Monday, October 30, 2006

Yes ........I AM Alive & Still Writing

Hello- Let me re-introduce myself....I'm Sunny and I'm a Blogger.

Dear Fellow Bloggers.............

Let me explain to you all -(specifically Ozzy who asked)- why I haven't been blogging lately.

I went to the doctor Friday before last because of some dizziness and other problems I've been having for the past few months.
Well, turns out I have some serious health problems. My BP was 190/100. Not the doc gave me a script for BP meds and told be to go home and REST for the weekend- go nowhere- do nothing that wasn't absolutely necessary, take my meds and stay on a restricted salt-no caffine- no sugar. As for the other problems- we would get to them- the BP was/is a life threatening problem that needed the immediate attention. She wanted to see me in two weeks, I wanted a month- we compromised on three weeks for a return visit during which time I have strict orders to stay as stress free as humanly possible.

I am on the verge of a stroke.

During the past week and a half my mom has had heart surgery and I had to be up there with her- with all the wires attached to her and the IVs -which meant the sight of needles which sends my BP thru the roof on a GOOD day. Before they even took mom into surgery I started feeling funny- they took my BP and it was 190/113. So I got sent home to bed again and had to rely on other family members to deal with Moms situation which made me feel even worse and stress more which raised the BP even higher.

Mom came out of the surgery fine- didn't need the serious part of it after all- and altho I had been trying to keep my medical situation from the family- I ended up having to explain why I wasn't able to care for mom while she was in the hospital and when she came home. More stress- I don't like everyone in the family knowing my business because they all try to "fix" things and they just end up making things worse-I'm sure you understand...y'all have families too.

Anyway- I haven't been blogging because -as you well know- my fav thing to do is to vent-bitch-whine-complain- you know...just generally be me and that causes my BP to go up again. So I just haven't done it lately. I AM still reading and commenting on your blogs and it's helping a bit to be honest- all the laughing at stuff you guys are writing about is helping-I think.

I'm sorry I haven't told you guys about whats going on...but the meds Doc put me on has me off in La-la land most of my waking hours and well- to be honest- I'm not sure what I would be writing about would be fit for human eyes to read.

Yeah, I have some DOOZIE Dreams on that stuff.

So Ozzy- Thank you for asking- and even tho you may be sorry you asked- there is my explaination...It made me feel good that you noticed I hadn't been doing what I normally do.
I'll try to put something in every few days in the meantime til I can get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle just so you know I AM still alive and bitching....I mean kicking.

Luvz Y'all ALL!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Today's Newspaper Headline...


It seems Legislation is in the works to ban smoking from all public buildings and areas.

Okay first of all- I RARELY smoke myself. Occasionally I will chain smoke a pack or tow IF
1)I'm extremely upset about something.
2)I'm out clubbing and/or drinking.

Now I can understand banning smoking in places like schools, in hospitals retail businesses and gas stations. And one of my personal pet peeves is having to walk thru a food establishment thru the smoking section to get to the non-smoking section. Why not put the smokers in the very back and install a good ventilation system instead?

But I'm sorry they are taking this anti-smoking thing way too damn far now. What THE HELL are they thinking banning smoking from clubs and bars? It's the last place smokers can go to enjoy themselves.
I swear soon this country is going to ban couples from having sex as well. How about blowing your nose in public? Coughing, anyone? Chewing with your mouth open? Scratching an itch(even your chin or knee). Taking too big a bite of food. Eating anything with fat or sugar in it. Wearing anything other than what politicians think is appropriate.

It's really starting to piss me off all the rules and regulations that office-holders think they have to have control over. And every day it's something new that they think they have to make an new "RULE"/Law for.

Look People- I'm a damn adult I can make decisions for my own damn self. When you start paying all my God-damn bills and provide everything for me like my Dad used to do THEN- and maybe not even THEN- will you have the right to have a say in what the fuck I do in my private life.

