Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Unscheduled Vacation/Holiday- BLOODY HELL!

You know how for the past few months I have been whining about needing my weeks vacation?

Well, today I got my bloody wish.

Today is my Eldest son's B-Day.....25 he is.(HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK!!!!)

Pauli and I went out and did our errands as soon as I came in from work this morning......we figured we could get it all done quickly and get home and I could get plenty of rest before going in to work this evening.

Well, we had a VERY enjoyable day....we got all the necessities like gas and cigs and food, and got me a new pair of work-shoes since my old ones were literally falling apart in the past week. Then after doing all that needed stuff we went out to Sonny's BBQ place and he enjoyed the all you can eat ribs(We had been wanting ribs for a while and then last night when we watched the MASH episode where Hawkeye sent all the way to Chicago for the BBQ ribs it sealed the deal for us.) Of course i can't HAVE Pork ribs so I had to settle for the BBQ chicken- if you call THAT settling. Honestly, Sonny's has the best BBQ of ANY kind in the whole SOUTHEAST!.....anyway,
we ate, then decided since we had a few dollars we could spare- we went and bought a couple of inexpensive Comp games we have had our eye on for a while. We also bought my son his B-Day gift and a card before heading home....Full, with a new game, and happily chatting away the morning and early afternoon.

Well, we got home, crawled into bed, and I slept for about maybe an hour when I woke up with the beginnings of a headache from the heat. I got up, got a drink and walked back towards the bedroom, the heat going up a few degrees every few steps toward that side of the house. So I turned round and went back to the cool living room.

Well, I remembered that my sons baby had a docs appointment this afternoon in about 30 mins, so I decided while it was too hot to sleep, I would go take my son his card and gift and maybe give them a ride to the pediatricians office if they needed one.I would get a nice visit with my birthday-boy and it would be relatively cool when I got back home so I could sleep without getting a heat-induced Migraine. GREAT! PERFECT!

I grabbed my drink from the fridge(in a Styrofoam cup, no of the HUGE 32 oz cups too for once, and grabbed the gift bag and my purse and headed out the door. I stepped off the porch right into a spot where Buddy the dog likes to lay when he's outside guarding our house, and twisted my ankle all to hell.
Yeah- busting the foam cup in the meantime and getting the gift and my clothes soaked in that sugary sweet drink.

It hurt so bad........I lay outside crying for about 20 minutes...then tried to get up. Nope- wasn't gonna happen. I felt like I was gonna throw up it was hurting so bad. I crawled back into the house into the kitchen which is JUST inside the front door, managed to get some ice out of the freezer and put ice on the ankle for another 20 mins or so. It still hurt just as bad and was swelling like crazy.

I called to Paul but the bedroom is all the way at the other end of the house and we had on the A/C and three fans running full blast so there was no way he could have heard me call. I thought about crawling in there to wake him- but decided to go to the car instead. So, after the ordeal of getting out the front door again, locking and shutting the door, opening the door to the car and then dragging myself into the seat, I kinda wish I had made that trip to wake him. But it was too late by that point....I made a bad decision, so I had to live with it. I knew the kids would already be at the docs office so I drove to the Pediatricians office and pulled up to the front door- I knew my son could see me pull up from the waiting area and LUCKILY the Pediatricians office is only two blocks from my doctors office. I asked him if he would go with me to my doc's office since I would need a wheelchair and of course my sweet birthday-boy gladly complied.

We got there and the doc brought me back right away, before my son got in from parking the car actually. I got my foot x-rayed with minimum pain(I have GREAT nurses and assistants there) and then the doc came in and told me it wasn't broken- just VERY badly sprained..AGAIN.

And so now- I have a weeks "vacation" from work, and a prescription for pain meds to get filled- as well as an office visit and an x-ray to pay for which should JUST about take my whole vacation paycheck when it comes.

It wouldn't be so bad....but what the hell fun is a vacation when you have to sit around with your foot propped up on a pillow doing nothing?

..........wait a minute- THAT'S what I was planning on doing when I took my vacation anyway! What am I WHINING ABOUT???????????

