Sunday, December 30, 2007

Zombie Apocalypse.

Paulius swears we need to buy a shotgun for home defense .
Against the impending Zombie Apocalypse.

I have thought it over....and done some research.....and have come to the conclusion that he may have a point. I mean with all the chemical and biological warfare going on there very well may BE something of that nature happening in the foreseeable future.

And maybe, as an added precaution, we should also build one of those underground bunkers with 6 inch titanium walls and doors with a six month supply of survival rations so we have a safe haven against them.

Sounds like a plan- and with Paulius building the bunker, it should be ready at about the same time I'm buying him that shotgun.

Home defense would have done the trick without the zombie scare tactics.
He KNOWS I hate the thought of ZOMBIES!


Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Hubby- TPM

Lots of women bitch and moan about their husbands and all the things they don't do- or DO do to annoy or be deliberately inconsiderate to them.

Not me.
I know when I have it good.

My husband is, IMHO, the best hubby in the world.
He does everything in his power to make me happy and comfortable. He cooks when I don't feel well. He cleans the house if it need cleaning(except for our desk which he insists needs to be kept the way it is so he can find all his stuff easily). Yeah- he does dishes rarely- but then so do I. We BOTH hate doing dishes so we use a lot of paper plates and napkins. But as for vacuuming and stuff like that, he's right there with me on the weekends. He helps with laundry, and with the painting and maintenance on the place here with nary a complaint....unless it's pouring rain and then who can blame him...not me.

He let's me sleep late when I want- and take as many naps as I feel the need for. He holds me when I have a really bad day and need a shoulder to cry on. And he runs interference for me when he sees I need an out for something.
When he sees I'm over-doing and getting run-down, he tells me he would like for us to have a quiet weekend.
He's always putting me and my needs and wants before his.
He always asks if I would like a cup of coffee or chocolate or tea when he goes into the kitchen to make himself a cup. And when I head out that way he doesn't demand I make him a cup- he asks me if I would mind making him a cuppa.
When I don't feel up to cooking(usually on Fridays-that's my lazy day) he will ask if there is anything in particular I would care to eat or have him cook.
Usually I don't have a care- I'm just glad to be not cooking- but when I do have a special request he usually makes whatever I have a special hankering for.
He checks the air pressure in my tires and cranks my car for me in the dark cold night when I have to work and forget to do it in the daylight.
And he usually lets the dog out and back in because I get colder than he does when I do it.

Some people think I spoil him when it comes to buying his gadgets he wants...but I think he deserves more than I will probably ever be able to give him-unless I win the lottery that is.

Until then tho- I'll just keep loving him and trying hard to keep up with being as good to him as he is to me.
Like I said- he's the BEST!

Friday, December 28, 2007


Well, we didn't get to meet Saffy after all.

We thought where she was at was about 120 miles from us- turns out it was more like about 230 miles away. And they already had a 9 hour drive to make back to "T's" home state so that would have added at least 4 more hours to it.

It's times like these when I fervently wish we had a house of our own with at least two bedrooms instead of this guest-house with only one. Then we could have offered to put them up for the night so they could have drove down, had a nice visit, stayed the night, and then carried on their trip fresh and rested in the morning after a big Southern breakfast.

Oh well. Next time she visits or when we visit England for SURE!
I hope Saffy has a WONDERFUL rest of her holiday!!! So much to do- so little time!!!

Saffy Is Coming To Town!!!

I hope to get to meet Saffy today, FINALLY, face to face!

She is on holiday in the good ole US of A and called yesterday to find out if we were going to be here this afternoon. We had tried to make plans to meet up on Christmas Day but with all that was happening, it didn't happen.
Well, to make a long story short....she had quite an adventure with her flights, and that threw her whole itinerary into chaos. BUT it seems to have worked out for us since this new plan brings her right by us on her way to their point B destination and I JUST got off work and don't have to go back until Sunday night!!!
I DO, however, have a huge mess to clean up from my six grandsons on Christmas day before she gets here!!!
So I gotta get hopping to get it at least somewhat presentable for company.
I'm sure she wouldn't mind and would understand the chaos anyway- but I DO mind anyone seeing it!


This is when I need some caffine pills and some Mountain Dew to get my butt in high gear.

Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Chaos

OMG- What a DAY!

We had all 6 of the grandsons here. All their parents, and Kathy brought her mom,Miss Jennifer, along too. We had a GREAT time!!!
Nicholas kept us totally on our toes by disappearing every time we looked away. He went to the kitchen every time and would drag a chair to the counter top to "sample" the food. After we all ate and put the leftovers away he decided climbing on the table and eating all the other kids leftovers was his plan of attack. And after all that was gone he decided that since he did all that eating he might as well wash up the dishes, so he dragged the chair over to the sink, climbed IN the sink, and was trying to turn on the taps when Paul found him. Luckily Paul had the video cam with him and got some GREAT footage of Nicholas' antics.

I had made a simple Brunch this Christmas day......A Hash-Brown Potato Casserole, Biscuits(the bread kind- not the cookie kind), and a sliced baked ham.
Paul had planned to cook a proper Christmas Dinner for me and him, but by the time all the doing was done it was WAY too late for him to cook before I had to toddle off to work so he decided to just wait til today to do our "proper" Christmas Dinner- so it's actually a "Boxing Day" dinner instead.
He's finishing it up as I sit here writing this, and I have to say it smells HEAVENLY!

Seems that he has missed his Proper English Christmas Dinner in the four years he has been here.
See- LOTS of people have a proper Christmas dinner in America- but since I do a "proper" Thanksgiving Dinner less than a month before and the kids tend to get here pretty early in the morning and have other family to visit as well on Christmas Day, I started the tradition of Christmas Morning Brunch.
I usually do bacon or ham, biscuits, scrambled eggs, saw-mill gravy, cinnamon rolls and orange danish. Drinks include coffee, hot cocoa, soda pop, milk, juice and, of course, eggnog.
This year I had to work the night before AND the night OF, so I made it even more simple.
No one complained- and as usual- we had lots of leftovers.
Anyway, so usually we just have ham sammiches for dinner on Christmas Day- but Paul wanted to do a proper dinner and he volunteered to make it.
Oh, the heavenly smells coming from our kitchen right now is driving me nuts!
Of course, I have been sitting here snacking on all that damn chocolate that was left here by the parents who "FORGOT" about taking the kids candy packets home with them. (...Riiiiiiiigggght!!! Of COURSE they did.), but I have to say it hasn't put a DENT on my hunger with those smells from the kitchen tempting me.
Only bad thing is Paul won't let me in to....."test" the dinner fare til it's finished.

LMAO- Oh well, I'll just put the candy away in a tin wait- I have a LOVELY Santa Cookie Jar on my dining table that Paul's parents bought be when they visited last year! All that candy will JUST fit in it!!
Out of sight- out of mind.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Dreams

I finally got my wish....sort of, anyway.

I went to sleep this morning and altho I didn't dream Clay came to me in person, I did receive a phone call from him.