So lay off my damn rights and freedoms!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Shout Out

Just wanna give a shout-out to a few of my SL friends who I know read my blog ...

Paulius-aloth technically we havent evemet IN SL
And last, but certainly not least, Bridget.

Luvs You Guys! Y'all are my family in SL.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well Finally!!!

Finally I feel like I might live to see my next birthday. I don't know but this bug got me big-time. But I am almost feeling somewhat normal again. Paulius is a few days behind me- but I think it's safe to say that he's well on the way on the road to recovery too. For the past two weeks neither of us has felt like doing anything but sleeping, or laying on the sofa moaning. Of course there are things we HAD to do- like work, and laundry, and occasionally eating if we can muster up the energy to drive, god forbid, to McDonalds(which usually only got half eaten before we gave up because everything tasted a LOT like I imagine stale cardboard would taste) or if we could find the energy to drop a pack of Ramen noodles in a pot of water...I'm pretty sure that a couple times we actually forgot to add the flavor packet to them too- but as sick as we were we just couldn't tell until we got thinking about it several hours later- or when we found the packets when we went to make a nice cup of tea.
Eh- we both needed to drop a couple pounds anyway.

On the upside- since somewhat recovering I have found a wonderful way to occupy my time while Paulius sleeps his health back. In Real Life I can't re-arrange my furniture in the house because
1) We have several systems hooked up: the TV system, the stereo system, the Home entertainment system, the computer system and the answering machine system for the phone and moving everything and the hooking everything back up would -while not being impossible for me to figure out- would take sevearl hours and would completely frazzle my nerves.
2)Most of our furniture is too heavy to move by myself and since Paulius hates moving furniture anyway (mainly because I make him move it four times before putting it in the first configuration )and would require me to either hire a mover to do it- or to ask my sons to re-arrange their whole schedule to do it for me and that could take a few weeks and by that time I might not be in the mood to move furniture when they finally get there which means it was all in vain anyway.
So in SL I have a fantastic job and lots of income-(DAMN I wish RL was more like SL)- and so I decided to rent a small cottage with a very nice open Floor plan. It's two rooms- a very small corner is devoted to a kitchen-(altho WHY SL houses have kitchens and bathrooms is COMPLTELY lost on me)-but the rest of it is a HUGE great room and off of it is a smallish circular room. Well I have a 200 prim limit for decorating it. So I went to the Freebie Warehouse which is basically a HUGE junkyard or yard-sale with huge crates just FILLED with all sorts of interesting stuff. Some have vehicles-(yes plural), some have 89 pieces of furniture, some have decorations for a home, some have clothes, some have skins or hair for you Avatar, some have electronics like stereo systems and HUGE assed large screen TVs and many things to choose from. But anyway, I went and bought-(which isn't correct because you don't actually BUY it- you just click and add it to your inventory)- I think it was 4 crates of furniture and 2 crates of home decorations and 1 crate of plants.
And then I got to decorate to my hearts content. I took every piece out to see the size, scale, and color in relation to my cottage.
And it took me tow days to look at everything and then choose what I wanted to use out of the inventory and figure out how many prims I was using and how many I had left to use. And so now I have a lovely cottage with a HUGE rock fireplace in a corner, two leather couches, two glass tables, two chaise lounges, and a custom kitchen set I had a friend make for a cool 500L just because I wanted it. I don't have a bed in it- nor do I have a TV. It's decorated just the way I want it and I can re-arrange and decorate to my hearts content. If I want to . You can move things around- you can move them up and down and back and forth and you can rotate them in any direction.

Now you may think this is just stupid to do- but look at it this way guys....if you have a wife/SO/GF who loves to re-do things all the time- invest in either a premium account in SL for her so she can own her own house and move /re-arrange things to her hearts content, or invest in one of those architect/home design programs for the computer(no need for the Internet at all).
You wont have to lift another finger to move heavy stuff in Real Life-......

Sometimes the technology is GREAT.

Only problem Paulius has with it is that I'm tying up the computer when he wants to use it to do stuff. Well, everything can't be perfect now can it???????

