty Much....However-

Hubby jinxed me last night. He overheard a conversation between me and a co-worker while I was on the phone with him and he teased us about taking our lunch break and watching TV while we were eating. And about having nothing better to do. Poor Us, he said... Well, not exactly but you get the picture.
Not 5 minutes after hanging up with him, we had a massive fast moving storm blow thru and it took out our power there...for 5 freakin' hours. Our facility was partially restored first because we had patients, but full power wasn't on for the entire 5 hours. And that's about how long it was before I got to sit down. Good thing I had had my blood sugar drop 15 minutes before I called him and had eaten a peanut butter sammich.
But I swear- if he EVER utters a sentence like that and jinx me again while I'm at work-I'll call off and come home just to clunk him on the head with a frying pan.
You know I'm kidding- I wouldn't clunk him with a perfectly good frying pan-I'd use something that hardly ever gets used......
In case you're wondering-My Sugar Detox is going well. I'm hardly grouchy at all(as you can see in the above missive).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sugar........ Ah, Honey, Honey!!!

I Admit It..... I have addictions. I love chocolate(but recently I've been looking at it and turning it down for some unknown reason- what up wid dat?)....I love coffee in any way shape or form, and I smoke(when I'm REALLY stressed)...But my main addiction is SUGAR.

Okay- so I've been watching what I'm eating, and climbing the stairs at work instead of taking the Elevator From Hell(all 2.4 MILES of them a night!!).........BUT I haven't been able to completely conquer my SUGAR ADDICTION. I detest sugar substitutes in any way, shape, or form...only honey will do. But starting last Thursday Morning after breakfast, I swore off sugar completely. And Damn, am I a BITCH today. The rest of Thursday I was good. Yesterday I was fine..... but today is BAD!

Any little thing is just pissing me the hell off. Don't get me wrong- I'm still having the great Good Day Streak I've had all week long- but every once in a while when something doesn't go just right- I explode!
Idiot driver talking on the phone and trying to read a map while driving in front of me? -MAJOR Cursing Streak out of my mouth. Cat running under my feet tripping me up as I walk down the hallway? Major Cursing streak out of my mouth. Too humid to do anything but sit in the living-room and watch TV? Major Cursing streak out of my mouth.......

But it's all good- this will be over by Monday- Sugar takes about three days to get completely out of my system. I've been down this road before. And won. I did it once- I can do it again. And the pounds will start falling off again.

Til Monday tho- I'd walk softly if you come to visit.

Friday, September 24, 2010

In Character......

Clearly, I need to research my character skills and make up a short history for my Characters in
D & D.
I am a stranger to them right now altho I am their creator......

Seems a LOT like being a parent!!!!

Ummmmmm, Yeah....About That Trip To CornerMagic Today..........

In response to Paulius' Blogpost.....

Ummmmmmm, Yeah...........We'll go get the battlemap and a couple of minis... Buttttttttt... I kinda, sorta already stopped there on the way to work and bought my Pink and Black w/white dice. Sorry Babe-I probably should have waited for you to come with me- but I didn't wanna take the chance of them being sold before I got there and I Really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted those particular ones. And I asked if he had a Battle-map and he does. So if you decide to get it-and it's the size you wanted- we know where to go. So...... yeah, you kinda DID create a monster.

Okay, now as for me asking a couple people about playing with us- your ORIGINAL comment to me was..."I'll set up another quick game if you can come up with someone who would be interested in playing a few games with us. It's not easy playing two roles and it would be way better if there was at LEAST three people playing." I can see that from your perspective.

Now I know it takes a lot of prep- I saw you working on that one segment that you used to intro me into the game.......but you gave me your requirements for getting to play another game sooner rather than later....Now, I don't know if you said that to try and postpone another game- but I took it as a challenge, and you should have known I would do so. So I asked Cece if she would possibly be interested(don't count on it really doesn't seem like she would be terribly interested in it, TBH), because I knew she had never played and would be on a learning curve approximate to mine now. And I asked Sabo if he played- but didn't ask him TO play with us...I was just asking as a for future reference.

