Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I'm Still Alive.....Barely.

So I'm slowly but surely recovering from my illness. Thank God.

Had some good news recently and that has made me both feel absolutely awesome- and a bit scared. I'm going to be trying something I've never done before. I'll tell ya what it is after I've done it, but I'm not ready to talk about it on here quite yet....not the time to tell the world, ya know?

Paul finally finished his NaNoWriMo deal and I've read it. It's awesome! Not at all what I thought it (as in the story) would be!!!

So I've decided to take a weeks vaca in Mid January to get some work done around the house. I haven't properly spring- cleaned since my dad passed in '05 and Clay in '07. Just haven't been in the right frame of mind to do that. Til now. And it's become a necessity recently. So I know I can't get any time off before the holidays are over- so I've decided Mid January will be the perfect time for it.

Anyway, That's all for now...Time to shoot off to work for 12 hours. Gee- that sounds like a LONG time, doesn't it? ...It usually passes quickly....Hope it does tonight, too!


Odie Langley said...

Just curious, are you two still going across the "pond"? Haven't seen anything about it in a while.

Countess said...

So glad you're feeling better.

Mid January is not that far off for your spring clean.
It was also 07 that I lost my niece in a car accident. Grief is a long slow process is it not?
I know about that "right frame of mind" state.