Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Look Back at 2017....

As the new year approaches, I find myself looking back over the past year and seeing what has come about.

I discovered the actual name of my heart condition after many, many tests and hospital visits.
It also explains a lot about my other conditions and ailments.  I know now what needs to be done to help. It wont be a cure.... it's apparently hereditary. They are talking a pacemaker in the future if the condition gets any worse, but I'm praying we dont have to go least not for quite a few years.
In the meantime, I will continue to take my medications, I will do everything I can to get this excess weight off so my heart isn't strained any more than it already is, and I will do my very best to de-stress at every opportunity.

My mom's healthy has not improved- after several hospital visits it doesn't seem there are  any more answers than there was this time last year....or the year before. I look at everything and realize that her condition isn't likely to improve and given her advanced age, it is highly likely it will only continue to deteriorate.
I know there were reasons for moving to the UK when we did, but sometimes, when I think about it all, I wonder if we made the right decision. I know in my heart we did, I honestly dont think I would be alive had we not made that decision, but there is always the small bit of doubt that comes now and again.

My daughters health is worse, but she did meet and marry a lovely man, Charles, and for that I am over the moon. Julie is studying and in a few months can be qualified for a new job. One she doesn't have to be on her feet for hours at a time and gets paid a decent wage for the work she does.Things are looking up for them as well.

My son, Frank, is doing well. He has a lovely lady love who encourages him and works as a team with him to achieve what they want and need rather than dragging him down. Yet at the same time makes him accountable for the occasional slip up. They look forward to things, and make plans for things, and are moving forward. I pray this continues on into the future.

My youngest (late)son's wife, Kathy, got married this year as well to one of the sweetest men I've ever met. He is gentle, and kind, and adores her and the kids. He has stepped up and become the man I'm sure Clay would have approved of and if he were still with us- I'm pretty sure he and Thomas would have been very good friends if they had met.

Hubby and I are doing well. We both have good, steady, decent paying jobs. Our office is moving soon and then we can start looking for a house to purchase for our own. I'd rather not live in Manchester Proper, but I doubt that we can find anything in the same area we are renting in now. It's like Rodeo Drive here with the local celebs that live round us- and they are building upscale  retirement villages around us too..(I imagine it has to do with the close proximity of two gold courses to our front and back of the properties).
I honestly dont care as long as it's a decent quiet neighborhood and a house we can call our OWN. One where I can hang pictures and art and paint things the colors I want and have the carpeting I want or be able to sit out in my own garden in the summers evenings.

It's been a heck of a ride in 2017..... and I want to improve on everything in 2018.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Thanksgiving... The Manchester Christmas Market & Decorating For Christmas...

A few Photos......

Thanksgiving Dinner.....
Roast Potatoes

Spiced Apple Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Pecan Frosting

Baked Beans- Roast Turkey steamed Broccoli(with AND without cheese

Dinner Rolls, Gravy, Roast peppers/celery/onions/mushrooms and Sage and Onion Dressing

Table Set for 6-Me & Hubby, His parents. His Aunty P and my chosen sister, Li.

Manchester Christmas Market-
The next day me and Li were off to see the decorations in Manchester City Centre- and do a little Christmas shopping as well..... it would be rude not to!!!

All lit up just after dark.

 Mark & Spenser's Storefront Window Display.

Just as it was going dark.....

The first stall- The Chocolatier!!!!

Li said my eyes lit up like a Christmas Tree when we rounded the corner.... if she only knew!!!

Sneaky Cheeky pic of Li..... she actually photo bombed the shot so she cant get mad at me.

This was a statue spire- I think.

Big Old Fat Lit Santa .... FINALLY I got to see proper Christmas Decorations that I am used to!!!

Double Decker Bus in front of the Market.... I finally got to ride on top on the way home- didnt much care for it. 

Another pic of the stalls- and Li looking at a shop window. I think that one was L V.

Pottery stall.... Lovely merchandise!

And more stalls.....

And Dark with lights again.

Decorating the house for the Holiday-

Wear A Cap - originally a drinking game- but if we arent having a party- we dont drink much so we just shout out SANTA!!!!!! every time someone wears it!!

It hels to have places to put things when the holidays roll round.

Loved the red & green reversible ribbon sho much I decided to decorate my tree with it instead- I actually ordered 4 more lengths of it wrapped it round the tree and used the bow on this lamp as the tree topper!