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TWO YEARS???????

I can't believe that EXACTLY TWO YEARS ago today I started Blogging.

Where does the time go..........


- A Tribute to the men in my life; Paul, Frank, Clayton, Dad, Charlie, T.J., Devon, Christopher, and baby St.Nicholas.....

What I Have Learned About Men................

1)Men Like FIRE.
Something about fire fascinates them- be it a flame from a match, from a charcoal grill, a roaring bonfire, or a burning building surrounded by Big, Red, Shiny Firetrucks(see#9).

2)Men Like To Take Things Apart.
Even when they KNOW they won't be able to put it back together they cannot resist seeing how it works.

3)Men Like to Blow Things Up.

A more noisy variation of fire I suppose.

4)Men LIKE Things Messy/Cluttered.
Men like to be able to SEE their possessions at ALL times. (Women like things put away so it gives the illusion they have plenty of room to acquire even MORE possessions.)

5)Men Like to Teach.
Men like to explain the things they know about to those around them who CLEARLY don't understand the whys and wherefores of the aforementioned "things" or 'ideas". (Hehehehehehehhe.....Paulius was reading over this while it was still on paper and said"I don't agree with #5 because....." and proceeded to explain why ...therefore educating me about why it could be wrong.....and ironically proving my point).

6)Men Like To Be Needed.
Be it for big things like repairing the computer or car, moving furniture, building a pond...or small things like opening a stuck jar lid or just knowing where the lost car keys are.

7)Men Like To Eat.
As long as it's a food they don't detest they will try it once. ESPECIALLY if it's cooked over FIRE.(See # 1)
(Sometimes even a food they detest can be camouflaged with breading or a crust and if they aren't TOLD its a food they detest- will like it anyway. Be smart- Don't point out what is actually is until they ASK.)

8)Men Like To Keep Their Emotions Hidden.
I think this is because men's emotions are so different from women's. Men have three levels of emotions.....complete indifference(which as women we refuse to acknowledge because this level doesn't actually exist for us...women have about 3.7 million levels....on a GOOD day), total love(which men like to keep hidden away 99% of the time because, well, it's just not manly according to other men), or total hatred(which can result in actions that can land you in trouble with the law or dead-and neither is a good option).

9)Men Like Things That Have Wheels and /or Motors.
Motorcycles, autos, trucks, bikes, skateboards or skates, lawnmowers, wheel-barrows, trailers, ATVs....the list just goes on and on.......
If it ROLLS it has their attention and the shinier and more "Options" it has-the better.

10)Men Like Gadgets.
Men have the curiosity of cats. They see a gadget and they have to pick it up and view it from ALL possible angles........front, back, both sides, right side up and upside down for an hour before getting down to the business of taking it apart.(See #2) They are especially drawn to gadgets that make funny noises and/or have flashing lights.... and ESPECIALLY ones that have a remote control.

11)Men Have Defective Hearing.
Unless it involves FIRE, or food, or gadgets, or wheels, or motors, or unless it blows up(see # 1, #7, #10, #9 x 2, & #3).

That said, I would like to say that men make the world go round- they are the icing on the cake of life and I wouldn't want to live in a world where these wonderful, interesting creatures did not exist. They make us laugh, cry, sigh and occasionally throw our hands up in despair, but they make our lives and our world complete. So, to the men in my life, I would like to say "Thank You" for making my my life such a wonderful roller-coaster ride.

I love you all more than Life.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sorry Guys!

Sorry I've not been posting much lately guys. I am still dealing with a couple of health issues but hope to be finished with all this in another month or so.

Okay- I have several things to catch up on today.

First of all- I have a new recipe on the recipe blog.

Secondly, remember about two weeks ago the story of the girl who found the 5000 dollars at her charity job with the note and turned it in? Well, update on that story is.... A fund had been set up in her name for her continuing education. She wants to go into Law Enforcement, it seems. Also, Greenville Tech has come forward and is sending her to a three semester course in Emergency communications this year. Upon completion of the course she will be trained and certified to work at ANY emergency dispatch job in the COUNTRY!
Good for HER!
And way to go to the Charity and GT who set this up for her!