Either way, I'll enjoy getting to play again as soon as you can get the details worked out. You're on a winning streak with the entertainment we both can enjoy, Sweetie. Munchkin, Magic-The Gathering, Watermelon Helmet, and now D&D.

Is it any wonder I love you so much???

PS- I know you told me that you rolled your die first because if I had rolled them first and rolled a natural 1 it would have been a bad thing.......but- if I picked up MY OWN d20 and rolled a 1 first thing.....would that have been a bad thing too? I am curious Like the Cat.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Apparently, I Spend Too Much Time.....

on my laptop.

I sit in my favorite comfy chair- and have the laptop on in my LAP(Go Figure)- and the heat exhaust has been slowly cooking my left knee.

If it's going to slowly cook you- shouldn't they call it something different?? Like maybe a compact, portable desktop model or something like that?

At risk of looking like one of those morons I make fun of all the time that need WARNINGS for every single little thing, shouldn't there be a TINY one somewhere in the fine print of the ten thousand page manual you get with the LAPTOP?

I HAVE started putting a nice thick book under it when I'm using it on my lap- so hopefully it wont go any further......

Just sayin' ........

I REALLY need my own desk.

Also- Tonight, Hubby introduced me to one of the funniest blogs I have ever read.... If you wanna check it out go here. Click on some of the "BEST OF" on the WON'T be disappointed.
My favs.....Dog, Spiders, Adult, Brick Games and The Party.
OMG- I almost peed my pants.
A daily read for me now!!!

Happy Birthday Allen- My Not-So-Little-Anymore Little French Fry!!!

I didn't forget to call you- I just don't have a PHONE NUMBER for you!!!!

So call me and leave your number and I'll call you as soon a I get it!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dear MC Etcher....

In response to MC Etcher's comment on my previous post......
"Not to place blame, but shouldn't hubby as 'on-site electronics guru' be in charge of keeping all your electronics charged up?"

Ummmmmm....Nope- sorry, Dude, but altho Paulius IS the computer Guru in our little family, he is NOT responsible for keeping my personal electronic devices charged.

I suppose I could rely on him to keep up with all the electronics, but that would make me lazy- not to mention way too dependent on him. When something messes up on my devices, I try and figure it out myself before I go running to my sweet hubby. Lord, he would never get anything of his own done if I got him to take care of all the stuff I have problems with. LOL-
( .....yeah I lol'd).

However, I do depend (HEAVILY) on him to do the virus scans. Occasionally, I run them myself but if it doesn't fix the problem I was having, I turn it over to him. I LOVE it that he can fix just about anything that comes up- and I LOVE that he can answer just about any question I have about my devices, but I don't wanna be a "poor lil' ole me" Southern Belle......I wanna be a Southern Goddess who can do it herself if she can- but isn't afraid to ask for her man's advice/help if she needs it.

We got us a GREAT Partnership here in our household!!

Just curious...are YOU in charge of your wife's/husbands electronics upkeep?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Elevators, Paranoia, and Excited Anticipation...

Since I had that little experience with the elevator at work, I have flat out refused to ride another one. Which means I've been taking the stairs at work...both up(which I don't mind and was doing at least a couple of times a night anyway) and down(which I absolutely HATE because it absolutely KILLS my left knee and right ankle). 6 flights at least 6 times a night.... sometimes more.
I tell ya- if this doesn't bring my weight down in a HURRY- nothing will.

I tell ya something else too. We have become one paranoid society. I don't even wanna go into why I think that- but ......Geeze....!!!! FB related.

Got our new podcast equipment yesterday and cannot WAIT to try it out tonight!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Well, Since I went nuclear a couple days ago- I think I should look at all the things I'm blessed with and the things that are going RIGHT in my life.