My main Christmas Cards I sent out this year- had a spare- it fit into this Hurricane Candle lamp my daughter gave me- and added a bit of snow to the bottom. I LOVE IT!!! Probably my fav piece this year!!

This is a painted Rock... Either my sister, Nina, or my Niece Tiffi, made it for me!!!

And this is my kitchen window... you know I even have to have the Kitchen dressed for the Holidays!!

Trying out the new piece.....

Art for the Holidays.... My snowglobe my mom bought for me.... and my Mouse I bought for my dad's fav book when he was a little boy- Walter the Lazy Mouse. Yes- I have it too.

AChristmas Cards- and my I Believe bell from the Polar Express!!! I will ALWAYS Believe!!

My beside table and shelves.... My bowl of antique ornaments from my parents AND my grandparents 1st Christmas Trees!!

I had to have a wreath for my front door this year- so I bought a £3 one off Amazon- and decorated it myself with some red velvet ribbon, a Christmas card left over from last year- and my Elf on the Shelf- Spanky McSparklePants. He must love it there with the view of all the rooms - he hasn't moved an inch since he found that spot!!!

I think the tinsel draped on the Frames on the wall is a staple in the UK.... I havent see a single house that doesn't do this.

My Red and Green tree this year.

My inspiration for it- I need bigger, brighter ornaments for it next year- and more ribbon too. It shall be done!!!

The final styling for the Lamp & Card... complete with all my Grandbabies names ornaments

Hmmm..... the bed before it was dressed- but all the elements are still there...almost

Cant forget the Sleighbells on the front door!! We dont have a fireplace, so now when Santa come in the door, the bells will wake me up!!!! At least- in theory that's how it will work.
Yup- same tree as the Autumn leaves one- now with snowman ribbon wrapped round instead of the autumn leaves garland! 





Sunday, October 08, 2017

Autumn Has Arrived

The last of the decorations-(I dont think I'm going to get the wreath done but if I do then I will do another Photo update.

The Entrance Hall-

Yes indeed, Autumn has arrived in all it's glory!

I've been busy cleaning and decorating this weekend. I was going to do it last weekend but I was ill and didn't hardly get out of bed.

So this week, I looked for my Autumnal Decorations. I couldn't find them (altho I DID fine a lot of my Halloween ones). I only really want to decorate for Autumn in General this year. I have a couple Halloween things out but we aren't really ones to celebrate Halloween unless we are having a party, and this year we aren't.
So, I ordered a package of 600 Autumn Leaves (cloth type) and I picked them up yesterday. So, between  loads of laundry and watching a movie, I sat and separated them. One by only took an hour altogether.

 Hubby has been moaning about my Twig Cone Christmas tree being out all year.. it has mini lights on it and glitter bits, too. So I took a few of the leaves and put them on it here and there to give the illusion of an autumn tree and then turned it on....
Not bad eh?
Well, I thought so, but then sitting here I kept hearing something but couldn't quite figure out what it was. What is was is the glitter is causing the adhesive on the tape to not work so well, so they have been falling off the tree! Oh Well, on the upside it just looks a bit more realistic with a few open spots on it here and there.

Next, I went to the dining table. That one was easy... a black charger with a few of the Autumn leaves scattered under a wire fruit bowl that usually sits on the table throughout the year anyway.
Done deal.

Then, I went into the kitchen... a few of the leaves under the dried bean jars and my nesting chicken bank (Affectionately named Henny Penny) and that was the kitchen done.
I don't like too much faff about in my kitchen. It's already too small and  cramped and I don't want more stuff cluttering things up. I do have my mustard yellow dessert bowls in the window so there is a bit more colour in there, but it's functional too.
All I have left is the entry hall  left to do. I have a pumpkin and a few of the leaves under it, but I need to work on that a bit more.... so no photo of that area yet.

I've decided with my Bezzie to have Thanksgiving dinner here this year again. So it will be me, Hubby, Lisa, and Hubby's parents, Joan & Glen.
it's not going to be huge and elaborate, just a small turkey, and a few of the trimmings.  

Thanksgiving Dinner 2017

Black & Green Olives/ Crackers/ Cheese Sampler

Roast Turkey/ Crown
Red Onion & Sage Stuffing
Turkey Gravy
Cranberry Jelly

Ranch Potatoes
Boston Baked Beans(brown sugar/mustard/ onions/ molasses)
Tee's Mac & Cheese
Fluffy White Dinner Rolls

Spiced Carrot Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Icing 

We're not even having Pumpkin Pie- altho I may add a couple of spoonfuls of pureed pumpkin in the cake to give it a flavor of Pumpkin.

