Sunday, January 06, 2013

I Feel The Need......

Okay, so today I'm gonna have a bit of a rant......well, not really a rant, but a whiney explaination.......

So, let me start out by saying that my sweet husband had a bit of a lie-in-til about 11am, and then we went into town and had a lovely brunch and walk about in town, picking up a couple of movies and games. We got home around 2PM.

The rest of the afternoon, I knew he wanted to try out his new games on the x-box, so I stayed out of his way and got on my laptop  and played with PICASA making some photo collages to put in a fram on my desk. You know, to remind me of why the hell I go into that place every day and stare at a computer screen for 8 & 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week. At 7:30, we both broke from what we were doing to eat tea/supper and then we both spent another hour together on the couch with our laptops. I was also doing a load of laundry to put on the clothes maiden to dry so we would have clothes for work.

He finally got bored with the laptop and the inane crap that his parents were watching on TV(Reality show called SPLASH where celebs are competeing against each other in diving compitition and one is voted off each week-sound familiar???), as was I, so he went upstairs and I told him I would follow him as soon as I got the clothes out of the washer which had finished it's cycle.

When I got up there, he had already turned on the x-box and was starting to play the game again. I was not happy. And when I said so- HE was not happy and said it wasnt his fault that I couldn't find something to occupy myself and he tossed the controller down and stormed off downstairs. To which I had an equally childish reaction and got my clothes on, gathered up my cash,  keys and phone, put on my coat and scarf and gloves, and went on a half mile hike to TESCO and then in the opposite direction to Earlstowne....another 3.7 mile hike round trip.

In the cold.

In the mist.

In the dark.......alone.

Anger breeds stupidity.

It's just so frustrating for me. I spend all day during the week at work staring a stupid computer screen crunching numbers. We both work at the same place, but he's downstairs and I'm upstairs and unless we pass each other in a hallway as we're going and coming to lunch, we just don't see each other til the ride home. When we're am home on the weekends I spend a good bit of time on the computer playing games and doing little projects because I know hubby likes to unwind by playing games on the xbox. So I try and give him that time. But it was 9PM and we had been on the computer since we got home. I was wanting to watch a movie or something together. Not spend more time watching the back of his head as he played the game til bedtime.

I love my computer, but I like doing other things, too. Going for walks, going for drives, playing a game of chess on an actual BOARD- not online, drawing, painting, playing cards with an actual deck- not online, Photographing things. Go to the park and people watch.

I dont want my life to become one long computer session. I want to live and experience things here in the new country I live in. And I want to do it all with my husband.

I totally understand his need to do things he wants to do and loves doing. But there has got to be a happy medium we can agree on.  I need to get my driving liscense so I can have a bit more leeway in what I can do.