I have a wonderful husband and a happy marriage.
My kids and grand kids are (mostly)healthy and(mostly) happy.
I have great siblings.
I have great in-laws I get along with.
I have a job- no matter it's a royal PITA sometimes.
I have a place to live and am warm/cool and dry.
I have food in my pantry.
I have a car.
I have lots of things to keep me entertained.
I can see.
I can walk(for the most part).
I can sing......I CAN!!!! Stop Laughing!!!!!
I have an education.

I have lots of stuff I'm Blessed with!!!!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Rant-Gone Nuclear.

Okay, so why is it that when I get up- if the first damn thing that I try goes wrong- EVERY-EFFING-THING else I try goes wrong too?

It soooo PISSES me off!!!

Yesterday-THAT's when it all started!!! First of all on the WAY to work- I hear my cellphone tinkling music- I pull over and look at it- and it's battery is dead- DESPITE the fact I made sure it had three bars before I left the house FIVE DAMN MINUTES BEFORE!!!!!! Oh well, Just prayed I didn't have a reason to need it before getting to work.
So on I went, thankfully with no incidents.
Then as I approach work- I notice there are NO CARS there. Oh shit. That means all the patients were sent home- and I'll have it all to myself.
Sigh...I go in- sure 'nuff- I got it to myself. That means I can't climb the stairs like I've started doing the past couple weeks...if my blood sugar drops and I fall- I'm screwed if I'm there alone. So I think- I know- I have my shoes with my Nike sensor in it- I can walk on the third floor and rack up some extra mileage on my challenges!! Whoooo hooo!!
Except.......The battery is dead in my iPOD too. Damnitt!!!!! on to plan...ummm...whatever number it is. I know- I think I have a book in my carry-on.....(I take it with me to work cause it holds all my "girl-stuff" , meds, etc....) I dig in it to find I do NOT have a book with me.
But wait!!!!!- Look!!! I have my NOOK- I can read after all!!!!!!!!!
EXCEPT........The battery in it is so low it won't turn on either. Well for FUCK sake!!!!!!

So I just give up at that point and start my second tour of the night. Using the elevators. Which I hate doing. But have to do because there's no one there...just in case. Better safe than sorry and all that. Well, I reach the 5th floor- and call the elevator to ride it DOWN.....and it takes almost 7 whole minutes to get to the 5th floor.....all the way up I can hear it making these GOD AWFUL noises coming from the elevator shaft. Sounds like someone is throwing 10 pound rocks around in it. Well, it gets to the 5th floor after bouncing from floor to floor without stopping, and the door finally opens. It reminded me of a horror story I read once- I think it was Tower of Evil or something like that......The elevator doors were opened and it was like a siren call. But I didn't bite. I backed AWAY from the damn thing, mesmerized. After a couple of minutes, the doors slid shut and it started it's descent. DAMN- Did it EVER......NOW it sounded like it had a couple of guys with sledgehammers in it beating the crap out of it. Jerking and banging like I've NEVER heard before!!!! ...and you could HEAR pieces of something falling down the elevator shaft!! I was scared to freaking DEATH!!! I called and requested maintenance engineer help. He was there in about 40 minutes, in which time the elevator was still banging around nonstop-on it's OWN- and when my supervisor showed up- he listened and then left me to it. Nothing he could do- so he took care of everything else while I waited on our "guy" to get there.

So he came- turned the power completely off to that elevator and then left.