And- as we aren't going to Paul's parent's this Christmas for dinner, I will probably be doing a even smaller Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day too...

Christmas Dinner 2017

Roast Turkey/ Crown
Red Onion & Sage Stuffing
Turkey Gravy
Cranberry Jelly

Roasted Potatoes
Pigs in Blankets 
Fluffy White Dinner Rolls

Red Velvet Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

It remains to be seen if I do Christmas decorating big or little (or at all) this year.
We shall see.
But Autumnal decorating is going swimmingly.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Long Time....I Didnt Realise!!

Well, yes. I am still alive!

I have been busy.  I have been dealing with some healthy issues, so lots of trips back and forth to the doctors and hospitals and such. Worry, worry, worry. Then on the bright side, my daughter is getting married. I was just home last November for Thanksgiving- but I'm now going back home for the wedding the end of this month. I've been trying to help out as much as I can from across the pond. Mostly that has consisted of giving lots of free advice, making suggestions for solutions to the occasional obstacles, and trying to find the odd bits and pieces here and there that Julie just hasnt been able to locate herself.

 My daughter-in-law, Kathy, also got married in July. She is Clay's widow. I'm so happy she found such a sweet man to marry.  I finally got to meet Thomas at Thanksgiving and he really is a sweetheart. I think Clay would approve. I didn't get to attend that wedding as I had ongoing medical tests going at that time, but in all fairness, I don't think I could have attended anyway. It should have been a happy day(and it was!) but  I'm not sure I could have made it thru the ceremony without breaking down with the  memories and the what if and what could have beens. They deserved better than that, so I watched it from home- they live-streamed it on FB, and I'm not going to lie, I cried... both tears of happiness for them and their new beginning, and for the what might have beens. It was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy to have Thomas join our family. And that's how I look at it- I gained a son-in-law, I didn't lose my daughter-in-law.

Julie  asked me to give her away- seeing as how her biological father and My/Our daddy both have passed on. (Long story- she is not only my daughter, but also my adopted sister). I agreed, but told her I would be happy to walk her down the aisle- but I wouldn't "Give her Away". So, she has asked her cousin, Jim, to give do it. She wanted to ask one of her brothers, Frank or Chuck, but their lives are very chaotic and she wasn't sure they would even be able to make it to the wedding, let alone give her away. She also mentioned Paul doing it as her step-dad, but unfortunately he isn't going to be able to go back with me to the sates for the wedding either, so she asked Jim. Funny thing is- Jim said the same as me... He said he would walk her down the aisle but he wouldn't "give her away". Hahahahah.

It took me until  last week to find my MOTB dress for the wedding. And the shoes and accessories. but I have them now!!

Ignore the bling- that is for Baby Girl to wear.

Her Gown is stunning- simple and elegant. so much so, she wants a tiny bit of bling to complete the look... so I bought her a dazzing necklace and bracelet and earring set. It's perfect for her.

I'm really looking forward to this trip home. A very happy occasion to celebrate after a very stressful year so far.

I'm going to be taking some photos while there. So I should be posting on my P52 blog when I get back.  I'm very excited about it all!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Paying It Forward

I loved that movie- altho it was unbelievably sad and made me cry in the end.

I think it's  probably one of the most influential movies of this time.  After that movie came out- a movement was started. When the world was going crazy with hate and doom and destruction- but somehow in the middle of the chaos, somehow someone found the strength to do a kind deed for someone to make their day better. And in turn, one day that person remembered that good deed and how it made them feel and they wanted to pass that feeling on to someone else- so they did- and then the same thing happened- and pretty soon people were watching these good deeds and wanted to do the same- and so they did.

Now, you never know when going thru the drive thru or standing in line at the grocery store if someone in front of you has decided to Pay It Forward and pay for your purchase for you. Or put money in your parking meter for you so the meter-maid doesn't issue you a citation. Or maybe be the person who buys a meal for the homeless person  on the side of the road holding the sign- or hands the traffic officer a bottle of cool water on a hot summers day. Or maybe it's the guy who pulls over in the pouring rain to help someone repair their car- or offers to give the mom and the kids stranded on the side of the road a ride home- or offer to let them use their mobile phone to call someone to come get them- and then stay with them til their ride arrives- just in case.

And these acts are remembered- and in turn, passed on to someone in the future.
Like ripples in an ocean.

It gives me hope for humanity, after all.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Do Unto Others

Yesterday, on the way to town, we were heading in on one of the by-ways. Traffic was extremely congested and heavy- I'm not sure why.

