Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 22- A Walk In The Park.....

June 22......A Walk in the Park

 This reminded me of a street wise Bart Simpson.
 Even the underpasses are lovely on the river.
 Shhhhhhhh...he's hunting ducks....
 You know what they say-
 A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.
 I totally agreeAlways a good idea to get the photo before they realize you are taking a photo of THEM. They tend to do one of two things then- 
either duck and hide- 
or pose in the most akward positions and make the most hideous faces.
 I love water of any kind.....
 Gator Trail....... 
(No- not really. The gators would freeze to death here.)
 A Floatilla
 Girl by the water
 A girl and her boyfriend......or brother....or Uncle...or something.
 Whooooo Hooooooo!!
 The calm before the rapids...
 He made it!!! and Look Ma- No Helmet!!!!
 Oh YEAH??? Make me!!!
Dry Run......
I'm A Big Boy Now!!!!
 Hold that pose!!!
Contemplation..... I make the most of every opportunity- she was already posing for photos her companion was taking, so I just snapped a few off myself. 
I'm surprised my hubby wasnt doing the same thing.
 Fun In The Sun.....
 Oh- Pardon me!!
 Look- a Birdie!!!
 How convenient-
 They put up a sign so you know a good spot to take a Photo is here!!!
 And it IS!!! Look at my handsome guy!!!
I love Photowalks with my hubby...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Star, Writer, Director.

Recently husband wrote a post on Movie Remakes. Interesting reading and he made some very good points.

The part that really made me think tho, was this.....

We eventually have to accept that we don’t get to be Jedi, flying around the universe in the Millenium Falcon. That we’re not the star in our own personal movie, and we live in world where the good guys don’t always win, and the bad guy doesn’t get chucked into a super-weapon’s main reactor.

And I have to disagree with one tiny part of that statement.

I think we ARE absolutely the star in our own personal movie. We are also the director, and in most cases, the writer. I know I'm the star in MY movie- who else better to play me than ME? It comes naturally for me to act/or react in my life JUST the way I do, because- well- that's exactly HOW I DO act/react. I live every single scene in my movie. I cry- I laugh- I get mad- I screw up- I make up and I make love. I over-eat, swear I'm going to do better, and then do it again. I think " I can do this" and I try again. Sometimes in my endeavors I succeed- sometimes I fail. I take chances at some things- and in others I absolutely steadfastly refuse to give up or give in and I fight back. I argue, I fuss, I nag. I fall down, and I get back up. I change myself- do countless makeovers- again and again. I stage the scenes and then think how can I do this better. How can it change my life movie and make it a Number One for me? 

Outside forces will deinately come into play- the assistant director or the producer and other actors -not to mention my leading man, will surely have input into the storyline, but ultimately, it's my lifestory- and I have the final say in the decisions I make and the way the plot goes. 
I have/will run into obstacles, I have/will overcome them. Or not. I look back on things that have happened in my life and become better for them. I look back at other things and cringe and hide from them. But I'm always looking for ways to make my life movie better- more interesting-more pleasurable. Both for me and the people in my life who are watching this epic thriller/action/drama/romance/comedy....and yes-even sometimes musical- (much to a few peoples consternation, I'm sure) with me.

Yes. I definitely AM the writer-director and STAR in my own life movie. 
I wonder how it will all turn out?

Stay tuned for the Epic Saga of .....
 The Life & Times Of Lavada
All Day-Every Day- And only on this channel.

Doom & Gloom....for Now.

I've recently started a project that seems doomed.

 I've started a year-long project with a new model. A camera shy one. Now- I have to say that  she has been great. She agreed to DO the project with me(HUGE for her!!!She trusts very few people with a camera around her after a monumental FUBAR involving another photographer/friend and it was a golden opportunity for me as a photographer so we decided to go for it!) and during our first mini-shoot she really started to loosen up and seemed to get into the spirit of it. But the past couple of weekends(it's a couple of hours every weekend kind of project- not too time consuming for either of us) something has come up that prevented us from our shoot.
I know- things like that happen all the time- but for some reason this project is fighting us at every turn. It may take two years, but we WILL see this thru. It's too important to us both. I have so many ideas for the shoots.
Our main problem is that we live so far apart. When we started planning the project we both lived in the same town- about 10 minutes apart. Well, Breianna(my camera shy model)- got a fabulous new job, and a fabulous new significant other, and a fabulous new apartment in a fabulous little town a couple weeks later and now lives about 40 miles away from me. So with us both working our day jobs during the week, a commute during the week is totally out of the question, and we've planned on alternating weekends travel for the shoots, but we also have to take in our significant others plans for us- as well as the weather and travel and it's ....difficult.
But we WILL get it done. We are both just that kind of stubborn and as Goddesses, we WILL have our way.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I've Got a New Toy!!

My hubby got me ...well, US....a new sewing machine!!! I'll be doing some re-fash stuff to a few items in my wardrobe in the next couple of weeks and I'll post the before and afters on here when I do. EXCITED!!!!!