So, then, despite the fact I really really REALLY didn't want to- I ended up doing all my tours for the rest of the night by the stairs. Yes- there was two other elevators I COULD have taken....that sit right next to the one that went Apeshit, Batshit Crazy.
No. Thank. You.
Matter of fact- I may NEVER ride an elevator again for the rest of my LIFE!!!! my night finally ends- and I come a kitchen floor full of garbage the cats have somehow got into and spread all over the floor. OMFuckingG.
I resisted the urge to find them and pull all their teeth and claws out with pliers and then squeeze their little heads til their eyes popped out and flew across the room.
(Deep Breaths...Deep Breaths..............)
Then I walk thru the living room and fall over the fan that's been left in the middle of the floor by the desk...(I don't turn on lights when I come in because I don't want to disturb Hubby sleeping because we moved our bed into the living room because it's the only room in the house that has A/C.) I go to the bathroom and try to go potty- and not really paying attention, sit down without looking. ...I know what you're thinking- but no- it wasn't Hubby. The cats had been playing or fell into the toilet bowl and had the entire SEAT drenched in water. Thank GOD hubby isn't one to forget to flush. (Best Hubby Ever.) So then I have to shower. So I get finished in the bathroom and walk back into the living room towards the bed, and trip over the stupid ottoman that had been pulled to the middle of the room to play a game on the console and not put back when the game was over. Those cats have GOT to remember to put things back where they found them . ;-)
So ........I climb in bed and sleep. Only to wake myself up half dozen times with MY OWN DAMN SNORING!

I finally get up- read a few blogs, read my Tweets, and then decide MC Etcher had a great idea about Breakfast for a meal besides breakfast.

I go to the kitchen, and have to wash two sinks of dishes and clean the stove before I can even BEGIN to think about cooking. So I do... with the stupid cats under my feet then ENTIRE TIME!!

So I'm hungry, having to get all hot and sweaty washing dishes with the cats tripping me up at every step. I finish up the dishes and the stove and put the bacon in the pan. Almost burn it because I forgot to turn the heat DOWN after the pan got hot. But it was all good- didn't burn but was nice and ...crispy-crunchy.
Then I took it up and went to get the bread for the find there was only a couple slices of bread.
That was the final straw. I took the plate of bacon and the bread to my hubby for his breakfast, and sat down here to try and chill the F out.(See? It's working- I just used the letter this time instead of the F-word like I did at the beginning of this post!!)

So right now- I'm sitting here with my Blood pressure sky high...... in desperate need of a pack of cigarettes, a drink(or seven), a big thick juicy steak with baked potato with sour cream and butter, and a huge slice of chocolate cake with Mocha frosting. was YOUR Labor Day?????

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Oh NO!!!!

Last week I was listening to Paul talk about the weapons laws in the UK and how it was affecting him and his weapons. I was sympatheitc- but at the same time I was having to return my GLOCK that belonged to my Dad that my mom had given me when he passed away. I was sad about it- but I know I'll never regard the GLOCK as MY gun- it will always be Dad's Gun, if you know what I mean. I only had it for a couple of years now and I know mom will give it to Charlie...or at least I HOPE that's what she'll do. Maybe I'll give it to him just to make sure.

Then yesterday- it suddenly hit me........I walked down the hallway to the bathroom where Paul was trimming his beard and asked him......"Ummmmm, Babe...???? Those UK weapons laws........does that mean I can't bring my knife with me????" He looked at me for a minute before it registered.
Guardedly, he asked me....."Does it have a locking blade?" I slowly nodded. "Then Yes, you cannot bring it, Sweetie" he said softly as my face fell.

You see, my Dad gave me that knife and taught me how to use it to defend myself when I was 16. I've had it for all these years and usually carry it with me- or at least in my purse. It's one of the most precious items I own......and I was counting on bringing it with me...if not to be able to carry- at least to put in our safe and HAVE.

Now I know EXACTLY how he feels about a few items of his.

It's almost worth it to me to have the locking mechanism broken to be able to take it with me.
Or maybe my Daughter, Julie, will get that item.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Crazy-Crazy- But It's All Good.

It's been a crazy week for me...again.
I weighed last night at work and I've gained a few pounds. I kinda expected to tho- considering I've made 7 birthday cakes in the past three months and indulged in the celebrations that went with them.