It was Christmas day and the phone rang and I picked it up and it was HIM.
I got to talk to my baby boy and he told me he was okay and happy altho he missed us all. He said he was sorry he hadn't come to us sooner, but he wanted to be able for us to be happy when he came and not so sad.
I thought as much.
Then he wanted to talk to his brother and sister and wife and I was just so happy I cried.

And, of course, then I woke up crying and then I tried to go back to sleep and pick up where I left off in the dream which NEVER works.

But I did get to hear his voice again and I am happier.

I know you guys probably think I am completely losing my mind, but it's how I'm managing to deal with all this.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Ever had one of those days that has just turned to crap and for the life of you, you can't figure out what happened to get it that way?

Having one of those days....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All Dressed Up For The Holidays!!!

Okay, here they are as promised.....

*First is my table at the moment. I do more for company- but this is our every day look.
*This next one is the cabinet over the sink where I keep my cookbooks...well, the main ones I use the most, anyway.
I probably should have filled the jars with candy before taking the photos huh?
*This next one is the shelf in the bathroom- yep, even the bathroom isn't exempt from decorations.
*Followed by Our LIVE Christmas Tree. It is smaller than we usually have, and has only about half the decorations I like to put on my tree, but Paulius is used to a barely decorated tree and I'm having top EASE him into my way of decorating for the holidays.
At least we have worked out the whole DATE to decorate for Christmas on. I usually do it the day before and three weeks after Thanksgiving. Paulius thinks you should wait until the 18th of December.
We compromised on the first weekend of December- whatever date that falls on.
As you can see, Santa has already dropped off a few things at our house....Christopher wanted to open a few of them but Paulius told him that if he opened one and peeked before Christmas Morning, all his other prezzies would turn into socks. So Christopher frowned and put the gift back down.
BRILLIANT Paulius!!! Absolute Genius!
*The next one is my tiny snow village. It's about a third of my actual full one but it's all I had the energy to put up this year. Next year it will probably ALL go up.
*Next is Mr. Snowman and his little mini Santa. They've been friends for a few years now and they guard the prezzies under the tree from snoopers!
*I hung our stockings on our coat-rack this year for lack of a proper mantle. Next year maybe we can have that Fireplace finished up and operating!
And yes- we have TWO Santa hats as well.
Paulius looks especially cute in his.
*Again- the Dining Table. I'm not sure WHY this came up twice- So here it is again.

I would have taken more- but the battery in the cam ran down and I couldn't find the charger so you don't get to see the Front Door, or the Entertainment center, or the office area.
Maybe Later...Maybe not.
Happy Holidays, Y'All!!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

December 11, 1983.

Happy Birthday My darling Baby Boy.

Today is a sad day for me. Exactly 24 years ago today I gave birth to you, my sweet Clayton.
Your time with us was cut short in August.
You may be gone in body, but never from our memories.

I love you a Million Bazillion.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Shoppingand Stuff......

Talk about one of life's little adventures!

Most of my Christmas shopping is done by myself. I run out to get fuel for my car and as I pass the shopping center I think..."Well, I have a few spare moments, I'll just pop in and see what they have on sale."
Mind you I have my shopping list already made with a time-line and names and gift ideas already tucked into my wallet since about June 1st.

This year I ROYALLY screwed up tho.
I waited til after August 1st to start my shopping. I had the grand total of two gifts bought when Clay had his accident and passed away. And as you can imagine it did a number on my head.
I actually had about twice as much I could have spent on Christmas this year- but around the middle of September I got about half of it from Paulius and fully intended to go do the bulk of my shopping then. But after putting a bit on layaway, I somehow managed to let the rest of that half slip thru my fingers. Altho I admit a good portion of it went into my gas tank to go see my other kids and on going to the cemetery. I spent a lot of time up there trying to come to terms with Clays passing. Anyway, I have worked a good bit of OT to make up for it...not by choice really tho- it just happened that we had a rash of officers quitting without giving notice and that created a opportunity for some of us to work some OT while they hire officers to train and get to our site.
I've worked OT for 7 weeks now and THIS weekend I took off and refused the OT(much to my bosses chagrin, I might add...he had to work a 12 hour shift on Saturday!)
I have taken the extra money from my paycheck each week and gotten the stuff out of Layaway and bought the rest of Christmas .
Paulius took me shopping for my Christmas and we had a BLAST!
It was last weekend, I think, and the stores were VERY crowded. It had been ages since I had done any actual Christmas shopping DURING the holiday rush!
Anyway, there were people jostling about and running into each other and Paulius and I kept getting separated. It was hard to hear each other above the din from the crowd and we kept having to circle round and round over and over to find each other. In the end we just agreed that if we got separated again we would just meet in the electronics department.

First we went to the electronics department and got a new web-cam. They had several nice ones and I particularly liked the one that moved with you but we opted for a different one that clipped to the monitor so the view wouldn't always be a profile of our face when we used it.
I'm happy with that.

Then we headed over to the kitchen section and Paulius got me a new Hamilton Beach Brew-Station coffee-maker.
We had one before but remember when we had that lightening storm a year or so ago and it took out our computer? Well, it fried our Brew-station as well and lemme tell you- we was two ILL-Arsed people for a few weeks. Paulius because he had no computer and me because I had no coffee!
Then I realized I still had my coffee-maker from before and went into the storage building to dig it out. And that's what we have been using since. I hated the thing cause if you don't hold it at JUST the right angle it dribbles all over the counter. Needless to say, my counter near the coffeemaker was the most wiped surface in the place with all the coffee I drink- and spilt.
Anyway, I digress......(I do that A LOT!)
Then he told me to pick out whatever I liked and he would let me know when I had reached my limit.
Si I told him I wanted a set of cookware.
His response?
"I am NOT going to get you cookware for your Christmas prezzie!"
He saw my face fall and his mouth dropped open.
"Are you telling me you were actually SERIOUS?" he asked.
And I told him yes, I was 100% serious.

Believe it or not- as much as I cook and bake and with a degree in Culinary Arts, I have NEVER owned a brand spanking new matching set of cookware in my life.
So my darling husband went over and picked me out a GORGEOUS 12 piece set of Faber-ware. Some of the best in the market and not overpriced because of a name like Martha Stewart or Emeril or Rachel Ray attached to it.
And I LOVE it!
He also bought me a Mini Bundt Cake baking pan which I have been dying for as well.
Then he told me to keep going.
So we got the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and game. He said the game was pooh- but he loved the movie. I fell asleep about 40 minutes into the movie, and watched it again all the way thru last night, but wasn't quite as impressed with it. It just didn't have the ending it could have, in my opinion.

He told me to continue and so I got a new white turtleneck sweater. Last time I got a white one was about 9 years ago and it's so frayed on the wrists I don't wear it without a jacket over it but it's so comfy I refused to throw it away like I should have done about three years ago.
So now I can bin it.

Paulius was going to buy me a new bathrobe to replace the one Buddy chewed up, but I told him not to bother- I have another that's longer and is red as well and actually is MUCH more comfy than the VS one, I'll just use it until it falls apart.
Or until Buddy chews it up...whichever comes first.

