Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Sowwwwwweeeeeeyyy!!

I'm supposed to be going to a family reunion today.

I won't be going. I have a headache.....again- for two days. And much as I love my family and WANT to go anyway, there is NO way I could deal with the noise, the heat, or especially the LIGHT right now.

I know some people will be hurt I didn't come- mainly my sister Tee who has worked so hard all year to get this event together, but I'm sure she will understand- as will any of my other relatives who have ever had one of these damn things.

So to all who miss me- I miss you too. And besides- there's ALWAYS next year!


OzzyC said...

Be happy that you have such reunions. My family is so loose-knit that I've got cousins living in the same state that I haven't seen for ten years.

sahasra said...

The dear ones will understand for SURE....