Hubby was having to use all his concentration on the road and the crazy drivers, but as we rounded a bend, I saw off to the side an elderly couple on the side of the road beside their car. The lady was standing behind the car with a walking stick looking around and the gentleman was really struggling with the lug nuts on the car.
Both looked like they could snap at the slightest  bend.
I felt my heart tug and I said to hubby "Oh bless their hearts." He asked who and I told him "The elderly couple back on the side of the road trying to change their tire." But by this time we were a couple blocks away and nowhere to turn around safely and easily. So he drove on and we continued our day as planned.

But it really bothered me. I mean it REALLY bothered me. All day I just couldn't stop thinking about them. Had that been either one of my boys I was with, they wouldn't have hesitated to just pull over and park the car and run back on foot to offer assistance to those people. And it wouldn't have mattered their age. If anyone looked like they were in trouble and struggling on the side of the road, they would have stopped. End of. I have been with them several times when they have done so. Every time I thought about them I had to bite my lip to keep from bursting into tears.
Maybe had we stopped and offered assistance to them they might have got offended(as Elderly often do) for insinuating they couldn't take care of themselves, or maybe they would have said Thank you- we are waiting for roadside assistance to show up- or maybe they would have said Thank you- they would very much appreciate it. But at least we would have offered and if they had been insulted- well, that would have been fine- my conscience would have been clear.
But we didn't- and it's not. I'm still fighting back tears and hanging my head in shame that I didn't insist we go back and offer assistance. We Southerners just dont look the other way. It's not how we were brought up.

To the couple - I offer an apology for not stopping and offering assistance as I should have.
To my parents and grandparents, I offer an apology for looking the other way and not following my upbringing.
And to God, I ask forgiveness for not doing unto others as I would have them do unto me.
I'm positive that Karma will come back to take her revenge someday- and I will surely deserve it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentines Day... and Other Couple Gifts...

Paul and I usually don't "do" Valentines Day. I think it's just  a stupid commercialized holiday hell- bent on profit through guilt.
ie: The more you love someone- the more you will spend on them. And the one-upmanship grows and grows and grows. Prices are  inflated, and the pressure is applied.

No thank you. I prefer to take myself out of that particular equation.

For me, if I have to depend on Valentines Day Gifts to guage someones love- they can keep it. Give me nothing on Valentines Day. Unless it's your time. Gift me with cuddling on the couch. Or a walk in the woods(not to murder me tho). Or cook me dinner and play a board game with me.  Chess is good. I'd much rather have someone remember my birthday or our wedding anniversary than Valentine Day.

Hubby and I walked to Tesco for lunch together on Valentines Day with a group of his friends. As we walked out the door, he turned to me and said " Your Flowers aren't going to be a surprise now." (The past two years for some odd reason he did get me flowers and chocolates and a card- I think due to peer pressure.... or maybe just to shake things up a bit- who knows....) Anyway, I told him I really didn't want flowers... nor a card....and especially not chocolates with me trying to lose weight. It was a lovely thought- and I told him so- but we are buying a new car hopefully in the next couple of weeks- and there is a lovely set of glass front display shelves I want for our living room to house hubby's fabulous collection of Star trek Star-ships which are on open shelving now and are the biggest dust magnets ever and are so delicate they break if you barely look at them the wrong way (not me-that was hubby), so I would rather save our money for those expenses next month.

One year early in our marriage we were Christmas shopping and when he asked what I wanted I pointed out a set of cookware I was simply dying to have.  Up to that time I had never owned a brand new set of cookware, it was all bits and pieces given me by relatives and friends. He looked at me as if I had grown two heads and said "I'm not buying you cookware for a Christmas present." The look on my face must have told him how much I wanted the set tho- because he ended up telling me not to cry, if that's what I REALLY wanted, then cookery things I would get.

Over the years we have quite often bought some new gadget for the house instead of more personal gifts for each other. There have been more personal gifts too- but the way we look at it is, we are making an investment and commitment in US and our relationship every time we choose something for our home that we can use to make our lives easier or more relaxing and enjoyable together.

As it should be.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Following My Interests... Again

When I was a teen I belonged to a hiking club. Every couple of weekends we would ride up to the State park and go on 5-10-15 mile hikes together. There was a Hike-Master who kept us teens out of trouble, we took a packed lunch and plenty of water and a small first aid kit with us. And always a spare pair of socks.

