Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Entertainers.

The cat and dog have been keeping us entertained this week.
Buddy, the dog, is in his adolescent stage right now- he walks around either so exuberant that he literally jumps for joy- or he walks around sulking and giving us the teen eye-roll and blowing and sighing with exasperation attitude.
AND he's jealous of the cat. He just cannot understand WHY the cat can snuggle in our laps and he gets yelled at and put back on the floor when HE tries to be a lap dog.
Well the 105 pound weight difference might have a LITTLE to do with it- but try explaining that to a sulking teen dog.

Leonard, the cat, is beginning to lose his baby kitten look and looks more like a cat now.
He's a strange little pet.....sometimes I walk into the room and Buddy will be stretched out on the floor and there's Leonard, busy as a bee just giving Buddy the most exuberant Massage I have ever seen. Other times, Leonard is all cat- climbing the curtains, napping in odd places- but even then he's entertainment. He hasn't quite grasped the concept of CAT-napping.......He still falls so dead asleep that he forgets where he is and rolls over and falls of his perch on the back of the chair.

Have you seen the pic of the little kitten who looks like a stoner on Paulis blog? Well, that is the same look Leonard gets when he falls off his perch.

The cat will eat everything too.
It doesn't matter that he has a 50 pound bag of cat food in HIS bowl....soon as he hears us pouring Buddy's food in HIS bowl, Leonard comes tearing into Buddies room(The laundry room) and starts chomping away at Buddy's food. Buddy usually lets him eat a few seconds before giving him a shove off and a sharp bark to warn Leonard off.
Not that it does any good, mind you- Leonard just lies down and pretends to nap til buddy goes out and then we hear little crunching noises coming from the laundry room and Buddy gores racing back in there to guard his food altho when HE came out of the Laundry room he went straight to Leonard's bowl and was eating it. To pay him Back I suppose?

Buddy also has a habit of helping Leonard with his grooming. Leonard will come sit down in the middle of the living room floor and begin grooming himself. Buddy watches him for a couple minutes and then gets up and goes over and begins "Helping" Leonard bathe. He does have a MUCH larger tongue after all and poor little Leonard just doesn't have the volume of slobber on his tiny little cat tongue that Buddy does on his big ole doggie tongue. Buddy bathes Leonard in about 5 minutes and after all is said and done- poor Leonard is left in the middle of the floor looking dazed and confused and for all the world wondering why he now looks like a drowned rat.

Buddy is left standing over Leonard with a very pleased with himself look on his face.

We just end up laughing at the both of them.

Anyway- they are entertaining.


Saffyre said...

I think you should make a video of them and send it to me for a laugh...Just don't mak me laugh too much, it hurts right now!

dakotablueeyes said...

oh my goodness a hundred pound lap dog lol Dogs just don't realize how big they are do they