Sunday, July 27, 2014

St. Helens Street Photography

I'm rapidly learning that Street Photography is my favorite.  I love being able to go out and just take photos of random people in the places we go- altho that can have some pit-falls.
 Some people do not LIKE their photos being taken....
Some people are merely "meh" about it.....
Some don't realize it...
And  then you have the surprises......
I had just walked round the corner walking to my eye exam and saw our favorite weekend treat-mobile was in town center, so I just snapped off a quick photograph. Nothing special- just my favorite weekend lunch spot and some customers in front.
Upon closer inspection....
Cheeky rascal!!!
And when we stopped on our way out after the eye exam- he even remembered where I was from from our very FIRST conversation when he asked about my accent.
Love it!!!

(I'm going to start keeping count of how many photos I keep out of each shoot.)
(4 of 20)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Epic......(WARNING!!!!!!-Adult Content)

Well, if you are under the illusion that Goddesses always are demure, calm, collected, and elegant.....don't read any further.  I'm about to destroy that myth in a very adult way so you've been warned.
  Granted, we usually are usually all those things I listed above., But this week has been EPIC for humbling me and not taking myself too seriously....and it's only TUESDAY????? Oh My.

Okay, so yesterday, I got up threw on my pair of hot fuscia lacy legged undies from my baby doll sleep set and went to the bathroom to wash my hair and do my makeup. Well, I did all that- then in the rush threw on my clothes to go into the office. Now because of my IBS- I wear a bit less constrictive clothing into the office until I can get a grip on the problem, so office wear yesterday consisted of a pair of black yoga pants, black flat boots, with a  long knee length black cardi over a red ribbed stretch button-front blouse. No one can see under our desks so to the casual observer, I was wearing a nice office outfit.
The problem came in when I walked all the way to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and my bottle of water from the cooler. I had taken off my cardi when I first arrived and didn't think twice about putting it back on just to go to the kitchen. As I was waiting on my water bottle to fill I reached back to smooth my pants down in the back- sort of a nervous tic I have, and as I ran my hand over my backside, I felt a ridge.
Well, not so much a RIDGE as a flipping speed bump!!!
In my rush, I had left on the ruffled leg undies from the baby doll set and put on my yoga pants over them. Usually when I get up I grab my undies and don them as I'm in the bathroom after my shower and when I walk out to get dressed.......well, you get the picture.
So anyway, I'm standing there and the office is about half full of office mates and now I have to walk all the way back down to my desk in the far corner of the building past all these people sporting my ruffled speed bump under my clingy yoga pants.
.........Yeah. I heard a couple of snickers. Keep walking.
SO as if that wasn't bad enough- the top I had on decided that when I bent over to get my lunch out of the fridge it was going to pop the buttons out of the buttonholes. except for the very bottom one.  Jeez, thanks.
So with a kitchen full of people AGAIN- there I am standing trying to keep from dropping my lunch while trying to close my shirt up so no one gets a flash of my magnificent Mams.
Good Lord....Could it get any worse, I asked myself?.........

Well, funny I should ask....because today- it did.

So we all know I have IBS...and after making sure I wore a MUCH better and more secure outfit today, I walked to the kitchen at lunchtime to get my second bottle of water- and just as I got the cap off- IBS pains Off I run to the in, close the stall door, throw the lock and jerk down my panties.
And scream so loud it rattled the window in there- which was OPEN BTW!!!
It's almost time for Auntie Flo and as a precautionary measure I had used a pantyliner in my undies- just in case- and my badly in need of a trim landing strip strays got caught in the adhesive backing and was RIPPED OUT when I jerked my undies down- so yes- it hurt- I shrieked....LOUDLY.
Yes, was truly an epic moment for me. Try explaining THAT to people who are standing around because they heard a woman shriek and was wondering what was going on.

THEN...... No the rest of this really isn't about me- unless you ...well, you will see when you read it.

So Around 3PM, we were back at our desks and one of my office mates was on the phone...I'm not sure if it was a client or a colleague he was talking with, but another office mate was looking out the window at a guy in the parking lot who was doing some asphalt maintenance who had what was essentially- a flamethrower...and he said as much. Office mate #1 tells his caller to please hold, then comes over to look out and then is supremely disappointed when it's not a huge flamethrower like you see in the movies. He proceeds to go back and TELL the caller that"Someone in the office said there was someone out in the parking lot with a flamethrower and I had to  go check it out- but it wasn't really a flamethrower- so where was we...?"
Office mate  #2 and I was chuckling at this point because Office mate #1 is always doing and saying things that no one other than he could EVER in a thousand years get away with....and we LOVE it!!...and about 10 seconds later- the Ice-cream van shows up in the parking lit blaring its carnival music and Office-Mate #2 and I have tears rolling down our faces we are laughing so hard. That poor guy on the phone must have thought he had accidentally called the insane asylum.....But somehow Office-mate #1 just went right on with the conversation and took care of business- just like a true professional....... And yes- there was a few people who took a much needed break and went out and bought themselves an ice-cream.

Hubby didn't find any of this amusing- he said he reckoned it was just some of those- you had to BE there kinda moments..........
But for me it's days like this that break the monotony and make us smile. And now- these epic situations have been recorded and will go down in history.

It's not always pretty with me- but it's always honest.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

My Windowsill Garden...

My and Hubby's windowsill garden is a success.
I now have Tomatoes growing.

Exibit A & B-

Paul has several different types of HOT Peppers Growing.

Exhibit C & D-

Exhibit E & F-

I also have/had a sweet bell pepper plant going really nicely- until some idiot one told me if I chopped it off just below the first fork it would grow back bushier and produce better. 
That has YET to be seen. 
The top of it had several flowers on it already when I "pruned" it. 
So far its bushier , but there hasnt another single flower been produced again to date. 
We will have to wait and see I suppose.

I also have a sweet potato vine growing- purely for decoration tho.

This is my big bay window and it's windowsill garden. 

Final Exhibit-

Me and my Bezzie Here in the UK.....Lisa.