Monday, May 07, 2007


So I was reading all my favorite blogs today and MC gave me inspiration to ask a question........

If you could send yourself a message into the future- say in 30 years- What message would you send?

I think I will have to ponder this one awhile. So much to say- so little time.

You know- the real question might be- if you could send yourself a message BACK in time from when you were 70- what would the message be?

That one is a bit easier to answer- because it's the same thing I say now when I look back on my past life/lives....I would get a message saying.....

Don't sweat the small stuff- and YES you DO.....what you sometimes think is the end of the world is only a grain of sand in the big picture of our life. Enjoy the life you are having and quit WORRYING so much!
Your Future Self.

Maybe I should listen to myself more often.

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