Monday, October 30, 2006

Yes ........I AM Alive & Still Writing

Hello- Let me re-introduce myself....I'm Sunny and I'm a Blogger.

Dear Fellow Bloggers.............

Let me explain to you all -(specifically Ozzy who asked)- why I haven't been blogging lately.

I went to the doctor Friday before last because of some dizziness and other problems I've been having for the past few months.
Well, turns out I have some serious health problems. My BP was 190/100. Not the doc gave me a script for BP meds and told be to go home and REST for the weekend- go nowhere- do nothing that wasn't absolutely necessary, take my meds and stay on a restricted salt-no caffine- no sugar. As for the other problems- we would get to them- the BP was/is a life threatening problem that needed the immediate attention. She wanted to see me in two weeks, I wanted a month- we compromised on three weeks for a return visit during which time I have strict orders to stay as stress free as humanly possible.

I am on the verge of a stroke.

During the past week and a half my mom has had heart surgery and I had to be up there with her- with all the wires attached to her and the IVs -which meant the sight of needles which sends my BP thru the roof on a GOOD day. Before they even took mom into surgery I started feeling funny- they took my BP and it was 190/113. So I got sent home to bed again and had to rely on other family members to deal with Moms situation which made me feel even worse and stress more which raised the BP even higher.

Mom came out of the surgery fine- didn't need the serious part of it after all- and altho I had been trying to keep my medical situation from the family- I ended up having to explain why I wasn't able to care for mom while she was in the hospital and when she came home. More stress- I don't like everyone in the family knowing my business because they all try to "fix" things and they just end up making things worse-I'm sure you understand...y'all have families too.

Anyway- I haven't been blogging because -as you well know- my fav thing to do is to vent-bitch-whine-complain- you know...just generally be me and that causes my BP to go up again. So I just haven't done it lately. I AM still reading and commenting on your blogs and it's helping a bit to be honest- all the laughing at stuff you guys are writing about is helping-I think.

I'm sorry I haven't told you guys about whats going on...but the meds Doc put me on has me off in La-la land most of my waking hours and well- to be honest- I'm not sure what I would be writing about would be fit for human eyes to read.

Yeah, I have some DOOZIE Dreams on that stuff.

So Ozzy- Thank you for asking- and even tho you may be sorry you asked- there is my explaination...It made me feel good that you noticed I hadn't been doing what I normally do.
I'll try to put something in every few days in the meantime til I can get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle just so you know I AM still alive and bitching....I mean kicking.

Luvz Y'all ALL!


Anonymous said...

get well.

Lois said...

Nice to see some fresh blog from you, Sunny. Follow doctor's orders and get yourself healthy. I miss chattin' with ya!


mistyforeverlost said...

Take care of yourself and HUGS!!!!!

dakotablueeyes said...

OMG Big hugs to you and hopefully you can be stress free but really is there any such thing. Still hope you feel better
Happy Halloween!

Saffyre said...

Love you hun!!

Take care of yourself darling....and i'll be seeing you in SL....Dance buddies!! Woot!!

Chief Slacker said...

Yeah chica! get healthy and such! A glass of wine a day is supposed to help with BP, but I spose it deoends on which meds they gave ya! Hope you're up and kicking soon!

MC Etcher said...

BIG SAD FACE! You aren't allowed to be unwell. All of my friends must be in perfect health at all times.

Maybe you didn't get the memo that talked about that?

Feel better soon!

Vicarious Living said...

I hope you are following doctors orders! Take care of yourself and keep us posted!

wolfbaby said...

wow that must be scary.. hope your feelin better and doin better soon..

Take care of yourself ok.