I see another computer in our future...maybe a round March or April if things go right.

I'm so glad we're feeling better now.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy Bithday to My Two Wonderful Daughters-In-Law

Birthdays are always a really big deal around our house. It's your special day when you can do almost anything you want and not get any flack about it.

If you don't wanna go to school or work- you don't have to go. If you want to go see a movie or go to the amusement park- you get to go.
For dinner you get to choose the restaurant the family eats at- or if you prefer- you get to choose the menu for a stay-at-home dinner. Doesn't matter what is is- you get it. Shrimp and fries, Meat loaf and mashed potatoes, Lobster with butter, calamari, Eggplant soup, or mac & cheese and beans and wienies.......doesn't matter - your birthday- your choice.
You also get to choose what type cake you want for your birthday - or if you want pie or toll-house cookies or a banana split instead of cake- you get it.

And on your birthday you get to eat off the special Birthday plate.

My eldest son's wife's birthday was on October first
(Easy for me to remember my daughter in Laws birthdays)
Marie is married to firstborn son, Frank- her birthday is October 1st which comes before November second which is daughter-in-law Kathy's birthday who is married to second born son, Clayton.

But I have been sick and wasn't going to bring that sickness over to their home and give it to all them with those babies just getting better from being sick in the first place.

So ,Marie- I honestly haven't forgotten about your B-day.

I plan on having a party for you and Kathy together- just as soon as the first frost comes. The first weekend after the first frost I'm making a HUGE pot of chili with lots of shredded sharp cheese to top it with. We'll have bags of corn-chips to go with it all and have Birthday cake for dessert and gallons of sweet iced tea and Pepsi to wash it all down with.
And you will have your Red Velvet cake and Kathy will have whatever cake she wants as well.

We might even build a big bonfire and toast marshmallows around it if we can twist the boys arms to build it.
(You know how much twisting that will take! About ZERO- They will have it blazing before we can get the request out of our mouths....What IS it with men and FIRE?)........

Anyway- I love you girls like you are my very own. You love my boys with every fiber of your being and it shines like a beacon and I just want to say I couldn't be more blessed.

Can't wait for Old man Frost to arrive, baby-girls!


Monday, October 02, 2006

A Stone Cold Bitch And Other Fun Stuff!!!

It's been a hell of a couple weeks here.......

Paulius and I both have been sick- just about the time we think we're on the brink of getting better we backslide a couple days and are sick again.

We won't go there with family relations- lets just say that strained isn't the proper word at this moment.

One son got bitten by a brown recluse- twice on the back of his arm near his elbow- and twice on his right hand pinkie finger. Had to go hospital and an incision made to drain the poison/infection from the bite. Bandaged but on the road to recovery now.

The first anniversary of my dad's passing occurred on the 24th of September. It was rough - but thank goodness I was sick and unable to attend the family gathering my mom had tried to plan for us all. I hate public grieving like that. I do mine in private-I don't need an audience, thank you, even if it is just family.

Work?- well.....we won't go THERE either....altho one good thing has come from that front. We are going back to our old style uniforms next month. YAY!! And remember I told yas how they screwed me out of my raise this year on some bullsh!t technical mumbo-jumbo and how I told them that they would be sorry because someday they were going to need me really, really, badly for the job I am trained for but they didn't wanna give me the extra 15 cents an hour raise they gave everyone else across the board?
Well ,this week guess what happened? They called me begging me to help them out with that exact situation and I promptly laughed in their faces, told them "I told you so"- and then told them to F*CK off.
What could they say? It hasn't been 2 months since they blatantly told me that I was the only person to not get that raise this year and that they would deal with any situation like this that arose. Little did they know, eh?

Sometimes it feels good to be able to righteously be a stone-cold bitch.

Anyways, Just to let yall know I am still alive- haven't croaked yet but felt like I was close a few times.

I'll update here soon as I'm feeling better and up to it again.