Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Christmas Memories ....

Christmas sister Valina - about age 6-is opening her gifts so fast she not only tosses the tissue paper out of the box, but also the bathrobe wrapped in it. Oh, the LOOK on her face when she thought Santa given her an EMPTY BOX!!!

Every year I gave a tin of Christmas Goodies to the men in my family. Eddie always wanted/got Double Chocolate Brownies. Charlie always wanted/got Chocolate Oatmeal Drop No Bake Cookies. Daddy always wanted/got a Double batch of Fudge. And all three of them always got Peanut-Butter Pinwheels(also known as Potato Candy) along with the Chocolate delights they requested. Daddy always opened his- took out a piece of the fudge, set the tin down, finished the piece, took out another piece, got up and went down the hall, tin in hand. Came back five minutes later, empty-handed. Mom left one Christmas morning to see where he went... and came back laughing. Seems Daddy had went to the bedroom and locked the tin of goodies in his dresser!!! It was the only thing in his life he didn't offer to share with anyone.

My Mama always made the BEST Christmas Breakfasts. Every year she made up a big ole pan of home made HANDmade biscuits. I don't mean those cut out biscuits either, I mean the kind that you sift a big bowl of flour, scooped a handful of shortening, and added powdered milk and water to and squished together, mixing with your hands!!! Then you pinch off a good half-handful of that dough, roll'em into a ball and put it on a biscuit pan til the dough's all gone from the bowl. Then you flatten 'em out a bit and stick 'em in a HOT oven for about 30 minutes til they are pipin' hot and golden brown. Then you butter 'em and fill em up with some of that ham we had left over from Christmas Eve Dinner at Grandma's house. Sometimes she scrambled up some eggs too...most times, we just ate them with the ham or got the jar of home-made Blackberry Jelly or Strawberry Jam she put up back in the summer.

Ahhh...Wonderful Memories....more tomorrow.

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Odie Langley said...

I loved the homemade biscuits my mom used to make as well but what I loved to do was to poke a hole in the edge as far down as I could go being careful not to fully open it up. Then I would pour "Grandma's" moslasses in the hole and enjoy the best treat ever. That's my memory.