So from now til Halloween tho THIS will be the only sweets I indulge in....'s cooler here now (at night) so I can start walking at night again when I'm off work. I did an extra 2.4 miles last night at work walking- as well as took the stairs all night long too instead of the elevator. Since I've been lazy since taking my Endurance Test in June, I was expecting to be WAY out of shape and huffing and puffing from doing that- but I wasn't even a bit out of breath....which I consider to be both a good thing(since I'm not going to have to go thru all that training again to be able to climb them at all) and a bad thing(because it means I'm going to have to step the stair thing up for it to be helpful at all).
I'll deal with it. I'm just happy as hell that I can do ANY sort of workout after my inconsistent exercise routine for the past few weeks. But all is not lost. I am still working towards One-derland by years end...if not before.

I have to head back down to Greenwood tomorrow morning to the dentist. Not looking forward to yet ANOTHER day spend down there in No-Man's Land- but I'll deal with it MUCH better tomorrow since I don't have to work a 12 hour shift tonight and then go down there tomorrow and stay until 2PM with no sleep. I'm thinking Paul and I might see if there's a movie theatre close down there and see the Expendables. I've heard it has some good action in it and a couple of awesome weapons we might wanna consider for our Zombie Apocalypse Plan. We'll see.
I thought Easley was a little do-nothing town- but I swear- Greenwood has it beat for nothing to do by a country mile.
Then we're going to come home and do this weeks podcast tomorrow night.

And then I get to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night. But it's all good. I get Holiday pay for 6 hours on Sunday night which morphs into Monday morning. Yay!! Nothing bad about extra money for doing the same job, eh?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Things My Husband Doesn’t Understand About Me.

Okay, so there are a few things my hubby doesn’t understand about me.

Okay, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE playing GTA. Hubby doesn’t understand why tho. I never really like stealing and driving the cars. I like to walk/run around the city annoying the people there... (Much like in REAL life). I like to run up to people and push them and when they inevitably yell something out- I turn around and go back and pick a fight with them. I also like to go round the underground areas and beat up the hobos. I like to do stuff to provoke the police on there too. I could walk around for hours playing the game like that and not rack up a single point actually playing the game like it should be- I mean like it was DESIGNED to be played. I don’t really care about the actual game as it was designed to be played- it’s pushing the limits of society and seeing the reactions that have been designed into the game that make me happiest. I suppose I also have a lot of pent-up frustration to take out and that game is a great place to do it. It’s also cheaper than buying a lot of ammo for my GLOCK- not to mention quieter as well.

I also love playing games like Lazer tag. Now, hubby likes to play it as well, but I don’t so much PLAY it, as make it a reality WHILE I’m playing it. I may be a girl who likes to wear heels and make-up and look hot for her man- but I am not the least bit put off by donning a pair of BLACK cargo pants and turtleneck with jungle boots and rolling around in the mud crawling around under the porch or in ditches or climbing up in the branches of the trees to be hidden from the other players and have the advantage of the element of surprise on my side. I get SERIOUS about my Lazer tag. That’s probably why I don’t wanna get into the much pricier game of Paintballing. I also don’t like the bruises the damn paintballs make when they hit me.

I’m starting to get into some of his games now. He introduced me to “MUNCHKIN” last year. Loved it- but it’s more a game designed for more than two people. Last week he introduced me to MAGIC-the card game. To me it’s just a more advanced game of MUNCHKIN. I know he’s hoping to be able to introduce me into D&D in the next few months. And I’m slowly figuring out the mechanics and the reasoning of it all. How it intertwines.

I love all sorts of board games already. I love Chess-unlike most girls. I like games that make me think and challenge me. My papa taught me to play poker when I was only 5 years old. And I was lucky enough to be the only girl in the entire family (as far as I have heard, anyway…no one else brags about it if they were allowed to) to be allowed to play actual poker games with the guys when they had their poker games. And I was/am DAMN good at it, too- WHEN I’m in the mood.

I’m very superstitious. I come from a long line of so called “Mountain Witches” and I know lots of mountain superstitions and remedies. I don’t think Paul quite believes in any of it. But I do. I know stuff. I know how to make stuff happen. So……be careful.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In Rememberance of Clayton.....