When I  became a parent, I, as many young parents do, had to give up my hiking days for diaper changing, extra laundry, and all the extra expenses that go with a growing family. And I did it with joy in my heart because raising my babies was much more important than  going on hikes with my friends.

Well, now my babies are all grown, I live in a different country- and I am seriously out of shape. I want to explore the country I've moved to, but  hubby doesn't like to drive and in the shape I am now- I couldn't walk  to work(a 7 minute drive and 2 miles away), let alone do a 5-10-15 mile hike.

So I was watching a TV show the other night about Britain's Best Walks with Julia Bradbury and I saw episode 4 & 5. The 6 mile Countryside Walk, and the 6 mile Riverside Walk- (that one is also a coastal walk.).
I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and I've become obsessed with taking it up again.
So, I did some research- I'm buying a pair of new hiking boots for my birthday end of the month- and I'm already training for my first hike by upping my Fit-Bit goals and changing my eating plan up. I think I will be ready for one of the 6 miles hikes mentioned above for late summer or early autumn.

My Bezzie in the UK, Lisa, has agreed to do these walks with me, (and hubby and his dad, if they choose to join me). I'm so glad because we seriously don't get to spend enough time together anymore.  My ultimate goal is to someday hike the entire 32/34/36 miles of the Sandstone Trail. I'm going to say that's my 5 Year Plan Goal.  But for now- it's going to be a daily walk- short ones to begin with then adding to the distance every day, until I can walk to and from work every weekday during the summer months. Then I know I will be ready to tackle a full fledged actual hiking trip. I dont want these to be rush trips. I want to be able to take it at a nice easy pace and be able to enjoy being in The Great Outdoors again.

Oh the joy of being out and about in nature again is making me smile!!!

If anyone has any suggestions as to a good waterproof medium weight hiking boot with good ankle support, please let me know. (Or notwaterproof- I can waterproof them myself) I'm looking for quality that will last at least three years, but I really don't want to go over £100 for them. (That's my "pocket money" for the month). I did think maybe Military Jungle boots might work well too. Thoughts? I just want to go ahead and get the hiking boots so I can get them nicely broken in and used to wearing them.
I have a good sturdy suitable backpack already.  And a First Aid Kit as well.

So that's me. Deciding to do something I want to do. Like it or not- here I come.


Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Repost- May 10, 2005....Changing The Rules

Every relationship has a point where it happens. Some of us try it when we're still dating- some of us wait until we've been married a few weeks, some have the idiot idea to change the rules after a half-century. But we all do it. Don't we?

My husband and I are approaching our first anniversary this weekend and I am happy to report that we have made it thus far without a single serious argument. Quite an achievement considering the fact that we actually had been in each others company for approximately 3 months before getting married.

We met over the internet and became pen pals- different countries- an ocean apart. Pen pals for more than two years before we actually met face to face. During that two years, we became best friends. We e-mailed each other, we chatted on the phone an hour every day, (Bell South and AT&T loved us and sent us B-day and Christmas cards each year), we spend his 6 week holiday making trips to different states along the eastern seaboard. We discussed everything under the sun and debated everything as well. We knew where each other stood on almost every possible subject.

And so far "The Rules", as we defined them, haven't changed for us.

But other couples have their own set of rules. You know the ones-What they consider cheating, what they consider flirting, where the defining lines are not to cross. And the rules do change with each new phase of the relationship. When they get in trouble is when they make the big commitment-no matter what phase that happens to be- and then decide to start changing the rules. Usually without discussing the changing of them with the significant other.

All of the sudden, things that were a big no-no aren't quite so cut and dried when a cute co-worker seems to be hanging around becoming more of a friend than they were 6 months before. Suddenly having a drink or two doesn't seem like such a big deal before heading home. And then the following week, or month, it doesn't seem like such a big deal to go to their house instead of the local bar & grill for that drink. Pretty soon having a swim in the pool there isn't such a big thing either. Neither is skinny dipping the following month. And then things aren't so fun at home anymore. Because the rules have changed. There is now another more seamy set of rules that apply to the relationships between the committed couple and the new friends couple. YUK!
Too much.

On the less serious side there are also the simpler rules that change. The unspoken but understood rules, like bathroom time is private time. The first time you're both late for work that one goes completely out the window and it is HARD to go back to PBT, (Private Bathroom Time) , once that happens.

One of my personal favorites is when the female says not a word about the male putting the "seat" down while they are dating. Then after they are committed it becomes a huge point of contention.

