Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sorry Guys!

Sorry I've not been posting much lately guys. I am still dealing with a couple of health issues but hope to be finished with all this in another month or so.

Okay- I have several things to catch up on today.

First of all- I have a new recipe on the recipe blog.

Secondly, remember about two weeks ago the story of the girl who found the 5000 dollars at her charity job with the note and turned it in? Well, update on that story is.... A fund had been set up in her name for her continuing education. She wants to go into Law Enforcement, it seems. Also, Greenville Tech has come forward and is sending her to a three semester course in Emergency communications this year. Upon completion of the course she will be trained and certified to work at ANY emergency dispatch job in the COUNTRY!
Good for HER!
And way to go to the Charity and GT who set this up for her!

Third.....Seems lady luck may be smiling on me again! If things go as planned- I should be getting another dollar raise in June at work. And then ANOTHER dollar raise an August after the Federal Certification Examination.
Holy heck- I don't know WHAT I'll do with all that extra money!

Sometimes in Mid to Late January, I think.
So ONCE again- Please help me out by THINKING PINK for a couple minutes each day if you have the chance!
I have FOUR blood-kin Grandsons- with three more step-grandsons pending.................


Fifth-I have two LONG posts in the works- I just have to finish them.

See ya all soon!!


dakotablueeyes said...

Congratulations on the grandma announcement

Marie said...

good luck on the chocolate sacrifice, maybe itll work! I really,really want a niece.And im SURE i can help you think of ways to spend that extra money :)Think mudslides..MMMMmmMmmmm...