Monday, January 31, 2011

Feel-Good Fest....

This weekend I've watched a marathon of Little House on the Prairie while doing some packing.

I don't know why but when I watch that show- I get noticeably in a better mood.
Simpler time in some ways....harder in others. Kinda makes my life look more balanced.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Apparently I'm Now A Young Russian Girl.

This appeared in an e-mail this morning in my's sent from my OWN account. It also has a link attached to it.....
So if anyone gets any weird e-mails from me that you're not's not from me. Time to change up my passwords...maybe even my entire e-mail account. I hate Hotmail. This is the second time this has happened to one of my hotmail accounts. Grrrrrrr!!!!!

Hi dear! I am for a decent man.

As for me, I am a young Russian girl
Do you like Russian women?

They are not just beautiful and smart, but very tolerant too.
Russian women value family and try to be with their husbands as much as possible.

It's time to get to know each other!
See you on marriage agency. Cheerio!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Food Is Love

I've been sitting here watching "I USED TO BE FAT" on MTV.
You know- it's the truth in certain cultures, feeding people is showing love. Think about it..In Southern families, when someone comes to visit- it's just proper to offer food and drink during the visit. At dinners, to serve everyone's favorite is just the way it's done. Fried Chicken, Biscuits, gravy, banana pudding, cakes and pies galore.
In Italian families, same deal, Lasagna, spaghetti, manicotti, Canolli, Italian breads and Pizza....And almost everything smothered in at least ONe type of cheese and usually more than one. Greek foods are just as bad...Look at Baklava. OMG- that stuff is so good but holy cow......The calories are out of this world.

Food IS Love.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Numb Butts & Monkey Wrenches....Good Times!!!

Yeah- we got 'em. It snowed a foot here over the weekend, then it froze over last night- and today was perfect for sledding.

Paul, myself, my baby bro Charlie and his wife Doris went sledding for about two hours this afternoon. Our butts are numb, our hair is wet, we got hungry, and cold, and tired, so we came in to eat, thaw, and rest for a bit- but never fear- we're going right back out after it gets dark!!

I haven't had this much fun in the snow since.......1988. The last HUGE snowstorm we had!!!

I tell ya- I was really pissed that Mother Nature picked THIS weekend to give us snow- I took a weeks vacation this week to get our house packed and sorted, and with only one room in the house with heat- this 20 degree weather is really throwing a monkey wrench in my plans. However- this weather has given me the perfect opportunity for some R&R before the weekend hits with warmer weather so I can get the packing and sorting done. The carrying stuff to the landfill and donation centers will just have to wait til it drys out a bit...because with the red clay driveway and melting snow- we might get DOWN the drive and get all loaded up- but there's not a "snowballs chance in Hell" we could get back up and OUT of the driveway.

<----Definitely NOT ME this week.....

S'all good. I'm LOVING Every Minute Of It!!! Just another of My Life's Little Mis-Adventures!!!!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Next Week- Vacation!!!!...(well, sort of...)

<------Not gonna be me next week.

I work Friday, Saturday, & Sunday this weekend, and then I'm taking the entire week off next week to get the whole house sorted and packed. One room a day is what I've decided is doable and/or manageable and still give me a tiny bit of Down-Time - you know- since this is my vacation/holiday week. I know I'll probably have days that I can get two rooms done quite quickly- and maybe a couple days when I'll be working into the night to get a room completely finished.

But one thing is for certain. It WILL be done by the week's end. Then all we have to do is photograph and list all the things we want to put on Craig's List......And hope they sell quickly.
We also are going to do one Flea market and a moving sale to get rid of as much stuff as we can before donating or trashing the rest of it.
You know what they say- One mans Junk is another man's Treasure!!!!

Time is FLYING!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Right On Schedule.....

Well, Just back from the doctors visit. Not a happy bunny, Me.

Right on schedule- just about this time of year ALMOST every year for the past 25 or so- I've developed a case of Bronchitis. I think I caught it early this year- not constant coughing like it has been when I waited four or five months before going to the doctor. I also still have the sinus infection that settled in my ears and I went to the doctor about last month. So my doctor gave me a script for a stronger antibiotic and an inhaler to open my sinuses and airways. I also got a steroid injection to boost the antibiotic and get this out of my system sooner.

Other news is the results of the blood tests I had done back in November are back and I'm REALLLLLLLY pushing the "Borderline" for being put on meds for diabetes. My BP is a bit high again too- this is a result of not having had the money to buy my BP meds when they ran out a couple of weeks ago. Other things kinda came before those meds. But I'm getting them. This week.

I can't wait to get over to England so I can see this wonderful medical system I keep hearing about from my husband. I know that doctors over here can be stupid and insensitive in general, but for the most part- this problem I'm having is a recurring one that I've been treated for for years.... and it always works. No- I'm not coughing CONSTANTLY like I usually am when I get Bronchitis- but as I said- I usually WAIT 4-5 months before I go to the doctor about it, hoping against hope it's gonna go away by itself and I won't have to spend money I don't have on an office visit and prescriptions- and all I do is let it get so bad I'm unnecessarily miserable for MONTHS. But after that kidney debacle a few years ago, I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to medical stuff. This cough and respiratory crud just started out seeming like an ear infection caused by a cold- but when the cough is getting so bad I use a 36 pack of pads in a weekend from leaking every time I cough- it's apparent that this is headed in a different direction and needs to be nipped in the bud. I know they symptoms of what I have had many times in the past- and know how bad it can really get- and to be honest, I want to be rid of this stuff before we move, I don't want arrive in England sick- and that's exactly what will happen if I don't get this taken care of NOW.

I'm sick of us being sick- and sick of all the doctors visits. And sick of the meds to get rid of this stuff. It seems like it's always something with me or hubby........Colds, Flu, Diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney infections, sinus infections, broken feet, shin splints, fishhooks in a foot........Damn- when does it END????

Monday, January 03, 2011


Okay, well as wonderful as New Years Eve was for Hubby and I, everything since then has been terrible.

We're both still sick with whateve this crud is- in my case I'm still sneezing and the coughing is only getting worse. I see a doctors visit in my future next week if it doesn't get MUCH better VERY soon. I mean it may be TMI- but it's really bad when you're coughing every 5 minutes and you pee every time you cough. And to top it off, I got Aunty Flo visiting this week as well. Oh LUCKY LUCKY me!!!

It's not helping that I've gained back 20 of the 54 pounds I lost and that and the Cruds are BOTH affecting my breathing and I'm back to snoring at night and keep disturbing Paul's sleep. So we're BOTH crabby and ill, in addition to being sick.

Neither of us have felt even remotely like recording another podcast lately, either.

I'm taking next week off work to sort out the house for the move- Something I can ill afford to do- but something that MUST be done- and I cannot do it on my days off- there's just not enough time. I figure I can do one room a day until it's all finished. I have got to gather a few more boxes and buy more trash bags and packing tape. Paul's main job during all this sorting is going to be going thru all his personal items and then taking photos of the items we want to sell and placing them on Craig's List so we can get this all taken care of.

This week I have to go to work five out of seven days. I'm still sick and don't feel up to it at all... and God help the first person who tells me-"Well, you don't have to worry about THAT much longer." Little piece of advice for you all- telling me that doesn't help when I don't feel well enough to go in to work. Not At All.

Anyway, the silver lining is that 2011 can only get better.
Thank God.

Saturday, January 01, 2011


May 2011 be a hundred-fold more wonderful than 2010.