Anyway, I was walking around trying to decide what else I wanted and Paulius made the comment that he wished he and I thought the same things were cool. I asked him what he meant and he said he would love to have a DVR. And my eyes lit UP! I had wanted one but thought they were too expensive to ask for one. So we took off to the electronics department again to see what they had. They had a nice one on sale but they were out. So we are going to get one of those as well when they have them in stock again which hopefully will be this week sometime!!

Our shopping spree was great fun this year!
Hey, I guess that as long as you're not under the pressure of HAVING to get the BULK of your shopping done in that mess, it IS kinda enjoyable.
They were some nuts out there tho. I was mostly people watching on that trip and it was a bit scary to see some of the people who come out in the daylight.
Thank you, but I think I LIKE doing my shopping at 4AM in a 24 hour Walmart.

Then there was the little trip we took day before yesterday to K-Mart with the four customers in the store and three or four employees to every customer and couldn't get any service at all.
Bye-Bye K-Mart. Nevermore.
Altho I have to say- I have NEVER been a big K-Mart fan.
At one time they were the biggest name on the block- the old Walmart equivalent-Buy it cheapest here you have nowhere else to go......, but now there's a BUNCH of new boys in town, K-mart my friend, so you have to lose the attitude!!

Maybe next year I might actually start back decorating businesses for the holidays again.

Anyway, gonna go now and try to take some pics of the house decorations we have got this year.

Have a Good one, Yall!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Whole Lot Of Awesome

There IS joy in this holiday season.

Last night Paulius and I went and picked up our eldest son, Frank, and his two boys, Devon and Nicholas, and we all went cruising the cities and towns in our area.
We went to Greenville, Easley, Simpsonville and Fountain Inn. There were several neighborhoods which ran basically on my way to work every night and we cruised thru those on the way to Fountain Inn where my daughter lives now....about a 40 mile trip.
We actually covered about three times that.
There was a lot of back-tracking going on because some of those decorations really deserved a second look.
Nicholas had us all in stitches with his antics.
He LOVES Christmas lights(wonder where he gets THAT from!) and was all "OWWWW! WOW!
PWETTY!!!!!" and "LOOK! PWETTY LIGHTS". Only problem was he had a 10 second delay. So we would look at the lights and get one of those comments about 10 or so seconds AFTER we had passed the display!
Then he got a bit over-stimulated and was giving us the same thing over even a parking lot full of streetlights!
He even did it for a couple of particularly bright lights in the windows of the houses.

When we got down to my daughter, Julie's, house, we unloaded the goodies and went in. She and Eddie did a fantastic job on their house and grounds this year! She had everything done up in red and silver in honor of her brother, Clay, (He was a Christmas fanatic as well and red and silver was his favorite color. He even had a Red sleigh(His Toyota Matrix) he rode around in.)
It was beautiful!

I had made her a pecan pie(all from scratch) for her birthday in place of a B-day cake. And I also had made a chicken-pepperoni pizza(again from scratch) for the adults and we had stopped at the local pizza place to grab a plain cheese pizza for the kids...all 6 grandsons of mine-T. J., Devon, Austin, Justin, Christopher, and Nicholas! It was all they would eat...take after me they do- I like my pizza either with everything piled on it or with nothing but cheese. I have no preference for either- I like em both equally.
Anyway, we ate the pizza but the pecan pie stayed strictly Julies.
We all watched Polar Express while we visited and altho it wasn't a long visit, it was a LOT of fun creating more memories.

Julie had written Santa and he had sent all the boys a personalized letter from the North Pole! Seems he had looked at his Naughty and Nice List- and lo and behold he had found every single one of their names on the NICE side! So they were thrilled to get a letter from Santa saying he would be visiting their house on Christmas Eve with lots of goodies!!!!

(Personally I think the jolly old elf needs new glasses-I mean after all, I have been AWESOMELY Super Dooper Good this year and the old fart didn't write ME a letter saying MY name was on his Nice list! Obviously a mistake has been made somewhere!!!!)

We had a wonderful time!!!
We stopped back by my moms house and then we stopped back at our house(mine and Paulius') and they saw my tree and Christmas village. Santa had left some stuff under my tree while I was gone too and Devon was trying to figure out why Santa had left stuff at my house early!
I told him I was old and he knew I wouldn't peek so he was allowed to bring stuff to my house a bit early...(which we all know is a complete and utter LIE cause I DO peek...and unwrap....and wear......and re-wrap the empty box and put it back under the tree so no one KNOWS I have peeked.) But I digress.

Marie even kinda got to participate because Frank had brought her cell-phone which has pic-taking capabilities and he took ODDLES of pics for her- and he was taking to her almost the entire time and so she could hear Nicholas Owwwww-ing and Ahhhhhhh-ing over everything.
It still wasn't the same without her there, tho.
I told him that next year we are all going to pitch in and rent a big van or a short bus(no jokes PLEASE) and we were all loading up and taking a trip to McAddenville to see the lights. It's a long trip yes, but the entire town is lit- it takes about an hour to drive thru it and we always stop at Chili's Restaurant and have dinner on the way back home. It's a mini Family vacation. And it's totally tradition.

The only thing I forgot this year was the Manhiem Steamroller Christmas tape we always listen to when we go "light-seeing". Oh well. And we TOTALLY missed Tiny Town this trip. They closed up at 11PM and we missed it by MINUTES! Luckily, T/T is about a block and a half from our house so we can see it any day...night, I mean.

Anyway, I'm all about relaxing this weekend. All my decorating is done now, my gift buying is finished, my wrapping is also finished. All I have left to do is make a couple of food-gifts a day or so before Christmas and it's DONE-DONE-DONE!

Today I'm going to sit around and watch TV and do a whole lot of nothing. I do need to at some point go get some bathroom supplies, but I can do that whenever I want. I'm working not a BIT this weekend. Not at my job- not at home- Not ANYWHERE!!!!

Christmas music, hot cocoa with mini-marshmallows, and Christmas lights are my agenda.

Hopefully I'll be posting some of my Christmas decorating pics on here in a day or two........

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007


I have to whine a bit today.


I was looking forward to taking my eldest sons wife and kids cruising to look at the Christmas lights on the way to my daughters house on Friday night.
The plan was to pick them up about dark or just before, then go to McD's for a burger and fries- maybe even a chocolate shake- then when it was TRULY dark we were going to head down to my daughters house to see her decorations-(she and her sweetie, Eddie, went all out this year doing the Christmas lighting thing- both inside and out)-with a couple of neighborhood detours along the way.

I talked to Marie last night and she is scheduled to work every weekend this month on second shift.
I could have changed the day we went as long as it was on Friday or Saturday
night, but she's scheduled those days.. And I'm scheduled all the other days. This really sux.

So I suppose I'll be picking the babies up on Friday and taking them to see the lights. We'll stay out til she goes off shift at midnight and then pick her up and I'll take them all home.

But I am so disappointed that she can't go with us.
I was really looking forward to spending some time with her.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

That's IT!!!!! I'm On Holiday. Do Not Disturb, Please.