Excuse me- But WE don't put the seat UP for them- why should they have to put it DOWN for us? And why doesn't the female bring it up before the "commitment"??

Why is it that most people think that just because they love someone they have to do everything together?

Or the exact opposite- why do some people begin to think that they don't want to do anything together? One or the other of the couple begins to want to do things separately? Go out with "their" friends. Go for trips or vacations by themselves. I even know one couple who have been married forever and they go out and go to separate spots for dinner because they can't stop thinking of themselves long enough to compromise on a place to eat! What the heck kind of a relationship is that? When did they change the rules? More importantly- why did they change or why did they LET them change?

If the rules of the relationship change at some point- will the relationship change? Will it change and make the relationship stronger- or will it ultimately destroy it?

Or worse than either- will it just stagnate?

This is in no way a reflection of how I personally feel in MY relationship- I am still the clingy one in ours to be honest. I WANT to do everything together- The shopping, whether it's at the Dress Barn for me a dress or at the local Home Depot to look at power tools for my husband, or at Toys-R-Us shopping for a new toy or game for us. (Yes we actually DO). I want to ride to the mountains together and have picnics, pay the bills together, snuggle on the couch together, cook and clean together, fish and shoot together. I have had enough of doing things on my own and I adore spending time with my hubby.

BUT- on the other hand, I don't mind the occasional time spent apart when he is target shooting and I am reading a book- or whether I am off fishing while he is catching 40 winks before dinner.

I don't think anything will change for us because we discuss everything together- and that's OUR set of rules.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Week 3 & 4 Dining Room & Command Center Complete.

Not much to write about this week, I'm afraid.  These two ares stay neat and tidy, mainly because I  have to look at it in front of me and it drives me nuts if anything is out of place.
 I did scrub the table and chairs down and then after they dried, polished them with Mr. Sheen so they positively shine!!! 

  I also wiped down the window-sills and hoovered the floor. And that was the dining room done. It's part of the living room which is the next room I'll tackle, so it's an area- not a full room.

Then there's the "Command Center/Launch Pad" as the trendy people call it. 
It's actually a basket that assorted nuts came in as a Christmas Selection from the local food shop Christmas 2015. After the nuts were gone instead of tossing the basket in the bin, I had set it on the top of the bookshelf, and when hubby came in he set his keys in it and his spare change and a lighter he had in his pocket- so it became  our "Command Center". Our phones sit on each side of it if they aren't on the charger.

 The open binder is the 2017 Home Organization Checklist and Schedule. If it isn't there, it's in my hands. That thing is a BLESSING!!!

On to  Week 5- The Living Room!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

2017 Home Organization Challenge- Week 1 & 2 : Kitchen & Pantry

Well, I did it!! Week 1 & 2 The Kitchen & Pantry are done!

Everything was pulled out, wiped down, sorted and re-organized. I got rid of a lot of unused things.... and a few things I used but during the clear out I found things that I liked more to replace the them.

So it was a LOT of work, but well worth the piece of mind I'm enjoying after the clear out-or "purge" as they call it in organization-land.
Below is the overall BEFORE photo and then the AFTERS of all the areas of my  postage stamp sized kitchen. (Don't mind the BEFORE mess- it's not always that bad- it was particularly bad that day because I had made lasagna and fresh baked bread and everything was out of place and before I cleaned up after eating.-I promise, I'm not that nasty.)
This floor- I detest it. That's it after 3 hours with bleach and a scrub brush and washcloth on my hands and knees. Upside- it hides actual dirty spots. Downside- it NEVER EVER looks CLEAN!

All Tidy.

This is my "Pantry".

Small appliance storage and hot and cold cereals.

New Fridge/Freezer. Just  a quick wipe-out and tidy for this.

I'm still looking for a storage solution for the K-cups. I did find one just thinking how to implement it.

The kitchen needs some serious upgrades and repairs. I'm not big on renting.

Our new beverage station. The canisters are from hubby's childhood kitchen and we treasure them.
I have moved the magnetic schedule to the side of the  fridge so it looks neater...... and as an added bonus we bought hubby a new computer station for his office and set it up, too.
It was tough!! It took  3 days longer than I thought it would, but as I did two weeks challenge it didn't take as long as it should have.

So- next weeks challenge room is the dining room. Another shared space as this is our Dining room/Living room and Launch Pad. Probably the tidiest room in the entire house most of the time.
So I'll have 3 weeks time to complete those 3 areas/one room. I figure it will take an entire week. Photos will follow