Third.....Seems lady luck may be smiling on me again! If things go as planned- I should be getting another dollar raise in June at work. And then ANOTHER dollar raise an August after the Federal Certification Examination.
Holy heck- I don't know WHAT I'll do with all that extra money!

Sometimes in Mid to Late January, I think.
So ONCE again- Please help me out by THINKING PINK for a couple minutes each day if you have the chance!
I have FOUR blood-kin Grandsons- with three more step-grandsons pending.................


Fifth-I have two LONG posts in the works- I just have to finish them.

See ya all soon!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Something to Do- Someone to Love- Something to Dream of.

Is there a need for anything more?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Sowwwwwweeeeeeyyy!!

I'm supposed to be going to a family reunion today.

I won't be going. I have a headache.....again- for two days. And much as I love my family and WANT to go anyway, there is NO way I could deal with the noise, the heat, or especially the LIGHT right now.

I know some people will be hurt I didn't come- mainly my sister Tee who has worked so hard all year to get this event together, but I'm sure she will understand- as will any of my other relatives who have ever had one of these damn things.

So to all who miss me- I miss you too. And besides- there's ALWAYS next year!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hello- My New Name Is Edith-Ann.......

Okay, I gave this being an adult thing one last chance- and I STILL don't like it. So, as of today, I officially resign being an adult and will always and forever and so for all eternity will be childish.

Adults have no fun, altho they DO get to go to work and make loads and loads of money, they NEVER get to spend it on cool stuff. All they ever get to do is pay bills and pay more bills and think about paying even MORE bills and they never get to spend it on cool stuff like gallons and gallons of ice cream and bags and bags of chips and bottles and bottles of Pepsi Cola, and They can't buy Wii's or new video or computer games or just go to the lake or the beach every day or at least every weekend and They work and sleep and sometimes eat and worry AND they yell and nag when you wanna buy something cool and they say stuff like"do you think money grows on TREES"-(I wish-I'd have a big ole GROVE of those trees if it did)- or "do I look like I'm made of money?"(humph- if they were made of money I'd be feeding them all sorts of stuff to make 'em fatter and fatter so I would have even more money.

k'....So after I quit being a 'dult today, Paulius and I stopped at the local discount store to buy batteries and Mother's Day cards for our moms and I got to buy the COOLEST thing! I gots a SPIDERMAN Flying Disc, Only Paulius wouldn't let me throw it around in the parking lot before we got in the car to come home, And then when we gots home I forgot about it til I was inside and then he wouldn't let me throw it in the house neither, So I said it was too hot outside to go out and test drive, I mean throw, it and so now I have to wait til it cools off this evening and then go out and try it out, But until then I'm gonna go sit on the sofa and hold it up and look at it and do these really loud sighs with a sad look on my face and If I'm lucky maybe Paulius get annoyed with me and he will walk out the door and will throw the disc out in the front yard and then when I go out to retrieve it the door might "accidentally" get stuck and maybe Paulius will be stuck outside with me and since we're already stuck outside in the yard we might as well just throw the disc around a bit til we figure out how to get back in the house since my keys will be locked inside and if that doesn't happen then I'll have to go up to my brothers house and he and my other 'dopted brother are there today and then I'll show them my cool disc and I'll bet they will wanna try it out too and so we will.

I like this being childish thing- it's MUCH more fun than being an adult EVER was!

And THAT's The Truth!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Okay, a girl who works at one of the charity shops found a wad of cash wrapped in a note in a pocket of a pair of donated men's pajamas. She turned it into her supervisor and went back to her job and finished the last six hours of her shift.

The note said this;
"I have been saving this for quite a while. I hope whoever finds it uses it wisely." It was signed with a first name only.

The supervisor put the cash in a safe- and if after 90 days it's not claimed, he says it will automatically become a donation to the charity. The worker will receive from the charity a couple of gift certificates and a party in her honour for being such an "honest" employee.

Big whoop.