Okay, that's it for me...for a week or so anyway.
I have the house nice and decorated except for the tree which we'll get on Tuesday and have decorated by Friday noon. I have 6 gifts left to wrap and that's done as well.
I have worked OT every week for the past two months because they needed us to work when they had several officers quit and/or turn in their notice.
But I'm tired. And every day I become more and more emotional as Clays birthday approaches.
I pulled 12 hours yesterday and when I came home I was an emotional wreck. So it's time for ME to take a break from it all.
I am NOT going to work ANY OT next weekend- and hopefully go in and work on Sunday night and then be off TWO more days. I asked for the night before and the night of Clays B-day off. And if they schedule me to work I may just take a couple of sedatives and call in anyway. It's not like I'll be of any use on those nights anyway.
I hope they have enough sensitivity and compassion to realize I NEED those days off and give them to me.
The only thing I have "planned" for next weekend is to go get two of my grand-babies and their mom and us all go looking at the Christmas lights together. Maybe a trip to Mickey D's. We will probally go down to my daughters house and see her place decorated as well. I miss my babies. All of them.
I'm not going to send off Christmas Cards this year as well. It's probally the first time in 20 years I haven't done it- but I just can't deal with it this year.
So Happy Holidays to you all in advance. Next Year I'll be sending again.

That's about it- I need to wrap these last 6 gifts and I'm DONE!

I hope you all have a relaxing holiday.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!!

All Christmas related today folks- so if you're in a Scrooge or Grinch kinda mood- you might as well skip it.

And speaking of THE GRINCH....they made us turn the lights OFF the 12 foot Christmas tree in the lobby this week.
Why? Because, despite the fact that its an ARTIFICIAL, FLAME RETARDANT tree and only has the tiny twinkle lights on it and isn't left unattended for more than 10 minutes at any time, it's been deemed a fire hazard.
We are PISSED about it too!
I mean, if they had decorated the tree and left the lights off it would have been fine. But it doesn't have nearly enough decorations on it to be pretty without the lights- and after seeing it in it's glory with the lights ON, it's just not the same with them off.

Bad news too- I have to work 12 hours on Saturday so I won't get to get my tree and decorate it til TUESDAY!!!! Eh- It's okay...I can wait another three days. It'll give me time to get all my Christmas gifts wrapped so when I finish decorating the tree I can put them under it right away.
I have almost all my shopping done....I mean I DO have all the main shopping done- I just have to get a few incidentals and I'm done.
I think I'm going to do a big ole batch of rice crispy treats for the girls at work next week. I make three batches. Brown(chocolate), regular(and then tint them with green food coloring), and the mixed fruity flavored for the color. I then stack the green and multi-colored ones alternately to resemble a Christmas tree and stack the choco ones around it.
It looks real pretty too. I have on occasion made some plain ones and cut them in smaller squares and then put star buttercreams on top of them to look like prezzies...M&Ms work well for that too- Gives them LOTS of color!!!
I just gained 5 pounds talking about it.
I think I'll be wrapping our gifts on Saturday while I'm at work, too. We need to get Paulius' Parents gifts in the post and on the way to them no later than Monday morning!!!
I got some AMAZING deals on the Christmas gifts this year. I hope everyone likes them.
I'll post pics of the living room when it's all done. I can't wait.

Do you guys have office or company Christmas parties? If so, do you attend them?Do you get Christmas bonuses?
Yeah, I'm being nosey.
My company doesn't throw Company parties. They do encourage us to go to the company parties that are at our particular sites tho. Good PR they say. The give Christmas bonuses, tho..........sort of.
Year before last it was a six dollar gift certificate to Bi-Lo supermarket. The year after that it was a TEN dollar GC to the same place. I was so overwhelmed I couldn't even talk about it.
*wipes a grateful tear from her eye.....*

I changed our message for our voice-mail on our phone this week as well.
Now the message says(in an elven voice)
"Hi You've reached the North Pole, Paul and Sunny M- Santa's Helpers. Santa and Miz Claus are busy going over the Naughty and Nice list at the moment, but if you'll leave your name and number, they'll call you back as soon as possible!! Happy Holidays!!!!"
My boss called while I was sleeping and got a HUGE kick out of it.
He said"Hi- this is George and you'll find me under "L" on the NAUGHTY list- Gimme a call back about some OT this weekend- I need someone to cover all or part of the noon to midnight shift on Saturday. Talk to you later!"
He's a HOOT!

Well, my sleep meds are doing a number on me, so I guess I had better go to bed before I fall asleep sitting here at the computer. Last time I did that everyone thought I had gotten a weird tat on my forehead and side of my face and I almost got fired. Like that's never happened to them before.....well maybe it hasn't since I'm the only computer geek over there- everyone else is ancient and is useless when it comes to using a computer for anything more than sitting in front of it LOOKING like they might be getting ready to Google something.
It might work too if they didn't have to look up the word GOOGLE in the Websters Dictionary before they get started.

Anyways, I'm off to La La Land now....Sweet Dreams all!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Kinda Job Interview!!

Today I heard about a company that calls their applicants/interviewees up, tells them to report to such and such a place at 9AM sharp and to dress comfortably- no suit and ties or dresses- business casual is fine, and to prepare to stay all all day..
When the interviewee arrives, they are ushered into a huge room that looks like a big playground, complete with swings, teeter-totter, slide, monkey-bars, basketball goal, volleyball set-up, a few baseball mitts, an assortment of balls, and a card table with playing cards, a board for playing chess or checkers, and a few board games..
They are told it may take a while to get to them, so make themselves comfortable.
Then they are left all day long with the other interviewees.
The ones who get bored and actually PLAY together while they are waiting are invited back for a REAL interview and are offered a job.
The concept is that the employer wants to see who is a team player... ie who plays well with others-literally.
I want to work for this company- and NO I don't know what company it is.


Guess what? I got my Christmas Village set up yesterday. I also got my entertainment center decorated. And NO- the living room is nowhere near finished yet.
BUT then I went in to work last night and THEY had their decorations up and they are BEAUTIFUL!
HUGE 12 foot tree, swags hanging from the lights, and two four foot topiary trees in the main glass enclosure...all decorated with purple, teal, red and silver ornaments and ribbons with white lights. Odd color combination, but it works!
And I was squealing like a little girl when I saw they had decorated everything. Seriously I did.

I get my tree this Friday!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Rest of the Story.....

Paulius made some observations on his are mine......

