Friday, May 11, 2007

Hello- My New Name Is Edith-Ann.......

Okay, I gave this being an adult thing one last chance- and I STILL don't like it. So, as of today, I officially resign being an adult and will always and forever and so for all eternity will be childish.

Adults have no fun, altho they DO get to go to work and make loads and loads of money, they NEVER get to spend it on cool stuff. All they ever get to do is pay bills and pay more bills and think about paying even MORE bills and they never get to spend it on cool stuff like gallons and gallons of ice cream and bags and bags of chips and bottles and bottles of Pepsi Cola, and They can't buy Wii's or new video or computer games or just go to the lake or the beach every day or at least every weekend and They work and sleep and sometimes eat and worry AND they yell and nag when you wanna buy something cool and they say stuff like"do you think money grows on TREES"-(I wish-I'd have a big ole GROVE of those trees if it did)- or "do I look like I'm made of money?"(humph- if they were made of money I'd be feeding them all sorts of stuff to make 'em fatter and fatter so I would have even more money.

k'....So after I quit being a 'dult today, Paulius and I stopped at the local discount store to buy batteries and Mother's Day cards for our moms and I got to buy the COOLEST thing! I gots a SPIDERMAN Flying Disc, Only Paulius wouldn't let me throw it around in the parking lot before we got in the car to come home, And then when we gots home I forgot about it til I was inside and then he wouldn't let me throw it in the house neither, So I said it was too hot outside to go out and test drive, I mean throw, it and so now I have to wait til it cools off this evening and then go out and try it out, But until then I'm gonna go sit on the sofa and hold it up and look at it and do these really loud sighs with a sad look on my face and If I'm lucky maybe Paulius get annoyed with me and he will walk out the door and will throw the disc out in the front yard and then when I go out to retrieve it the door might "accidentally" get stuck and maybe Paulius will be stuck outside with me and since we're already stuck outside in the yard we might as well just throw the disc around a bit til we figure out how to get back in the house since my keys will be locked inside and if that doesn't happen then I'll have to go up to my brothers house and he and my other 'dopted brother are there today and then I'll show them my cool disc and I'll bet they will wanna try it out too and so we will.

I like this being childish thing- it's MUCH more fun than being an adult EVER was!

And THAT's The Truth!


Paulius said...


Help me...try and get word out to my parents...or at least the local police.

I'm scared.

Anonymous said...

Don't be such an adult, Paulius!

Saffyre said...

My god that made me laugh....The scary thing is though, I don't think you're joking!

Sunny said...

Yeah- and youd be absolutely correct in that thought Saffy. I mostly detest being a responsible adult.

And that's the truth.

loving wonderful daughter-in-law said...

all said in one breath i imagine :) BTW..Frank (i mean devon of course) had one of those spiderman hover disk things and it was freaking awesome if you fill it with helium first. they also come in star wars paul.