Sunday, July 06, 2014

My Windowsill Garden...

My and Hubby's windowsill garden is a success.
I now have Tomatoes growing.

Exibit A & B-

Paul has several different types of HOT Peppers Growing.

Exhibit C & D-

Exhibit E & F-

I also have/had a sweet bell pepper plant going really nicely- until some idiot one told me if I chopped it off just below the first fork it would grow back bushier and produce better. 
That has YET to be seen. 
The top of it had several flowers on it already when I "pruned" it. 
So far its bushier , but there hasnt another single flower been produced again to date. 
We will have to wait and see I suppose.

I also have a sweet potato vine growing- purely for decoration tho.

This is my big bay window and it's windowsill garden. 

Final Exhibit-

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Michael Dodd said...

Lovely window garden! And edibles, too!
When I was a kid, we would grow sweet potato vines because it was easy. In recent years, I see them everywhere as part of regular gardens and plantings, and only now do I realize how pretty they are.