1) A husband should never wander into the kitchen on Thanksgiving day and stand directly behind his wife when she is doing about 10 things ,alternating between the stove/oven, sink, and refrigerator. It IS getting in the way-even if you are trying to kiss them on the back of the neck and be sweet. The safe way to do it is to stop in the DOORWAY of the kitchen and chat, or ask if there is anything he can do for his (insert pet name here).She won't remember it as you getting in her way- she'll remember it as her sweet husband offering his help from a safe distance.
2)Number 1 also covers staying out of the kitchen and being accused of not lifting a finger. You offered from a safe place. Think of that kitchen doorway as Switzerland- it's not IN- nor is it OUT.
It's a mans safe-haven.(Unless she has to use it heading to the bathroom-but that RARELY happens so you really don't need to worry about that one. Women don't take breaks of ANY kind when they are preparing T-day dinner)
3)Yes, if a man actually DOES help by doing something simple as mashing the potatoes, he WILL and SHOULD get credit where credit is due. Rightly so. Luckily for Paulius, I made instant potatoes for our Thanksgiving day dinner (Awww, get OVER it- I worked the night before and the night OF Thanksgiving and Potatoes take forever to do and I would have had to use a KNIFE- meaning I probably would have cut myself peeling them and added to our ever growing hospital bill. Besides- they all get drowned in an ocean of gravy anyway- it's not like anyone can actually taste them.)
4)Yeah the part about him getting at least 10 minutes of high praise is true- but I see that little tradition coming to an end in the foreseeable future because a lot of men are beginning to take more of a part in the preparing and cooking of the holiday meals. I'm honestly not sure I like that idea either. The holiday meals have been MY time to shine for so long I don't know if I could take it if it weren't mine any more......on the other hand...........I DO like football and would LOVE to watch the Macy's Parade all the way thru (I COMPLETELY missed Santa this year because i was in the kitchen and no one TOLD me when he was on his way-I have NEVER missed Santa coming down the street in the Macy's Parade before...I'm CRUSHED!!!)so maybe I WOULD like to try it one year! We'll see about it after that.
5)Does men getting high praise bother me? Nope- I LIKE that I have a man who can actually cook. And I get PLENTY of praise about the things I made as well. Have your lime-light sweetness.
6)My favorite is his comment that....'If a wife asks for help (such as "pass me the milk from the fridge") that help received automatically allows the husband to say 'he helped make that'....'
OMFG...If that's true wives can claim that because she handed her man a hammer or a wrench she "helped" put the engine in the car or helped build the addition onto the house.......Are you sure that's a good idea?
7)Yes, women DO make too much. BUT if they didn't, there would be none of those leftovers men love so much the day after Thanksgiving- or in our case, later that night when we wake up from our after-dinner nap.
NOR would there be leftovers for guests to bring home for THEIR next day dinners!!!
MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMM-Turkey and dressing sammiches.
Another reason I personally make so much is I have an open door policy at my house. If my guests have a relative pop in on them unexpectedly, or they know someone who has no place to go on Thanksgiving day- they KNOW it's fine with me to invite them to come to our house with them. I have yet to have a Thanksgiving dinner that at least ONE misplaced soul didn't come. One year I had 8 misplaced souls come and it was one of the most interesting parties we have ever had. It's always been like that at my house- and always will be. It's a time for sharing and being with friends and family- something I love more than anything else I could be doing.
Thanksgiving is a day to be enjoyed for at least a couple of weeks - it's not just a ONE DAY holiday!!
8)And the only reason the turkey and dressing sammiches are their fav is because they can pig out in the comfy clothes at home on their own sofa. And I TOTALLY agree. That's why I don't have a dress code for Thanksgiving dinner at my house. For so many years I had to dress in my Sunday best to have Thanksgiving dinner. I HATED that- so when you come to my house- come in your fav jeans or dress- or even in your sweats. I would rather my guests be happy and comfortable than worried about spilling something on their outfits. Ditto on the tablecloth.
9)Falling asleep is allowed- and messing with them while they nap is required at my house too. Taking photos of the drool dripping from their open mouths is especially entertaining for guests in the Thanksgivings to come. The only thing I don't allow is for the kids to be woke up if THEY fall asleep- that can ruin everyone's day because kids get cranky and whiny when they don't get their naps out....and believe me- if the babies ain't happy- NO ONE is- Especailly Nana Sunny.!!!
10)EVERYTHING is a competition at our house with the women's dishes....But we also know the truth.
Mom makes the best hand made biscuits and ham
Nina makes the best Dressing(Gar-un-teed cold and sinus cure!)
Julie makes the best Ranch potatoes and deviled eggs
Sunny makes the best cakes and dinner rolls(Hopefully I added sweet potato pies to that list this year too!!)
And Teresa makes the best mac and cheese pie in the world!!!
And those titles are always up for grabs. We KNOW who makes the best whatever- but we all secretly hope to someday find a recipe that will top the high rollers. And the high rollers always are tweaking their recipes to make sure they KEEP those places of honor.

This year was bittersweet. Clay and Kathy were so missed- but they were with us in spirit.We had our moments of sadness and regret, but we also kept the spirit up because it was what Clay would have wanted us to do. He was very big on holidays- especially eating ones.

So now it's time for me to begin phase two of this holiday season and get started on the Christmas decorating. I'll get that started next weekend. No OT for me that week!!
I'll post photos of my living room when I get it finished.

I hope you ALL had a Happy Thanksgiving with your families and friends- and I hope to hear about the antics at those dinners on your blog soon. I have a saying in my house-

"Enter at your own risk- anything you say or do is subject to be placed in either Sunny or Paulius' Blog."

They laugh........I smile .........and open the door.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Holidays!!!!


Friday, November 16, 2007

Virtual Laugh

'Virtual theft' leads to arrest
A Dutch teenager has been arrested for allegedly stealing virtual furniture from "rooms" in Habbo Hotel, a 3D social networking website.

The 17-year-old is accused of stealing 4,000 euros (£2,840) worth of virtual furniture, bought with real money.

Five 15-year-olds have also been questioned by police, who were contacted by the website's owners.

The six teenagers are suspected of moving the stolen furniture into their own Habbo rooms.

A spokesman for Sulake, the company that operates Habbo Hotel, said: "The accused lured victims into handing over their Habbo passwords by creating fake Habbo websites.

"In Habbo, as in many other virtual worlds, scamming for other people's personal information such as user names has been problematic for quite a while.

It is a theft because the furniture is paid for with real money
Sulake spokesman

"We have had much of this scamming going on in many countries but this is the first case where the police have taken legal action."

Habbo users can create their own characters, decorate their own rooms and play a number of games, paying with Habbo Credits, which they have to buy with real cash.

"It is a theft because the furniture is paid for with real money. But the only way to be a thief in Habbo is to get people's usernames and passwords and then log in and take the furniture.

"We got involved because of an increasing number of sites which are pretending to be Habbo. People might then try and log in and get their details stolen."

Six million people in more than 30 countries play Habbo Hotel each month.

Virtual theft is a growing issue in virtual worlds; in 2005 a Chinese gamer was stabbed to death in a row over a sword in a game.

Shanghai gamer Qiu Chengwei killed player Zhu Caoyuan when he discovered he had sold a "dragon sabre" he had been loaned.

I had to laugh............sigh.

To Be- or Not To Be.......No ...Wait..........

Paulius and I have an ongoing battle.

He wants me to use a calculator when I balance the checkbook and I don't like using one.

First of all, I haven't EVER relied on a calculator to do my math for me. I use my good old brain or sometimes even resort to using my ten little fingers for the advanced stuff.
Don't go there.....I can hear you.

Second, I don't get along with mechanical or electronic things very well. If it can screw up and I have it- it will. Has happened before- will happen again so I just want to keep the odds of me messing something up down to a minimum.

