Saturday, October 15, 2016


Well, Today I had a bit of a mini breakdown.

I was on FaceBook as we were coming back home from our trip into St. Helens today and one of the posts asked this question.

How old will you be in 2020- Be honest!!

Now, anyone that knows me knows I dont give a rat's behind about age- it's nothing  but a number. However, there are exceptions to the rule.
a) Your First Birthday. Huge big deal!!!
b)Your 13th are now a TEENAGER!!!!
c) your 16th (especially if you are a girl raised in the "Capital O/Capital S" Old South, You may now go on unchaperoned dates, not just double dates or chaperoned ones. Upper Class Girls turning 16 get a Debutante or Coming Out party- Middle class ones get a Sweet 16 Birthday party.)  At 16 you can get your full drivers license not just a provisional one.
d) your 18th.... you may now vote(when I was 18 you could also drink and buy alcohol  but that's now allowed on ....
e) your 21st.
You are now a full fledged adult- get a job (you should have already been working part time since the age of 15 or the very LATEST 16) and get your own place if you haven't already.

Well, when I turned 25- it was an eye opener for me. I was a QUARTER CENTURY OLD!!! My life was over and I was officially OLD. I was depressed the week before, the week OF, and the week AFTER my 25th Birthday.... until I realized aint nothing going to change.... Everything is the same as it was before I turned 25....and finally, life returned to normal.

I turned 30. That didnt bother me.
I turned 35..... That didn't bother me either.
I turned the BIG 4-0.... Nope.
45....... Nothing.
50... Nada.
Not even a twinge.

And then I read that post.

 How old will you be in 2020?

 And I thought a second and said "60.....Wait......what? 60?" and something clicked in my brain and I burst out crying.

Mini meltdown... lasted about 15 minutes.  Then I took a deep breath, dried my eyes on the tail of my shirt....(a dozen pkts of tissues in my different handbags and I chose TODAY to change purses and chose the ONE that didn't have a pack or even a single tissue in it to be found.

I told hubby I guess I'm gonna have to up my lie-age. Usually when someone asks my age I tell them I'm 60 or 65..... I always get the response that I certainly dont LOOK that old. So now when I give a lie age I reckon I'm gonna have to up it to 70 or 75. 10 or so years over my REAL age, you know.

Ahhh... the things we women worry and cry about.



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