Three years ago -August 26th in the early morning- My baby boy, Clayton was taken from us in an auto accident.
I miss him just as much today as I did the day he left us. The pain of losing him has dulled, but never lessens.
I Remember:
*When you were a baby the only way I could get you to nap was to rub your back and sing Amazing Grace to you til you fell asleep.
*When you were two , waking up to you and your brother leaning on the bed staring at me with a can of oysters in your little hands wanting Oyster Stew for breakfast and me telling you it took a LONG time to make O.Stew and getting you you eat a bowl of cereal while I boiled a pan of water, and THEN making your stew for lunch for you.
*You riding that Power-Wheels truck down the drive way with your hair flying back and the biggest smile in the world on your face because you loved "driving" fast. I remember being so scared I threw the truck in the dumpster and you crying to your big bubba,Frank, when he came home from kindergarden and him getting it out of the dumpster for you and promising me that he would make sure you didn't ride it down that steep hill anymore. And you didn't.
*You never left home without hugging and kissing me and telling me you loved me- even when you was mad at me.
*The week you and I BOTH had an allergic reaction when we ate some chocolate.
*Our trips to Gatlinburg and that there was nothing you didn't want to try.
*How you hated my "Christmas Stick" as you called my slim tree and how you said it just wasn't a "mama" tree and how I promised I would have a real tree from now on. I'll keep that promise baby boy, I'm sorry I ever bought that slim tree.
*When you called me and gave me the news you and Kathy were expecting.You were so nervous- and so excited at the same time. You would have been a fantastic daddy, Son. How could you have not been?
* When you bought Kathy's engagement ring. I don't think there was a moment you were more happy than when she said yes.
*How you and bubba used to cover for each other when y'all got in trouble. I tried not to punish y'all too much cause I never quite knew who REALLY did it.
*How you and Julie always wanted to open Christmas gifts on your December Birthdays. And so the tradition began of you could choose ONE from under the tree to open on your birthday. And y'all always waited til Your birthday on the 11th and all opened one together- even Frank because his birthday was in May and you never wanted him left out of anything you did. You were the best brother ever!
*Most of all I remember how you always gave me kisses and hugs no matter what age you were or how many of your friends were around and I remember your sweet voice and how you called me "Sweetie" instead of Mama.

For most of your life it had been you and me and Frank and Julie against the world. You were the rock baby boy and I don't know how we will learn to live without you. Our saving grace is that you will be in our hearts and memories all our lives and you will be there giving us direction and advice.

I love you, son. Be waiting for us when we come home to you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Paul introduced me to the game Munchkin last year. I loved it.

Last evening, he introduced me to Magic-The Game. I LOVE it!!

Gateway Drug(I mean GAME) to D & D, perhaps?
I hope so. I really enjoy being introduced to my husbands interests and finding out I LIKE, (or LOVE), them as well!!

And speaking of ........


I'm really looking forward to recording our podcast this week. I got to choose the subject- and luckily I came up with a topic that Paul had already been thinking about doing for a while.
(Great minds and all that rubbish....)

I have LOTS of questions and I'm sure he can educate, I mean.


Went to Greenwood yesterday and got my teefers relined. It was great- but....(you KNEW they'd be a BUT didn't you?) the lip of the denture that rides along my upper palate has rubbed a blister there. O-U-C-H.

So Friday it will be back down there to get them fixed and get my second set made.
They didn't want to make them for me til I asked for a partial refund...and then they changed their minds about my need for them. Good.


Is it my imagination- or is it starting to,if not cool down a bit in temps, then maybe the humidity is going down a bit?
I mean, I have gone out several times in the ...GULP....SUNLIGHT over the past couple days and I can BREATHE without it searing my lungs!!! OMG- OMG!!! Autumn is on the way- I just KNOW it!!!!!!!!!


Man I tell you, this has been a roller-coaster of a month for me.
I'm either crying my eyes out, or I'm laughing like a maniac.


Is there no Middle Ground?