Third, I HATE having to use a calculator and then putting it down to have to make the next entry in the checkbook- it wastes time and that's not a commodity I have. I just take the PEN- yes I DO use a pen- and do it all without all that switching back and forth. I get it done in less time and annoyance than if I used the little calculator. And for that matter- what is with those tiny calculators that if you aim a ten-thousandth of an inch too much to one side or the other it screws up the math and you have to start over?

And last, but certainly not least- I'm numbers dyslexic and when I use a calculator or the computer I tend to key in the numbers like it's laid out on the phone and believe me- that can cause some REALLY BAD balances in a checkbook.

I could just leave it all for Paulius to do- but, seeing as I have direct deposit, I never see the check anymore- or get to touch the money and smell that green ink smell as I'm handing it over to someone else(even if it is a bill collector) and I like to see that I actually AM going to work for a I occasionally take over the checkbook balancing once in a while.....usually around the holiday season because I know how much I have left to get and I need some sort of idea as to my budget. I can adjust it according to needs- but I want to have an idea.

So there ya go- To use a Gadget- or Not to use a Gadget....that is the question.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


With all the trouble with things being imported from China lately everyone is up in arms about it here where I live. they're all Boo-Hoo ing about "What will we do about Christmas this year with all the lead paint in the toys and this and that being recalled from Chinese based companies...?????"

Well here's a freaking idea.
You big dumb-asses. You should be buying AMERICAN products anyway!
I cannot believe how dang MORONIC people can be sometimes. How about pulling your head out of your BUM(BUTT)(ASS) and using your crap covered brain for a change?

BUY AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!

What part did you NOT get? The BUY- or the AMERICAN?

Well for the more sophisticated readers who can grasp the concept easily here's the more complicated version......

Sorry about the rant- and I don't mean to insult anyone of YOU guys(you read my blog so obviously you're more intelligent than the average joe or josie) but those whiney idiots really PISS ME OFF !!!!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well???? So WHAT Happened?

I received a forward the other day that I sent out to a few friends as an experiment.
It had an exact time that something would happen the following morning. My time for it to happen was 12:56 in the afternoon.
Others got a different time.

So now for the results......
I didn't hear anything I had wanted to hear- nor did anything extraordinary happen to me at that time. I would have remembered.

Any of you that i sent it to have anything happen at the time you were told?

I hate when that happens- or in this case-doesn't.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Are You a GOOD Witch Or A BAD Witch?

Watching the Wizard Of Oz tonight after missing it for a few years . I LOVE that movie altho I used to have nightmares about the flying monkeys invading and taking over Easley.....altho in MY nightmares it was Flying Gorillas and for some strange reason I thought that just leaning back into the hedges and being very still would make me invisible to them.

I also had a regular nightmare where I was sucked up into a tornado funnel and somehow managed to grab onto a mattress and then the tornado died away and I began to fall from the sky back to earth- that's when I would wake up on the very edge of the mattress in my bed and be about to fall off into the floor.

I was a weird kid.

I have to say my favorite character in TWOO was a dead tie betwwen the Cowardly Lion and Glenda. The Cowardly Lion was so adorable with his unruly tail and his big tears that I just wanted to scoop him up and take him home with me and protect him.
Glenda because she had a really cool dress- oddly enough- it looks amazingly identical to my wedding gown except hers was cotton candy pink and mine was white.

I'll repeat myself-

I was a weird kid. And I haven't changed much either.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road.......

I haven't caught this movie in years but tonight I'm sitting here watching the Wizard Of Oz.

I just hope it doesn't cause me to have nightmares about the flying monkeys again tho.
(In MY nightmare it was flying gorillas invading and taking over Easley and for some strange reason I thought that leaning back into the hedges and being very still would hide me from their view)
Go figure.

Of all those characters the one I loved the most was the Cowardly Lion with his unruly tail and his big tears. I just wanted to gather him up and take him home with me.

I could fly on a broomstick.
I really could if I wanted to..........

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tagged By Poetikat!!!!

Poetikat tagged me for this Get To Know Me Meme.

So here it is.

* What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago?
I was homeschooling my two boys and working as a Courier Supervisor at the hospital with ACME LOGISTICS.
* What Was I doing 1 Year Ago?
I was getting ready for the holidays like I am this year. I love the holidays, spending time with my family, eating special foods, and just being together. My family is my world.
* What Was I Doing Yesterday?
I was sleeping, and I went to Aldis to get groceries by myself for the first time in about 6 months. Paulius and I usually do that together and grab a bite to eat while we're out, but he couldn't be roused up, so I grabbed the card and went on my own. I have to say- it wasn't nearly as much fun without him with me.
* 5 Snacks I Enjoy
1-snow cream
2-ice cream
3-jalapeno and cheddar potato chips
4-sharp cheddar cheese melted in the microwave
5-a bowl of cereal
*5 things I Would Do If I Won 100 Million Dollars
1-get my debt paid up and my credit straight
2-buy a car
3-buy a moderate house with a pool
4-buy my kids a house each
5-set up a fund and build a homeless shelter with a kitchen
*5 Locations I Would Like To Run Off To
2-the Bahamas
3-Great Britain
4-A remote cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains
5-A remote deserted Island with all the amenities
*5 Bad Habits I Have
1-biting my nails
2-emotional/stress eating
4-expecting the best of people/trusting too much
5-acting without thinking
*5 Things I Like Doing
1-spending time with my family
2-decorating for Christmas
4-cuddling with my hubby
5-painting(as in oil painting)
*5 TV Shows I Like
1-Ghost Hunters
2-The Tudors(on Showtime)
4-Ninja Warrior
5-DEXTER(on Showtime)
*5 Things I Hate
1-loud engines revving,lawn-mowers andloud music when I'm trying to sleep
2-couples arguing in public
3-parents who don't discipling their kids
4-bad table manners
5-having a migraine
*5 Biggest Joys Of The Moment
1-Waiting on my youngest sons baby boy to be born-(He was taken from us in late August in an auto accident, Poetikat)
2-having a very supportive and understanding husband who loves me and isn't afraid to show me.
3-Having the rest of my family with me
4-getting ready for the holidays
5-having good friends who listen-(I have the BEST friends ever!!)

Okay!! I would like to tag....
MC Etcher
Pine Dreams

IF you have the time, that is!

Another Meme...Tagged By Kathleen!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Thanks Rick!
he's got a couple others there as well but this one just GRABBED my attention.

I love stuff like this!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Pics of Bad Buddy

In some of his "Good Doggie" poses.
Why can't he be like this ALL the time?

Our Dog- Bad Buddy

Buddy in some of his "I'm not in trouble" poses.


OZZY-Paulius WAS here with him all night so he has access to the entire house when we are with him- no worries there. If we leave to go out- we either put him in his room and close the door- or he goes out on his run, if the weather permits. He's not left alone in the house with free run of it if we aren't here.
Read on.........

Saffy- He only chews stuff like that when I'm gone and Pauli is busy doing something else(ie not paying him any attention).

I'm thinking it may be separation anxiety, maybe?

He knows WE are the Alpha Dogs in this pack- altho lately he HAS been trying to establish dominance in the usual adolesence ways.....remember a few weeks ago for a few days -when he took that snapping/growling attitude with Pauli? And, lately, every time I put that red robe on he is trying to plant his nose in my lap or trying to hump my leg.....Really annoying I can tell you.

