Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Unscheduled Vacation/Holiday- BLOODY HELL!

You know how for the past few months I have been whining about needing my weeks vacation?

Well, today I got my bloody wish.

Today is my Eldest son's B-Day.....25 he is.(HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK!!!!)

Pauli and I went out and did our errands as soon as I came in from work this morning......we figured we could get it all done quickly and get home and I could get plenty of rest before going in to work this evening.

Well, we had a VERY enjoyable day....we got all the necessities like gas and cigs and food, and got me a new pair of work-shoes since my old ones were literally falling apart in the past week. Then after doing all that needed stuff we went out to Sonny's BBQ place and he enjoyed the all you can eat ribs(We had been wanting ribs for a while and then last night when we watched the MASH episode where Hawkeye sent all the way to Chicago for the BBQ ribs it sealed the deal for us.) Of course i can't HAVE Pork ribs so I had to settle for the BBQ chicken- if you call THAT settling. Honestly, Sonny's has the best BBQ of ANY kind in the whole SOUTHEAST!.....anyway,
we ate, then decided since we had a few dollars we could spare- we went and bought a couple of inexpensive Comp games we have had our eye on for a while. We also bought my son his B-Day gift and a card before heading home....Full, with a new game, and happily chatting away the morning and early afternoon.

Well, we got home, crawled into bed, and I slept for about maybe an hour when I woke up with the beginnings of a headache from the heat. I got up, got a drink and walked back towards the bedroom, the heat going up a few degrees every few steps toward that side of the house. So I turned round and went back to the cool living room.

Well, I remembered that my sons baby had a docs appointment this afternoon in about 30 mins, so I decided while it was too hot to sleep, I would go take my son his card and gift and maybe give them a ride to the pediatricians office if they needed one.I would get a nice visit with my birthday-boy and it would be relatively cool when I got back home so I could sleep without getting a heat-induced Migraine. GREAT! PERFECT!

I grabbed my drink from the fridge(in a Styrofoam cup, no of the HUGE 32 oz cups too for once, and grabbed the gift bag and my purse and headed out the door. I stepped off the porch right into a spot where Buddy the dog likes to lay when he's outside guarding our house, and twisted my ankle all to hell.
Yeah- busting the foam cup in the meantime and getting the gift and my clothes soaked in that sugary sweet drink.

It hurt so bad........I lay outside crying for about 20 minutes...then tried to get up. Nope- wasn't gonna happen. I felt like I was gonna throw up it was hurting so bad. I crawled back into the house into the kitchen which is JUST inside the front door, managed to get some ice out of the freezer and put ice on the ankle for another 20 mins or so. It still hurt just as bad and was swelling like crazy.

I called to Paul but the bedroom is all the way at the other end of the house and we had on the A/C and three fans running full blast so there was no way he could have heard me call. I thought about crawling in there to wake him- but decided to go to the car instead. So, after the ordeal of getting out the front door again, locking and shutting the door, opening the door to the car and then dragging myself into the seat, I kinda wish I had made that trip to wake him. But it was too late by that point....I made a bad decision, so I had to live with it. I knew the kids would already be at the docs office so I drove to the Pediatricians office and pulled up to the front door- I knew my son could see me pull up from the waiting area and LUCKILY the Pediatricians office is only two blocks from my doctors office. I asked him if he would go with me to my doc's office since I would need a wheelchair and of course my sweet birthday-boy gladly complied.

We got there and the doc brought me back right away, before my son got in from parking the car actually. I got my foot x-rayed with minimum pain(I have GREAT nurses and assistants there) and then the doc came in and told me it wasn't broken- just VERY badly sprained..AGAIN.

And so now- I have a weeks "vacation" from work, and a prescription for pain meds to get filled- as well as an office visit and an x-ray to pay for which should JUST about take my whole vacation paycheck when it comes.

It wouldn't be so bad....but what the hell fun is a vacation when you have to sit around with your foot propped up on a pillow doing nothing?

..........wait a minute- THAT'S what I was planning on doing when I took my vacation anyway! What am I WHINING ABOUT???????????


MC Etcher said...

I hope your ankle is better soon!

marie said...

hope your feeling better! enjoy the vacation as much as you can!