Sunday, June 15, 2014

Doom & Gloom....for Now.

I've recently started a project that seems doomed.

 I've started a year-long project with a new model. A camera shy one. Now- I have to say that  she has been great. She agreed to DO the project with me(HUGE for her!!!She trusts very few people with a camera around her after a monumental FUBAR involving another photographer/friend and it was a golden opportunity for me as a photographer so we decided to go for it!) and during our first mini-shoot she really started to loosen up and seemed to get into the spirit of it. But the past couple of weekends(it's a couple of hours every weekend kind of project- not too time consuming for either of us) something has come up that prevented us from our shoot.
I know- things like that happen all the time- but for some reason this project is fighting us at every turn. It may take two years, but we WILL see this thru. It's too important to us both. I have so many ideas for the shoots.
Our main problem is that we live so far apart. When we started planning the project we both lived in the same town- about 10 minutes apart. Well, Breianna(my camera shy model)- got a fabulous new job, and a fabulous new significant other, and a fabulous new apartment in a fabulous little town a couple weeks later and now lives about 40 miles away from me. So with us both working our day jobs during the week, a commute during the week is totally out of the question, and we've planned on alternating weekends travel for the shoots, but we also have to take in our significant others plans for us- as well as the weather and travel and it's ....difficult.
But we WILL get it done. We are both just that kind of stubborn and as Goddesses, we WILL have our way.

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