I guess it's just time for some more intense training so he KNOWS that chewing is NOT acceptable behavior altho I'm not sure how to go about more intense training. I do it the way the trainers say now.


Came home from work this morning. My Red Victorias Secret terrycloth bathrobe is in the middle of the living room floor. Buddy The DOG is sitting beside it with "that look" on his face and Paulius tells me that Buddy likes ME more than him because Buddy has sat in the living room floor on my bathrobe all night with his nose buried in it "missing me".
(Usually Buddy annoys the heck out of him wanting attention-I can see where Paulius would think Buddy was "Missing" me.)
As Paulius says this, Buddy hangs his head and glances up at me with a sad 'I 'm in trouble, poor puppy-dog' look.
I know then something is up.
I go over, pick up my bathrobe(which BTW , cost almost a hundred and fifty dollars 8 years ago), and hold it up.
There are a dozen palm sized HOLES chewed down the side of the robe and the sleeve is almost COMPLETELY chewed off.
I was so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ground my jaw- and thru clenched teeth told him to "GO -TO -YOUR -ROOM...NOW."
And he did. Quickly, quietly, with his head hung and with no argument or dawdling whatsoever.

I closed the door and didn't speak for about 10 minutes. I get very quiet when I am really pissed off and Paulius gets worried when I get quiet. With good reason.

So far that sweet little doggie has chewed up; two pair of MY shoes, a sweater, two blankets, and a comforter.............. and now my bathrobe.

I'm trying to decide how to handle this one. The LAST blanket he chewed up was our king sized Velux Blanket- another hundred dollar item.
I want to get him a muzzle- but I have an inkling that Paulius would let him out of it as soon as I went to work- which is also when he(Buddy) has destroyed all the items he has chewed up so far.
He knows I will beat his butt for doing stuff like that- unless I am as pissed as I am now, that is.
I don't DARE try to punish him when I'm this mad. I would lose it.

Any suggestions, my friends? Or do I just go ahead and shoot him and put him out of my misery?

I'll wait for suggestions and consider them all before making a decision.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

What A Weekend!!!

We had the first frost of the season this past week- and a family tradition of ours is to have a Chili Party the weekend after the first frost.
Soooo.......I went to the supermarket and got all the stuff to make a HUGE pot of chili, sharp cheese to shred and sour cream to top it off with, and both corn chips and bread for garlic toast to go with it. I had some leftover pineapple-coconut cake (which, by the way, gets better if you let it sit for a COUPLE /Three days in the fridge before serving it!!)for dessert too. I had to make 3 gallons of sweet tea which ALL my kids love and there was hot chocolate had anyone wanted it instead.
So the kids came over- my son actually came that morning and he and my baby brother did yard-work all day- and we all ate chili. Wiped it out almost. I actually had to put some back for Paulius since he had been up all night long(he isn't able to adjust his sleep schedule like I do) and was asleep while the party was going on.

It was the first one we have had that Clay hasn't attended and he and Kathy were missed terribly. Of course there were a lot of stories about all their antics when they were little, a lot of tears as well when it hit us that these were the stories we would be sharing, but no new ones would be made involving him.
But that's not quite true either.

Julie related a story from just last week about her brother........
She said she was driving down the road and her baby, Christopher, was bugging the heck out of his brother in the backseat. So she told him to stop several times. Finally she had had e-nough and so she started fussing at him about misbehaving when all the sudden he pointed out the window and said in a VERY URGENT voice, "LOOK MOMMY!!!!!" She said the urgency in his voice prompted her to slow to an almost stop and look at what he was trying to show her. She couldn't see anything so she asked him, "What is it baby? Mommy can't see anything- what are you trying to show mommy?" And he calmly said, "A Tree!"

Clayton used to do that to me when I was fussing at him and he knew he was in deep trouble. Christopher is only three and has never HEARD Clayton say that!!
I told Julie that Christopher must have had an Angel named Clay on his shoulder whispering what to do to divert her attention from Christopher misbehaving!

We all laughed and agreed.

I'm coming to realize that just because Clay is gone from us- doesn't mean that he isn't WITH us still.

Another thing that happened this weekend was that Paulius tried to print my photos so I could start my scrapbook for the kids for Christmas. He printed one off and it did just fine- then he tried to print off the rest and the printer just decided it didn't LIKE that photo paper and it wasn't going to print anymore on it.
And even after an hour of Paulius messing around with various things trying to make it start working again- it was adamant that it was NOT co-operating. So we gave up. That paper is relagated to use for use in the scrapbooks- but as frames and snowflakes and autumn leaves and such instead of photos. Which will be great for both me and Paulius because I can get some watercolors and markers and color them myself which will keep me occupied for HOURS, which, in turn, will keep Paulius happy because it will keep me out of his hair with my nonsense for a few hours!
The kids will get something hand-crafted special for them, so EVERYBODY wins!!!!

My mom came by as well. She showed me the photographs she had done at Glamour Shots.
Yes, 71 years old and she had her photos done at G-S.
Can you tell where I get MY audacity and obnoxiousness from? Yep- and her mother was the same as well. I LOVED my Granny Coyle! She was the most awesome woman I had ever come across in my life. She had 18 kids and ONE husband in her lifetime. And she could dish it out better than anyone I know. There was NO chance of getting by with a lie, fabrication, fib, fiblette, or even a detour around the truth with her.But she knew how to have fun- and MAKE fun as well.
She and all the girls in the family used to have a HAT DAY where they would all get together and have a picnic and every one of them had to wear a hat- the more obnoxious the hat the better. They ate- and drank- and took photos- and had a BLAST!
Occasionally for the family reunion she would command that everyone dress "Old Fashioned".
No one thought to NOT come old fashioned. If Granny wanted it- you just complied. Not because we were afraid of her-(Altho we could have been that as well)- it was because she would do anything in the world for us- and we did the same for her...because it's what families do. Or so we were taught.
I hope I can live up to her standard.

It was a GREAT weekend!

Friday, November 02, 2007


Is it just a Southern tradition to just hop in the car and go for a joyride with no particular destination in mind?

When we were kids we would be sitting around enjoying the wonders of our THREE TV Channels with diddly squat on them on a lazy Sunday afternoon and Daddy would take out his keys and jangle them and say......"Okay- Let's go for a ride young'uns!!"

Sometimes we would go towards the mountains. Sometimes we would go towards the lakes. Sometimes we would go by one or both sets of Grandparents for a short visit. And during the holidays we would go out and ride until it got dark enough to see the Christmas decorations twinkling in the windows of the houses and on the front lawns.

Of course, it was a time when gas was 10 cents a gallon.....but then again, wages were much less as well, so I suppose it balances out in the end.

The point is we did it - and enjoyed it. I still love to just hop in the car and ride for a couple hours on a lazy weekend afternoon. I don't do it very often now because of the rising gas prices....well, that AND the fact that my auto has almost 200,000 miles on it now and I'm almost afraid to drive it very far- or for very long. Heck, I washed it the other day after two years of NOT washing it and afterwards was nervous about going too fast in it just in case the grime that I washed off was all that was holding the body parts together!