First of all- This sweet girl has no problem with the money going to the charity- even tho she is paid only a small stipend for working at the charity shop. Everyone else seems to think that the charity should follow the letter of the law which says that items turned in and not used in a crime which are not claimed by the owner in 90 days automatically become the property of the finder.

To be perfectly honest- if it had been ME that found that chunk of change with that note worded that way- NO WAY would I have "turned it in to the office".

Now people are up in arms about the way things worked out and seems that the Little Miss may be receiving rewards from the private sector that may very well exceed the five thousand dollars she turned in.

Good for her.

I don't think that the donor had any idea that their generosity would create this much of a stir.
And I honestly wonder what they will think when they hear this story on the news. Will they come forth and claim it and clarify the meaning of their note- or will they cringe at the thought of the uproar it has caused?

Makes ya think, doesn't it?

Monday, May 07, 2007


So I was reading all my favorite blogs today and MC gave me inspiration to ask a question........

If you could send yourself a message into the future- say in 30 years- What message would you send?

I think I will have to ponder this one awhile. So much to say- so little time.

You know- the real question might be- if you could send yourself a message BACK in time from when you were 70- what would the message be?

That one is a bit easier to answer- because it's the same thing I say now when I look back on my past life/lives....I would get a message saying.....

Don't sweat the small stuff- and YES you DO.....what you sometimes think is the end of the world is only a grain of sand in the big picture of our life. Enjoy the life you are having and quit WORRYING so much!
Your Future Self.

Maybe I should listen to myself more often.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Entertainers.

The cat and dog have been keeping us entertained this week.
Buddy, the dog, is in his adolescent stage right now- he walks around either so exuberant that he literally jumps for joy- or he walks around sulking and giving us the teen eye-roll and blowing and sighing with exasperation attitude.
AND he's jealous of the cat. He just cannot understand WHY the cat can snuggle in our laps and he gets yelled at and put back on the floor when HE tries to be a lap dog.
Well the 105 pound weight difference might have a LITTLE to do with it- but try explaining that to a sulking teen dog.

Leonard, the cat, is beginning to lose his baby kitten look and looks more like a cat now.
He's a strange little pet.....sometimes I walk into the room and Buddy will be stretched out on the floor and there's Leonard, busy as a bee just giving Buddy the most exuberant Massage I have ever seen. Other times, Leonard is all cat- climbing the curtains, napping in odd places- but even then he's entertainment. He hasn't quite grasped the concept of CAT-napping.......He still falls so dead asleep that he forgets where he is and rolls over and falls of his perch on the back of the chair.

Have you seen the pic of the little kitten who looks like a stoner on Paulis blog? Well, that is the same look Leonard gets when he falls off his perch.

The cat will eat everything too.
It doesn't matter that he has a 50 pound bag of cat food in HIS bowl....soon as he hears us pouring Buddy's food in HIS bowl, Leonard comes tearing into Buddies room(The laundry room) and starts chomping away at Buddy's food. Buddy usually lets him eat a few seconds before giving him a shove off and a sharp bark to warn Leonard off.
Not that it does any good, mind you- Leonard just lies down and pretends to nap til buddy goes out and then we hear little crunching noises coming from the laundry room and Buddy gores racing back in there to guard his food altho when HE came out of the Laundry room he went straight to Leonard's bowl and was eating it. To pay him Back I suppose?

Buddy also has a habit of helping Leonard with his grooming. Leonard will come sit down in the middle of the living room floor and begin grooming himself. Buddy watches him for a couple minutes and then gets up and goes over and begins "Helping" Leonard bathe. He does have a MUCH larger tongue after all and poor little Leonard just doesn't have the volume of slobber on his tiny little cat tongue that Buddy does on his big ole doggie tongue. Buddy bathes Leonard in about 5 minutes and after all is said and done- poor Leonard is left in the middle of the floor looking dazed and confused and for all the world wondering why he now looks like a drowned rat.

Buddy is left standing over Leonard with a very pleased with himself look on his face.

We just end up laughing at the both of them.

Anyway- they are entertaining.

Friday, May 04, 2007


I'm Happy.

And that's all I got to say about that.

I'm Happy.