But I digress..........The best way in my opinion to go on a true "ride" is to go with at LEAST one partner/co-pilot and take turns deciding which direction to turn or which exit to take.

Paulius and I took a road trip like that up towards Brevard and Asheville NC a couple years ago and it was a blast....despite the fact we not only got TOTALLY LOST- we got caught in a God-Awful Thunderstorm in the process!! It really was fun tho. We like to refer to it as one of our "Little Life Adventures". We took another one a while back as well to White-Water Falls and decided to go on an impromptu water- in July and hot as hell.....not a fun hike let me tell you....but we can look back on it and laugh NOW.

Do yourself a favor and just go for a ride with nowhere in particular in mind soon.......Create some memories.
You won't be sorry.
Unless you get seriously lost.
Have some FUN for a change.
Don't be such grown-ups all the time.
And you only live once so PLAY once in awhile!!!

Eh- Just bring your cash card....and some cash just in case you get lost in an area where there is no ATMs.

Let's Go For A Ride!!!

Is it just a Southern tradition to just take the notion to hop in the car and go for a ride and not necessarily have a specific destination in mind when you go?

Growing up we did that quite a lot. Of course gas was about 10 cents a gallon then as well. But then again, wages were MUCH lower then too.

It was one of the great joys of our childhood to be sitting around bored to tears with our three channels of nothing to watch on Sunday afternoon and have my Daddy grab the keys and jangle them and call us to the car saying"Let's go for a RIDE, young'uns!!"

Sometimes we would ride up towards the mountains. Sometimes we would go toward the lakes. Sometimes we would stop by one or both sets of Grandparents for a short visit. And during the hlidays we would do it about darkfall and

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mythical Creatures....

If you could be ANY mythical creature you wanted- what would it be?

Me? .........I'd be either a vampyre or a wood-sprite.
I'm already into the vampyre lifestyle. Up all night- sleep all day, love bloody food.........
Wood-Sprite would be a nice change tho- get to create all kinds of mischief....much like my REAL life!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MC Etcher Style.......

Real Life Conversation........

Her- I love you. You know, I'm planning on being married to you for at LEAST 58 years!! We still have at LEAST 55 years left!
Him-*Rubs hand over face and sighs*....... You get less time for murder.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rambling on.......

I wasn't kidding when I said I was tired on Friday. I went to bed as soon as I posted that comment and I slept 26 and a half hours before getting up.

It's been a weird week. We had a vehicle go airborne and hit the sign/gate to the hospital. the car was almost cut in half and that was one big old paperwork mess to deal with. One guy was ejected from the car- the driver broke both his legs. Both were lucky to be alive. It did me no good whatsoever to have to go out there and see that mess and deal with that so soon after Clays accident.

I went to the cemetary today, too. They got Clays headstone in place. It was a really bad idea for me to go there alone. I COMPLETELY lost it. I'm glad no one was visiting at the time, they would have probally called the guys with the straight-jackets had they been. I howled like a wolf on the night of a full moon. And don't apologize for it at all. I needed to cry without abandon- and I did.

I think for Paulius' Birthday we are going to go on a weekend trip somewhere. Maybe Gatlinburg. Maybe somewhere closer. But somewhere not home. We deserve a bit of a get-away. We need it.

I made a pineapple-coconut cake today. The holidays are approaching fast and I have been baking more than usual this past month. Made chocolate oatmeal cookies. Made brownies. Made this cake. Pauli baked an apple pie. And I got the stuff to make Marshmallow Krispie treats too. YUM! I usually make three kinds of those as well- Plain ones, Fruity ones, and Chocolate ones!

Got the little ones Christmas all done. Got scrapbooks for putting some photos in for the kids. I just have to actually get them put together in the next few weeks. I have about half of the adult kids other stuff and our parents to get tho. Paulius wanted a subscription to WoW for his Christmas gift- so I suppose HIS is done as well. I know what I am getting Paulius' Dad- know what I am going to get my mom as well.

I try and get my kids 3 gifts for Christmas. One a sensible gift, One a FUN gift, and the last a sentimental gift.

Yeah, I know I'm kinda rambling. I do that sometimes.
It's one of those kinda days...weeks...months.....years.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Taking The Weekend Off.

Too tired to even think about writing.

Have a GREAT Weekend!!


Friday, October 19, 2007

Picture Book and a VERY Odd Story.......

I had the ODDEST dream.

Paulius and I had moved into our new house and guess who our new neighbors just happened to be?
Ozzy and Mrs.Ozzy and the Ozzlettes!!! AND they came over for dinner. They brought Ozzys very best friend who just happened to be the tall dark haired guy from the Drew Carey Show and Paulius cooked us all burnt bacon for dinner, which I thought was really odd because he can cook like a mo-fo.
Yeah- that was ALL he cooked.
Then Mrs. Ozzy told me there was a secret room to the house that nobody knew about-and took me into the back hallway and moved a secret panel and it was a closet the size of a football field. I wasreally happy cause that's where I was going to put all my Christmas decorations for storage!
Then the doorbell rang and it was Jacoby from the MTV show SCARRED and he wanted the kids to come out and skate with him and Ozzy and Paulius beat the crap out of him and then called his mom to come get him and take him to the hospital.
Mrs. Ozzy and I thought it was hilarious. Our kids certainly weren't going to go ANYWHERE with Jacoby.
Then Ozzys friend came in with Pizza and I woke up.

And THAT'S what I get for going to bed on an empty stomach and sleeping for more than 4 hours.

Lil Britian.........

Computer says Nooooooo.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Bitch....and A Bitch.

First of it too much to ask that when ya download something onto the computer you KNOW I might be interested in seeing or reading, that you leave it on there for me?????? It's REALLY annoying to see something on there and go "Owww!! " and then it be a missing shortcut.

Also, Mother Nature gave us a nice taste of cool weather a couple of weeks ago and then turned it back to 90 again this past week and this week too.
Little hint MAMA NATURE....
IT'S FREAKING MID OCTOBER!!!!!!!! Cool weather is overdue!!!

Let's get it started!!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's A.............................


Get ready to welcome Lil' Clay into the world in February.

And I am VERY happy about it!!!!

He weighs 12 ounces at the moment and was immensely proud to display his boyhood....he obviously didn't want anyone to be buying pink ANYTHING for him.
He also didn't mind showing his displeasure at being poked and prodded by the Sonogram technician. Such a frown on that sweet little face!!

I can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Two Things..........

Okay, so first of all...........
I go in the morning at 8AM to meet my daughter-in-law, Kathy, and her mom at her Obstetricians office for her sonogram to find out the sex of the baby.........if it co-operates, that is. Sometimes they can't get the positioning right to find out.

I hope they do one of those 3-D sonograms for us.
Yeah- I'll Post the results as soon as I get back home!!!
You KNOW I will.

If you wanna lose 50 pounds in 12 months, eat less and exercise more.
If you wanna lose 50 pounds in 12 minutes, play poker in England.

My doctor gave me that advice a few years ago.........which may explain WHY he's no longer my doctor.